Sunday, February 17, 2008

Lo and behold I have been tagged again!

The last time I was tagged I boldly stated that I thought it was fun and heck I could rattle off random facts for hours. Well apparently I was on a roll then but have unfortunately slept since then, and am now drawing a blank.

I have been tagged by Vickie from Australia!!! How can I deny a tagging from someone with such a cool accent? And the city she lives in is called Humpty Doo! That makes me laugh...I wish I lived somewhere with a fun name! I have always wanted to visit Australia and now I have a friend there! (Vickie can I stay with you in Humpty Doo??)

On a side note, blonde rascal can do a pretty good Australian accent. Sometimes much to my delight he will answer the phone with an enthusiastic "Eh-low mate!" usually when he knows it is daddy calling. He does a top notch British accent. He struggles with the Irish a bit, but that one is tricky you know. This all has nothing to do with me being tagged...just wanted to let you know my son is brilliant, or it may be more appropriate to say he is a character.

7 more random things...

1. I took my first puff of a cigarette when I was 8! My friend Stacey Price, the little harlot, her parent's smoked. So for whatever stupid reason one day she took one of her mom's cigs and we lit it up! Thankfully it was an isolated incident and I did not become a chain smoker at 8 years old, or ever in my life. Sure a few times in college I would take a puff just for giggles...but I am so much more refined now. I no longer do things just to amuse myself. Well there was this time but that was SO last year and I have matured since then.

2. I am an optimist to the core. Half full baby, the glass is always half full.

3. We went to Las Vegas on our honeymoon. On our flight we told the flight attendant that we had just gotten married. She then gets on the intercom and tells everyone that drinks are on the house in celebration of our marriage! That was quite the "festive" flight let me tell you. I love Southwest Airlines!

4. I have lived in Cleveland, OH, Houston, TX and now Lubbock, TX

5. I hate raisins.

6. One of my most embarrassing moments was at the apartments hubs and I lived in when we first got married. The apartments did not have washer/dryer hookups in the individual units so I would do the laundry in the facilities on the property. I was doing laundry one day and this nice fellow was doing his at the same time. So we struck up a friendly conversation, passing the time as we did our washing/drying/folding. I was wearing some some OLD, old, worn out, cut off sweat pants that the drawstring had come out of years before and a t-shirt.

I get back to the apt. from my laundry doing and notice that my drawstring-less cut off sweats must have slipped a little, leaving the top of my sweats and my t-shirt separated by a good 5 inches. Luckily filling in the gap were my pink flowered cotton Hanes-Her-Way's! It was my sincere prayer the rest time we lived in that apt. complex that I would never see that man who witnessed my gross wardrobe malfunction!

7. I was a dyed in the wool cat lover. "No dog will ever live IN my house" I had been known to say. Nope, dogs belonged outside where even then they were bothersome enough. Cats are low maintenance and big attitude, which is such an entertaining combination. Cat lover for life I was, that is until we got this little queen of hearts last Spring...

Now I am a miniature long-haired Dachshund (who sleeps in our bed at night) AND cat lover.

Well that is it, I am all out of random facts. Oh the things I would tell you if my parents and m-i-l were not reading my blog! Kidding, I'm KIDDING! I am an open book and sleep well at night with my clean conscience!!!

By the way.....Tag! YOU are it!


Lisa Boyer said...

You are so funny! I hope someone tags you again...

Anonymous said...

How cool that you have a friend in Australia!!! I too love the random facts about yourself. You are so entertaining you crazy girl!
Lori E.

Vickie said...

well I knew you would make me laugh you are so funny...of courcerous if you ever come to Aus you must stay in Humpty's a neat place...thanks for entertainng us,cheers Vickie

Martha said...

You ARE funny! I can't wait for more facts!