Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Pressure washer. I can't believe I have lived 37 years without one. I blasted the patio yesterday, you know to get the bird poopies off, and it was freakin' incredible!
Who knew the patio was so dirty? I mean it made fast work of bird droppings as I had anticipated, but then it was lifting off ground in dirt that I really did not realize was there. It looks like the color of freshly poured concrete now. I am in love.

Hubs told me to buy a gas powered one and I said no because it will be too expensive, heavy, cumbersome, we don't need THAT much power....blah, blah, blah. Now I wish I had listened to him. (shhh. don't tell HIM that!) I bought a middle of the line electric one and it did great but I can only imagine what a hefty gas powered one would do!!!

I am so easily entertained it is scary.

Speaking bird poop....did you see the "How Clean is Your House" that was on one day last week. I don't know exactly which day because I TiVo it, however this woman in England had like 8 pet birds and did not keep them in a cage. Her house was COVERED in poop! Furniture, walls, counter tops... it was truly one of the most disgusting things I have seen. HOW do they live like that? I ask that every time I watch that show.

I feel the need to show some sewing, since my blog name "implies" that I might sew! Remember the predicament I was in because my block of the month square turned out 2.5" larger than it was supposed to be? Well, I made a pillow out of that block for my Mom for her birthday.
It matches the colors of her living room. So there you have it, I really did sew last week!

Party preparations are in full swing around here. I may not be back until after the party Saturday and then I will share photos!


Lisa Boyer said...

Okay, I gotta get me one of those things. I love cleaning stuff.

You made me laugh about the bird poop. We have geckoes here, which leave behind stuff that looks exactly like bird poop and our ceilings are so high it's hard to catch them to get rid of all of I am have to roam the house with my dustbuster every morning, cleaning up after them. Oh, just about ten little piles every day, but it's so disgusting. I used to like geckoes when we first moved here ("awwww...look at their cute litte feet!!), but now I hate the little *&^%$-ers. Grrrrrr.

Meredith said...

Love the pillow!!! Have a blast at the party and yes, please post picturesS!!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Sounds like you've found a new BFF. LOL!! And one that will get rid of your birdy poop too. What more can a girl ask for???
Cute pillow!!