Wednesday, March 25, 2009

There is power in some prayin' , folks!

The whole house selling thing is so wrong. Such a pain in the hiney. Stress. Compounded by the fact that we own 2 homes now. Woo hoo! Owning 2 houses sounds great...unless they are only 90 miles apart. One house to live in and then another in say Lake Tahoe or Cabo, THAT'S what I'm talking about!

We have a great house....but it will have to be a special buyer who is looking for a horse property. But I am trying not to focus on that small detail. This is West Texas after all, not Philadelphia or something. We do have horse people around here.

We had a couple of word of mouth bites on our house early on, that got our spirits up, but never panned out. We set this past Monday as the day we would list with a realtor. Sunday at church when I was filling out the attendance card, there is a section where you can put prayer requests and they have a prayer team that prays over all requests every week. So I put "pray for a buyer for our house".

A couple weeks ago on a whim I put on Facebook that our house was for sale. On Sunday, a girl that I lived in the dorm with my freshman year of college sent me a message saying they would love to see our house. (I was a freshman in college in...yikes...1989...I haven't seen this girl for 20 years!!)

Also on Sunday our banker came over to our house to rope with a bunch of guys and he told hubs that he and his wife had been talking about our house.

On Monday a friend of hubs called to say that a couple he is in an equestrian club with are looking for a horse property. He told this couple about our house and gave them our name, it turns out I worked with this woman at the job I had before I had blonde rascal!

I know the house will sell in the Lord's time...which I also know may not be my time!!! We had hoped and prayed to sell w/o a realtor in order to save some green...and that may not pan out either. However, this new interest in our house, all in one week and all right when we were about to call the realtor, sure feels like a pat on the back from God. Like He is saying "Quit worrying, I have this one handled" and I am sooooooo thankful for that!

We have packed up all clutter, the closets are cleaned out. That leaves the heavy duty cleaning....blinds, baseboard, light fixtures. Blah. Touching up paint. Primping and fluffing.

I started Sunday afternoon...painting the front door, planting some flowers, cleaning windows...


Yesterday I started on the blinds and went full force all day from there.

I should also mention I ran on the treadmill yesterday morning and today. That equals six miles of sweat followed by non-stop cleaning.... and I have not had a shower since Monday. EWWWW! I just dropped into bed last night. I couldn't even muster up the energy for a shower. (Poor hubs!)

I promise I will be showering momentarily....after I prune the rose bushes. Which I might add is happening way later that it should, but oh well.

We are showing the house Thurs. and Fri. evening. So my friends, PRAY!

I also cleaned out blonde rascal's drawers, switching out winter for spring/summer clothes. This morning the forecast showed 77 on Thursday ...and 39 on Friday. Wheeee! That negates my whole wardrobe switch AND flower planting. Thanks a lot mother nature.

I will leave now, to go do the pruning and then I can assure you I will be in the shower. I am starting to attract flies.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Boo hoo, Spring Break is over.

Well, actually after taking blonde rascal to the grocery store with me a few times the past week...I am glad school is back in session. Those trips are so much quicker and definitely more sane sans children!

Last weekend I was in Snyder painting. Duh. Two of my girlfriends came down on Saturday to help me paint. Let me just tell you how I adore them for that. Seriously. They were quite a team, Angie and Staci, they came armed with step stools, paint rollers... and margaritas. They were like the Red Cross coming to my rescue! They painted 2 bedrooms and then we may or may not have sat around drinking margaritas. Paint fumes, good friends and margaritas, it is what all good house remodels are made of.

Blonde rascal and hubs came on Sunday. Hubs was safety supervisor as I precariously painted the crown molding, which I guess is about 12' at its highest point, dangling from the extension ladder. Hubs then headed back to Lubbock since he had to work Monday, while blonde rascal and I started our Spring Break week.

Monday I painted some more and got everything ready for the floor installers who were coming the next day. That evening some friends in Snyder came by to see us. I caught wind of the fact that they raise miniature dachshunds. They had 2 left from the most recent litter. They brought them over so we could love on them.Seriously. Puppy breath, soft fur and that sweet face just about sent me over the edge. Luckily, something about the thought of simultaneously remodeling, moving and puppy potty training kept me from caving in and getting one.

Tuesday we made a trek an hour and a half south to Abilene to go to the zoo. Our first stop was in the creepy critters house where, lucky us, Tuesday is feeding day. So much to blonde rascal's delight we wandered around in that dark building while snakes were digesting mice and there were spiders and my skin was crawling.

We thankfully got out of there alive and I was pumped up by the thought of using my big camera lens at the zoo. My first subject was this stunning leopard......who I happened to catch mid yawn....Clearly the Abilene Zoo does not provide the animals with Crest White Strips.

Hello gorgeous...
We got to the zoo around lunch time and were excited by the thought of consuming zoo food... hot dogs, know some greasy gut bomb fare. The dang concession stand was closed. I am sure it is only open in the summer, but come on it was Spring Break! There was a lone vending machine chocked full of peanut m&m's, chips, etc...and it was out of order.At the ticket booth they sold packs of these dry, wheat, rye, cardboard-like crackers that you could feed the animals. We bought some and by the end of our visit, WE were nibbling on them. Good thing the drink vending machines were in operation.

I was glad I could zoom in on this guy....from a distance.

Something about this grand creature made me want to hug his big furry neck. However that may not of ended so well for me.

We got back to the house in Snyder and blonde rascal decided to play in the hot tub. Still enamored by my zoom lens, I sat on the other end of the porch and took pictures. Which is fabulous because since I was not in his face, he had no idea I was snapping away.

There was splashing....
shooting hoops...
...and dancing....

Meanwhile, a little closer to the floor....
Pretty, pretty, princess Missy...
...had rummaged up a horse hoof trimming that she was happily munching on. Ewww.

The little shaggy dust mop...
Blonde rascal, who had for whatever reason gotten in the hot tub fully clothed instead of in his swimsuit, had stripped down to his undies to dry off. He was in a fit of giggles as I threatened to take a picture of him in his drawers....

He'll kill me for this.....

"The End"

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tobacco Road is the bomb.

Any fan of The Nester knows that she claims that Tobacco Road is the end all do all wall paint color. I wanted a warm, cozy, draw you in color. Not khaki or tan, been there done that...but more of a golden brown. I decided to trust Nester and use T.R. for the majority of our house.

Here is the living room when we bought the house.

OK, but the red accent and with stark white walls is too severe. The brown brick is just blah.

Fast forward to some crown molding added, the ceiling painted a fresh white, the mantle painted white and the glorious Tobacco Road....Tobacco Road blends perfectly with the brick....totally changing the look. Brilliant paint color, I tell you! Please note that this picture is mid-way through the project. That is just primer on the molding, second coats, cutting in, etc... are still on the 67 page to-do list.

Hubs loves the color. He was delighted. I think he holds his breath when I decide to paint. He was beyond pleased with Tobacco Road....could not stop staring at it and declaring how perfect it was for the house. (T.R. is a Duron color, but we don't have a Duron store within 500 miles of I used the Lowe's version that the Nester gives.)

In case you were wondering, Missy approves too. She got a smudge of T.R. on her bootie (I told you she would) and thinks it looks fabulous with her chocolate coat.

I am working on a "before and during" house's coming I promise!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Lacking in sleep

After 4 solid days of working on our "new" house, I am beat. Today I feel like a zombie, an arthritic zombie.

Last night we got back home about 6:00 and I changed gears to prepare for the week. Then after a dose of Tylenol PM, I was in bed by 10:00 totally exhausted. Deep in a sleep like the dead...only to be awoken at about 2 a.m. by a sick blonde rascal. Diarrhea. Great. This required a jammie change. Back in bed...and woken up again at 3:00. Sheet change, sitting a spell on the toilet, giving a dose of Imodium (sp?) which was immediately thrown up. Back to bed and woken up again who knows when...another jammie change, starting a load of laundry. Back to bed, woken up again and then I just stayed up. Poor little guy.

What is even MORE tragic about the whole situation...I decided at 6a.m. to go to Wal-Mart to get 7-Up, crackers, soup, etc.... to be prepared for the sick day. I got dressed and tapped my comfortably snoozing hubby to tell him I was going to the store and to listen for blonde rascal....he startled awake and asked why I was going to the store so early. Obviously YOU slept well, dear! Men.

Oh well, if there is one person in the world I would stay up all night for it would be my little guy. I have the rest of my life to sleep, right?

The beautiful thing was that here is what WM looks like a 6a.m.


Oh, and I stopped here at 6:30a.m.

Even more sweet. (Sorry...took that picture w/phone and really don't care to take the time to flip it)

I had planned on posting pictures of the progress in the house...but blogger is now acting up. It won't save and therefore won't let me add pictures. Arg! So I guess you'll have to wait.

I really need to organize all of my pictures stored on my computer, that would make posting pictures SO much easier. However the Canon software is honestly not so user is smarter than I am. I should switch back to iPhoto...because you know Mac makes it easy. I wanted to use the Canon software because I had aspired to be all cool and use the photo editing capabilities. Ya, well that is a pipe dream at this point so I might as well switch back to my beloved intuitive iPhoto!

All potentially contaminated surfaces have been sterilized, multiple loads of laundry completed, blonde rascal is 100% recovered and eating everything in sight. I guess I should go think about what is for dinner.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

No pain, no gain

That is the back of hub's pickup loaded up with 14 gallons of various paints. I am leaving in the morning for Snyder to submerge myself in a 4 day paint-a-thon at our "new" house. Hubs is going to be Mr. Mom for a few days. He and the blonde rascal will drive down Saturday morning, which is when hubs is going to install the laminate floor in the bathroom.

I am taking my trusty assistant along with me...
Determining just exactly how helpful she will be is a total crap shoot.
90% of the time she is afflicted with severe ADHD.
So while it is doubtful that she will help me paint...
....I can guarantee she will inevitably get paint ON her.
I won't have internet over the weekend, but I will be documenting the whole ordeal with my camera. So tune in next week for the play by play...assuming I am not still high from paint fumes... or in traction.

Based on the pictures I have just downloaded from the past week, here is the long story short since my last post....

If you will recall hubs was out of town last week, Friday night b.r. spent the night with a friend so I rented "Nights in Rodanthe" during which I surprisingly stayed awake. Incidentally, it was not the best movie ever made.

The next morning I was calmly drinking my coffee in the glorious lazy silence, when all of a sudden Missy starts barking. I glance up looking out the front window and what do I see.......none other than these chumps in our front yard. It is Murphy's Law that they get out when hub's is out of town. I called my kind next door neighbor, and he came to my rescue.

Here is how God rewards me (That is how I prefer to imagine it anyway...He is happy I am taking care of my ticker, right?) for getting up at 6am to run on the treadmill....
...this is the view right in front of me as I step off the treadmill at the end of my run. That's good stuff.

There was also a major master bedroom closet clean out....but I only have before pictures because the afters can't be taken until hub's tackles HIS side of the closet. I know you hate that you can't see that. Maybe someday soon children.

Keep your fingers crossed for me this weekend. I hope to put a huge dent in the painting project...but come about Friday night I might drink beer for hours while sitting on the porch I fear I might fall into bed and sleep for 16 hours from exhaustion.