Friday, August 27, 2010

The last hoorah of summer...or The Griswold's take New Braunfels!

We snuck in a quick end of summer trip last weekend, getting home literally the day before school started.

We loaded up the family truckster and hitched on the (new to us) travel trailer. It was our maiden voyage for our little travel trailer.

There she is our home away from home! Let me tell you, it was $90 total for 3 nights in the RV park. Sheesh, where have you been all my life trailer?
We of course brought Missy the wonder doxie, no family trip is complete without her.

She was the trailer park queen, a coveted title no doubt, with her cute self. She got comments everywhere we went..."She is beautiful"/"What a pretty little dog" / "Is that a Dachshund?"

Some fellow campers at the park had a Dachshund and as they walked by our spot with their short haired doxie one of them said "Look there is a hairy weenie!" To which, of course, blonde rascal and I giggled and snorted. Guess who has a new name added to the long list of endearing things we call her?

(She did get knocked down from her trailer park beauty queen, big head status today when the lady who cleans our house asked if Missy was pregnant! Wha...???? Why no, she is just fluffy, and big boned and she has a great personality and she makes her own clothes...)

Also along with Missy in our humble trailer was ZZ. You have not met ZZ yet, he is a new addition to the family...
Apparently no trip is complete without him either.Nobody asked if he was pregnant.

(ZZ is short for ZZ Top. Don't ask me.)

Friday morning we headed out to Schlitterbahn. First the fellas checked out the park map online so we could make our plan of attack.
RV parks have wi-fi. Sheesh. $90, who knew?

Schlitterbahn admission was significantly more than $90, but who's counting?Hubs and blonde rascal in the lazy river. The only picture I and water park don't really go well together you know.

It was fun, fun, fun. We had such a great time and were completely exhausted when we left that evening.

The next morning we floated the Comal River. By the by, our swanky RV park was right on the river.
That was ridiculously fun. Good times, great memories.

My sunglasses are on the bottom of that river.

Based on the adventures of those 2 days I feel I should give pause and discuss the importance of females getting a swim suit that appropriately covers and holds in all fat, jiggly parts, stomach, buttocks, bulges...that no one wants to see. Really ladies, have some respect. None of us are perfect but if you are pushing 350 lbs., I feel like it is obvious that a bikini is not the most flattering choice. Yes? I digress again...

Anyway RV park life was fun, relaxing and a great family getaway.

Toasting marshmallows....

Grilling burgers right next to the neighboring trailer and their sewer poop chute hose hookup. Dinner's ready!! Yum!

It was incredibly fantastic to be with 2 of my favorite guys (and the dog...and the hamster) for a fun weekend before the craziness of school started up again.

Monday, August 23, 2010

New school year, same emotions....

I walked into blonde rascal's room this morning at, after a lazy summer, a shockingly early 6:45 and said Good morning, wake up for your first day of 5th grade!...... I swallowed the lump in my throat as I thought 5th grade, how can that be when I could so vividly see in my mind walking into his room and seeing a happy, chubby baby smiling back at me from his crib like it was yesterday?

I am always sad when school starts, not only because I have to realize my "baby" gets older and older, but also I so enjoy summer just hanging out with the little man and hate to see it come to an end. He is for sure a bright spot in my every day!

Enough pictures Mom!! He took the camera and decided Jake would make a good subject....

I guess I can hang out with Jake today, but that's just not the same....even though he is pretty cute!

Blonde rascal was excited. His teacher this year is super kind and nurturing, a real sweetheart.

I left his classroom without hugs and kisses, like I used to get in his early school years. That would be SO uncool now. He was happy to be there. That makes me happy too.

I think I will go kiss Jake. He is very free with giving kisses!

Monday, August 16, 2010

News worthy

So I have been MIA all summer. It has been a great summer, a busy summer, but sooo fun nonetheless. School starts a week from today and I am dreading it! I like having the little man with me all the time.

There is so much to say about our summer.... I may never have to time divulge all that information. However there are those instances where something happens and it MUST be blogged about A.S.A.P. You know, like a to die for recipe that must be shared, a monumental family event, a super cute new haircut, a fantastic find at the junk store.....


How about a scorpion in my shorts this morning that stung the everlovinghell out of my tender inner thigh/lower buttocks area?

That is a blog worthy event if I have ever heard one.

Yes sir, in my shorts. That's what I said. While I was in my shorts too, mind you. Me and a scorpion.... sharing my khaki shorts. Cozy, huh?

How in the name of Pete did that happen you ask? You know I am going to tell you.

It all goes back to my mom telling me to pick up my clothes when I was a kid. Should of listened. You see there was a lovely pair of khaki shorts, on the floor of my closet and I chose to wear them today. Yes they should have been put back in the drawer after I wore them last, hindsight is 20/20.

I put on said khaki shorts after getting out of the shower. Wore them for a good 15 minutes before there was a devilish horrible stinging in my britches! That is the part that makes my skin crawl...that dang vile creature was hitching a ride in my drawers whilst I was putting on makeup and such. Nightmarish honestly.

I went to pull the trash bag out of the kitchen trash and obviously bent in such a manner that was not pleasing to Mr. Hitcharideinmydrawers.

Instantly there was this fire burning trauma going on in my shorts and I was momentarily dumbfounded by just what exactly was going on. I commenced to yelling and stomping. It was a very painful intense burning, so I pretty quickly had a horrified good idea at what the culprit was and shucked my shorts in a mighty fast manner. In the kitchen no less, all the while both blonde rascal and Missy the wonder mini-doxie stood mouth agape staring at the spectacle I was obviously making of myself.

As I flung my shorts, the dastardly scorpion fell to the ground where in a blind searing pain filled kung fu moment I stomped on it with my full body weight. I did have flip flops on thank goodness.

Then I grabbed an ice pack out of the fridge and waddled over to the ottoman, in my underwear, in front of blonde rascal.... and sat my left cheek on the ice pack.

It still burns 6 hours later, thank you very much.

I told blonde rascal I'd pay for his therapy later in life. I can see him laying on a therapist's couch in his young adult years mumbling..."my Mom..... hollering....underwear...... ice packs...." Poor kid.