Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A tender heart

I packed a care package for the Marine yesterday. It was sitting on the kitchen table last night, box still open.

Blonde rascal wrote a note for his brother and put it in the box. Then he went off to his room and came back with an armful of Hot Wheels. He put the cars in the box and I asked him if the cars were for his brother. (His brother would totally understand that gesture because anyone who knows blonde rascal, knows that he has 9 million Hot Wheels and loves EACH individual one. It would be a significant symbol of love to be given one of his cars!)

However blonde rascal said that no they were not for his brother, they were for the Afghan children.

Big tears streamed down my face, my heart bursting. He gets it. How proud that made me.

At bedtime we prayed for each child in Afghanistan that the Marine will be giving blonde rascal's cherished Hot Wheels to. Prayed that they would not have fear and that they would know that there is a God that loves them.

I probably should go check blonde rascal's Christmas list now...there might be a plea for more Hot Wheels!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Chair

I finally finished the chair.
There it is before, my little lavender Craigslist chair & ottoman number, in what I have claimed as my little reading nook.
I simply cut the fabric according to what section it was going on, pinned it all together right side down. Took it off, sewed it up, then turned it right side out and slipped it on. The sewing was a little difficult because of the curves...but it is a shabby slipcover, so wonky seams are part of its charm. Right?
There is someone always jumping into my shots...If it is not that one, then it is this one....
Not to mention a hazard to my feet while snapping pictures because of this...

You'll notice the big black hutch thing from the before picture is gone. That is the rest of the story. Hubs thought the hutch took up too much room. I was not offended by this because, first of all, it itself was an affordable Craigslist find from a few years ago that I bought for our old house, not some expensive piece I had pined over for years. Second of all, that meant I would have to scrounge around and find something new to put there. It's a good thing that rearranging furniture is my most favorite thing to do. Hubs never has much of an opinion about decorating (mainly because he knows things get moved around so often) so when he does, I know it is a valid point.

The one and only thing to do was to head off to my most favorite spot in our new little town. A ginormous junk store. It is ha-uge and crammed full of crap juntiques and treasures.

This is only one level. It goes on and on. See the hole in the ceiling. It's a classy place. I kind of itch and wheeze when I leave but it sure is fun to prowl around.

I spied the perfect piece....
See it under all the "treasures"?

It had no mirror and no knobs, but after a little cleaning it was a real beauty!

When we bought the house there was a little opening of spindles in that wall. Spindles scream 80's, yes? So we made the spindles go away.

Here is the before, when the previous owners still lived here...
...and now....

p.s. Today is our anniversary! 14 years of wedded bliss to my favorite person!

p.p.s. Happy Veteran's Day! To all veterans and current military...a great big hug and a thank you!!

p.p.p.s Go find lots more ideas and inspiration on DIY Day at A Soft Place to Land!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Oh. My. Gosh.

We are having company over tonight. Late last night I made these to serve for dessert.

I believe it would be in your best interest to make some. Today. Do not hesitate, do it now.

For the love of all things sacred, it is apple pie in your hands people.

What are you doing still sitting there reading this?? Go! Go peel and chop some apples. Round up all the butter in the fridge. Apples cancel out the naughtiness of butter, you knew that right?

And don't dawdle on Meg's blog, it is totally delightful yes, make the bars first and then go peruse her blog....with apple pie in your hand.