Sunday, January 31, 2010

A recipe you need to know

This recipe was in our electric co-op magazine thing that comes monthly. They post member's recipes. The only reason I look through the thing is for the dang recipes. Only folks that live in the country use an electric co-op....and we all know good ol' country folk make some wicked good chow.

Well, I should clarify. This recipe is not wicked good. It is wicked easy....and good, but not wicked good. Many times easy surpasses wicked good in my book. Ya know what I'm saying?

So here it is...

Peach Cobbler in a mug:

1 tablespoon butter
2 tablespoons sugar
2 tablespoons flour
1 tablespoon instant nonfat dry milk
1/8 tsp. baking powder
1/8 tsp. cinnamon
dash salt
1 snack sized container of diced peaches, drained.

Microwave butter in a mug until melted. Add sugar, flour, dry milk, baking powder, cinnamon, salt and 2 tablespoons water to cup. Stir, then add peaches on top of batter. Do not stir. Cook for 2 minutes in microwave at 70% power. Let stand in microwave for one minute. Remove and let stand until cool enough to eat.

FYI it is cool enough to eat immediately....assuming you plop a big scoop of vanilla on top. Right?

I made mine w/o the dry milk....because who has dry milk in the pantry? Not me. It was fine w/o it.

Easy and good. It's a keeper!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

No news is good news

I miss blogging! Somehow life runs amuck and my blogging gets put in last place. I feel like I am in the eye of a tornado!!

This whole own your own business thing just sucks the life right out of you. The problem, as I have figured it out, is that I consider myself a part time employee with no schedule. Working willy nilly makes the rest of my life, well...willy nilly. The house does not get cleaned, random grocery store trips are made, homework does not get started until after dinner when blonde rascal is tired, laundry is not done until there is an urgent lack of underwear. Which all combined makes me downright cranky.

January was a crazy month. MIL had her knee replaced. I stayed a few day in the hospital with her. She came through like a star. It won't be long until she will be back in the honky tonks dancing the night away with younger men. Kidding! But, she and her new bionic knee are well on the road to recovery. I made a quick trip to Houston for my sister's baby shower. Which was loads of fun. Twins. I made 2 quilts which I will show you...when I have time to download pics.

Then you throw in cold weather, a new adopted stray (outdoor) dog, work and more work....ugh.

Let me clarify that I am thankful for the crazy busy work to be done at the office, which means our business is thriving. It is busy, more successful than we every imagined it would be at this point and we are thankful. God has blessed us. So having to work like mad is really a good thing. Food on the table, roof over our is good.

Also I know there are women who work a million more hours than I do at less forgiving jobs, that don't allow for coming and going as you please, as mine does. Have mercy do I feel for them. They deserve a lot of respect! Don't even get me started on the single mom...and how the heck she ever accomplishes it all. The thought of it all makes me appreciate my 3rd child...a.k.a. hubs!

So to remedy my dislike for the disjointed lifestyle I decided to take control of the reigns. I will work T-W-TH. Of course there will be some M and F that I will have to work, but at least I will be able to grasp in my brain a "schedule". On top of that I am hiring someone to clean the house every other week. There I said it, no shame, I am making money and so if I choose to spend it on housekeeper so be it!!!

Hello quilting. 2010 is the year of the quilts. I am finishing both the projects I have started and the ones I have not started. I finished 2 quilts and a wall hanging in January which I feel like is a great start. Do you know that happily sewing away the hours in my tiny quilty shack is bliss? Pure joy, make me giggle with glee! Too bad quality quilting fabric is expensive and hours spent sewing a quilt could never convert equally to dollars... if it did I would get rich selling quilts. I adore making them. It is for sure my happy place.

January 15th was the year anniversary of buying our house! A year? Already? Which also reminded me that I have not ever done before and after posts of all the remodeling we did.

Why? Because I am SO behind on scrapbooking and picture organizing. I have got to get a grip on the pictures. I love my scrapbooks, precious memories that are so fun to look at. I need to quickly get caught up...somehow. all sounds like a very basic need for simple time management. Drat.

Boy I have my work cut out for me. I will be back soon....and hopefully regularly, to let you know how it is all going!

On a side note, I have had to turn on the word verification thingy for my comments. I am being bombarded with spam. Vi@gra, shady investment name it. Funny thing is, I never have had spam. I have a Mac. Mac= no spam, no viruses. Mac = love. Then one fine day I logged on to my blog from the office, on my PC at the office. PC sucks. PC = spam and viruses.
I apologize for you having to type "blashwomp" in order to leave a comment....but please still comment because I love you so!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Untapped Potential

Blonde rascal and I were studying his spelling words Wednesday night. One of his words was master. Often times while studying we put the words into sentences. Blonde rascal said..."Mom has her Master's Degree". (I am not real sure where he even heard of such a thing?)

To which I replied...

Mom: "No I just have my Bachelor's Degree, which is sadly not as impressive."

BR: "In what?"

Mom: "Communication Studies"

BR: "What do you do with that? (same thing I am sure my parents thought)

Mom: "Well it is not a specialized is very generalized, so I could do lots of things!" (read I'll never get paid the big bucks)

BR: "Like be a moto cross racer?"

Mom: "No doubt!"

BR: "Or a Monster Jam driver! You would love to drive a monster truck!"

Mom: "You know I would SO love that!"

BR: "Or you could just keep on being a bookkeeper for Dad's car lot"

Oh yawn! That is so sad. I had so many exciting career options at my fingertips and I end up with bookkeeper.

I laughed and hugged him and told him the only job I ever wanted was being his Mom. Then I showered him with kisses as he freaked out and tried to get away from me.

However, it is comforting to know that should something ever happen to hubs and I need to support the family...there is always that Monster Jam option.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

The picture says it all

Greetings bloggy friends! Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, blah, blah, blah!

Christmas is wonderful. I love it, eagerly anticipate it, totally adore it. But sort of like a visit from your crazy Great Aunt Myrtle, you're kinda glad to see it end. Amen?

This picture entertains me greatly. It was Christmas night after all the hoopla, and hubs and I look like zombies.
"Santa Schmanta" or "Bah Humbug" or "More wine please"

We drove 1,000 miles to Columbia, TN to spend the holiday with my pesky brother-in-law Mark and sweet sister-in-law Sherri and family. We had a fantastic time....great food, laughs and loving being with family.

The only down side was that on Christmas Eve it snowed like 5" at home, while we were in TN with no snow. Boohoo.

We came home on the 26th and there was still snow on the ground and we got a little more snow on Tues. I believe that snow is proof that God love us and wants us to be happy. I love how it blankets everything in silence. I love how it makes me want to curl up at home with a book and hot chocolate. Sadly for me we don't exactly live in a snow zone, so that may be the only snow we see this winter. Sniff.

We spent New Year's Eve with friends, where surprisingly I stayed awake until midnight. It wasn't easy, but I persevered. Staying up until midnight is so overrated.

So while I am happy to be done with the hoopla, I am not ready for school to start again. I have way too much fun hanging out with my blonde rascal.He is such a source entertainment to me. I love simply talking with him. His thought process, his vocabulary, his sense of humor, his all makes my heart swell. But back to school he must go on Tuesday because unlike staying up until midnight, an education is not overrated. I mean, he is going to have to graduate from college, have a rewarding career that he enjoys and succeeds at, so he can take care of mama when I am old, wobbly and drooly.