Friday, August 31, 2007

Some blog housekeeping issues.

I have read lots of blogs. I do mean lots, yes those were the days, the days of staying in my pajamas, in my messy house with not a care in the world....where is the kid?....what is for dinner? It did not matter. I was reading some great stuff and I could NOT stop. That is over. I now limit (on most days) my blog reading and my full functionality as a domestic engineer has returned.
Here is one of the interesting things I noticed as I read, some bloggers are free with the information. Such as names of family members, addresses, blood type, ss#, etc. While others use cute nicknames (like I used "blonde rascal", cute huh?) and don't divulge any specific info. As I considered joining the blog movement I wondered where I would fall. Can you really ever be too careful this day and age, or is there even really an actual security risk at all? I won't tell the cyberworld the name of my son's school, that just seems common sense. As far as our names and the city we live in? I don't know, I guess I'll just see how I feel as I blog. If in fact you are posing as a sweet, kind, quilting maven grandma type but are really a child abducting, schizoid, axe murderer stalking my family via my blog then here is some info I WILL divulge...
1. This is West Texas. We have guns! No self-respecting redneck would be caught without a gun.
2. My husband in an ex-cop. An ex-cop who every year, for 19 years, ranked as an expert marksman. That means he can hit that spot between your eyes from a distance!
3. My freshman year in college I took a semester of Aikido. Sure I was 18 then, but I've still got it. I'll take you down.
4. We have an attack dog, trained to kill. I feel this is an unfair advantage on our part so I'll let you see her...

....this is is Missy our miniature Dachshund. Sure she looks innocent enough but don't say I didn't warn you. The pure speed alone of her wagging tail has been known to cause grave bodily injury.

Enough of that nonsense. My next item is grammar and spelling. I am having fun here guys, don't ruin it for me by judging my occasional lapse in proper grammatical use. Periods, apostrophes, commas, and the whole colon/semi colon debacle...who really needs all that angst in their life? Should I fire off a blog post and forget to run my spell check, give me some grace please. It is probably only because I was hurrying off to cook dinner for my sweet family or save a kitten from a tree. I have a college degree, ok? I got my edukayshun. I am, truthfully, the polar opposite of a perfectionist and quite honestly just don't give a flip. If you are highly offended by poor grammar and spelling issues then it would be best if you just stop reading now and don't come back!

I appreciate good sarcasm. I am VERY easily amused, by myself or by others it makes no difference. At times my sense of humor has been known to equal that of... say a 9 year old boy. Much to the dismay of my great pal Mary. Right Mary? (Mary are you there? I said your name in my blog!!!!) All of this to say it might be wise to take some of the things I say with a grain of salt.

Lastly, if anyone is still reading at this point, and if any of these readers are seasoned bloggers, why can't I post a picture in my side bar thingy? I can post all day in my "posts", but not anywhere else. I have read the tutorials, tried copying and pasting of the URL all to no avail. Any suggestions?

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Time warp.

Monday was the first day of school. Here is my blonde rascal, he is in 2nd grade.

He is the best thing I have ever done. Well, I can't take ALL the credit because I guess my husband was involved too. Actually it was God who gave us this gift and we were just willing participants! He is a delight and makes my heart squeeze. However, 2nd grade??? I want to know who is responsible for this time warp. This was just yesterday...

Just yesterday I was kissing those chubby cheeks. And let me tell you folks those kisses were free for the taking, all day
long, accompanied by giggles galore and slobbery kisses in return. Now with this 2nd grader, who has appeared overnight, I have to wrestle, struggle and chase just to sneak one little kiss on his not so chubby anymore cheeks. (unless he is hurt or sleepy and then the kisses are more readily accepted) The giggles are now replaced with a sigh and a "Mo - ommmmm!" Nonetheless, I will keep the little guy and hug him tight EVERY chance I get. The next picture, I suppose, will be of him on his wedding day and I will wonder where the last 25 years went.

P.S. That kitty in the picture, cute huh? That is Jingles. Here is Jingles now...

He has grown a little too. Please don't call the SPCA friends...that is just a, a.... ahem, a "love strangle" that the blonde rascal is giving sweet Jingles. If you think Jingles is fun just wait until I post more animal pictures from down here on the ranch. Somehow in this time warp we have aquired more "pets". Stay tuned....

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

So here I am.

This is the sad little story of my initiation into the blog life. I know, by definition, what a blog is. However, I never really realized that an entire blog world existed. Or at least certainly not blogs I would be even the least bit interested in, for example political rants or intellectual ramblings..... y-a-w-n! On with my story, so my 19 year old stepson just graduated H.S. in May and moved into a house with 2 other boys, or "animal house" as I lovingly refer to it, so naturally I set out to immediately turn his room into my very own gloriously girly hobby room. I got online and googled quilting rooms in order to start brainstorming for my new space. I found some great sites with pictures of sewing rooms and in all that searching I came across pictures of Heather Bailey's studio, a totally dreamy space by the way. I clicked on her blog which of course then led me to other blogs and presto I was in love with blogs!! I think I spent 3 entire days glued to my computer soaking in all the joy of blogging! I mean seriously folks... quilters galore, fellow stay at home moms, wonderful cooks, great decorators, talented photographers, admirable organized women and some very, VERY funny gals. I love looking at other peoples houses and then add on top of that reading about their hobbies and everyday life...get out! It is like being a legal voyeur!!! Or reading a great novel (with pictures...teehee) that never ends!
Now, you must be patient with me. I am not the sharpest tack in the computer world, so hold on while I fiddle around trying to make my blog sa-weet! Well the truth is I have a Mac and it does all of my thinking for me, now I'll have to rely on my own brainpower to get this blog up and running, be afraid.
Many of the blogs I have read share the disclaimer..."I don''t know why anyone wants to read all this boring stuff about me" Well I for one have soooo enjoyed reading these blogs, which are far from boring, that I figured I too could join in the fun. So on that note please don't expect any important info or even anything remotely worthy of your time, just the daily grind of one silly girl! And if nothing else I will take comfort in the fact that my mom will LOVE my blog and think my talent has reached epic proportions! (Hi Mom!)