Wednesday, August 22, 2007

So here I am.

This is the sad little story of my initiation into the blog life. I know, by definition, what a blog is. However, I never really realized that an entire blog world existed. Or at least certainly not blogs I would be even the least bit interested in, for example political rants or intellectual ramblings..... y-a-w-n! On with my story, so my 19 year old stepson just graduated H.S. in May and moved into a house with 2 other boys, or "animal house" as I lovingly refer to it, so naturally I set out to immediately turn his room into my very own gloriously girly hobby room. I got online and googled quilting rooms in order to start brainstorming for my new space. I found some great sites with pictures of sewing rooms and in all that searching I came across pictures of Heather Bailey's studio, a totally dreamy space by the way. I clicked on her blog which of course then led me to other blogs and presto I was in love with blogs!! I think I spent 3 entire days glued to my computer soaking in all the joy of blogging! I mean seriously folks... quilters galore, fellow stay at home moms, wonderful cooks, great decorators, talented photographers, admirable organized women and some very, VERY funny gals. I love looking at other peoples houses and then add on top of that reading about their hobbies and everyday life...get out! It is like being a legal voyeur!!! Or reading a great novel (with pictures...teehee) that never ends!
Now, you must be patient with me. I am not the sharpest tack in the computer world, so hold on while I fiddle around trying to make my blog sa-weet! Well the truth is I have a Mac and it does all of my thinking for me, now I'll have to rely on my own brainpower to get this blog up and running, be afraid.
Many of the blogs I have read share the disclaimer..."I don''t know why anyone wants to read all this boring stuff about me" Well I for one have soooo enjoyed reading these blogs, which are far from boring, that I figured I too could join in the fun. So on that note please don't expect any important info or even anything remotely worthy of your time, just the daily grind of one silly girl! And if nothing else I will take comfort in the fact that my mom will LOVE my blog and think my talent has reached epic proportions! (Hi Mom!)


kristen lewis said...

I get to have the distinct honor of being the first person to post on your blog! Wow! You didn't think I would find it yet, did you? I am lovingly stalking you in cyberspace. Does that make you just a bit nervous?

Seriously, I am thrilled that you have joined the world of the blogger. There are very few people that I would rather read about!

Mary Eaton said...

This should be an interesting read!! Since you have "dumped" your fellow scrapbookers the last couple of times, we'll have to resort to this to hear the funny stories. Hmmm, maybe I should start one, only my life isn't funny, it's just one thing after another! Miss ya!