Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Got Bacon?

A little beggin' at breakfast at the casa de quilty. Missy has perfected her cute puppy look at mealtime. And no, she does not have her own chair at the bar. (Sheesh, we do posses some manner of decorum around here!) The back of the couch, where she perches, edges right up to the bar.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

In case you were wondering....

...I am a rock star. I have known this all along, but today on my 39th birthday blonde rascal confirmed it.He made me this sweet card, including a picture of Alvin our barn cat. (No, I did not get a card from Jake and Reese, although I am sure they were thinking of me, that is my People magazine peeking out.)

I let him lick the icing on my glittery pink birthday cupcake.....only because he feeds my rock star delusion.

It is a good thing I think he is so cute.
(Yes, you might notice I have on my pj pants while my top half is still donning my normal clothes. It was 7pm, and that is what you do when you get old. Or as my good friend Kristen explains...there are no transitional clothes between daily wear and jammies, straight to pj's is where it is at.)

It was a fun day. Hubs gifted me with some new clothes cash. I SO need clothes. The best moment of the day was when The Marine called from Afghanistan. He did not realize it was my b-day...he had not slept in 3 days and is fighting a war...perfectly understandable! None the less, it was perfect timing. Hearing his voice was a gift.

39. Hmmmm. That has great potential to be scary, the safety net between me and 40 just got pulled out from under me. It is a good thing I still feel like I am 22. And I am a rock star.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Is it really December already?

Where to begin? You notice how time slips right through your fingers the moment when you flip the calendar page over to November? You catch your breath again in January when you are packing away the final box of Christmas decorations.

There was all of this, the days before Thanksgiving...

Which in turn led to lots of this....

Food and family. What more could you ask for?

We have so much to be thankful for, and the family I so love dearly (both those present at Thanksgiving and those far away!) tops my list.

A few days later it turned super cold and we got a little of this...Love it.
Unfortunately that was all we got and it melted off that day. It has stayed pretty cold since then. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for more!

Saturday night was the Christmas Parade here in small town West Tx. A friend invited us to ride in the parade in the covered wagon with him.
How fun was that? It was cold and bumpy and charming and heart warming all at the same time.

The parade route took us around the square. The end.

It was big time! Crowds lined the street and we waved and shouted Merry Christmas.
I loved watching the towns people smile and enjoy the parade. Simple.
This fantastically adorable store opened about 2 months ago on the square. I just can't get enough of it."Hi Mason Jar! Mmwwahh! I love you!

I was so excited, looking forward to getting some cool night time pretty lights shots with my camera. I even took it off automatic and had been playing with different settings in anticipation. However, a jarring ride in a wagon is not ideal for night photography. Most of my pics ended up looking like this...
I don't know how Laura Ingalls got good shots, her Canon must have been much more fancy than mine.

After the parade we took our shivering selves to the coffee shop (which I might add is remarkably hip for this small town), also on the square. It was almost like an out of body Mayberry experience. There were people milling around the square, greeting friends and enjoying the pretty lights on the court house.

It seemed so Norman Rockwell like. It made me smile. This big city Houston girl has fallen in love with this small town and its people.