Monday, December 22, 2008

Send in the reinforcements

I finished binding the quilt last night (this morning) at 12:30. Yah!

Blonde rascal woke me up at 3:00 am.

Blonde rascal woke me up again at 4:30 am.

Blonde rascal woke me up for good at 6:45 am.

Bless his heart. He was on the couch all day yesterday and did not make a peep. Far, very far from normal for him.

OTC meds. were not even scratching the surface of his symptoms and he had a low grade fever.

We were at the dr.'s office at 8:00 this morning.

102 fever and strep throat.

The dr. said since it had been a week since I had it, he didn't get it from me. But instead picked it up most likely at school Friday.

Hubs is considering staying at a hotel tonight. Chicken!

The little guy is breaking my heart...he looks so pathetic. Eyes glazed over, red nose and completely lethargic. He is curled up in our bed, fast asleep now. Full of antibiotics and Tylenol.

The bleach it out again, the washing machine is getting a workout and even though it is 40 degrees outside I have a window cracked a hair. Germs be gone!!!! I have a spiced pumpkin candle burning. Nothing about the smell of bleach says Merry Christmas.

Between all that and constant hand washing... please send hand cream. Very heavy duty thick hand cream!

And you might want to wash your hands after reading this. We seem to be highly contagious around here.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Happy things!

To offset me being a big whiny baby about being worn out yesterday, I thought I should post about some happy things today.

Right now I am happy for....

1. The fact that I am sending out New Year's cards instead of Christmas! Woo Hoo! I mean really, what else is there to do in January? (If you are wondering where your card is, there is your answer!)

2. Hot chocolate with a shot of Starbucks liqueur and a quick squirt whipped cream! What holiday stress? It brings great joy late in the evening when I have slowed down and am snuggled in my chair.

3. Head colds. Why would you say that Quilty Chick? Well I'll tell you. Blonde rascal has been showing signs of a cold and at about 6:30 this morning I heard him crying softly. I went into his room and he was distressed because his nose was so completely blocked he couldn't even blow it. I gave him some medicine and all he could do was just whimper. In the warm darkness of his room with the soft glow of his closet light being the only light (wards off monsters you know) he laid snuggled under blankets, and I tried to comfort him by patting his back and running my hand over his silky blond hair. At that moment my heart swelled up at the sight of his sweet sleepy face and I thought thank goodness for simple colds. He will be back to normal in a day or two and the cold will be a distant memory. Unlike some parents this Christmas who are trying to soothe their child who has a serious or terminal illness and at the same time soothe their own aching hearts.

4. Candy Cane Hershey Kisses. You. Have. No. Idea. Get a bag and you will consume half of it before you know what hit you.

5. Uggs. Hubs got me a pair of Uggs, that I unmercifully hinted about, for my birthday. I know they were really hot among the trendy beautiful people like 12 years ago, but I thought they were UGGly then. As is par for my fashion sense, I am catching the way tail end of the fad...but oh well. I am pretty sure I have worn them EVERY day since Dec. 8th and they are like wearing your freakin' slippers all day. I couldn't be happier about that. They claim to be all-season with the sheep fur fleece whatever adjusting to every temperature. I may very well wear them year round...forever.

6. A good mystery. I love to read mysteries, but I also enjoy the heck out of real life mysteries. Hubs was homicide detective for the final 4 of his 19 years as a police officer. I loved to hear how the crazy and bizarre crimes unfolded.

(A few hours have passed since I started this post, I stopped midway. Since blonde rascal was under the weather we did not go to church but I felt compelled to take the nutfreebutpotentiallycrosscontaminated cupcakes(from previous post) for the Sunday school party. Dadgum.)

(During this delivery trip I squeezed in 2 errands and picked up carry out from Pei Wei for lunch. That is definitely #7 on the happy list. Pei Wei. Dadgum.)

(Don't be confused I am still on #6.... lovin' me some mysteries.)

I must first preface this story by reminding you that we live in the country surrounded by miles of dirt roads. About 3 weeks a dead cow, or steer or whatever, appeared on the side of the road. Who knows how or why it got there? Anywhoo, every morning on the way to school we drive by it and out of natural curiosity look to check on the state of decomposition, which has disappointingly be pretty dull. It has... ummm... remained mostly intact.

Fast forward to this morning when I turned the other way on the dirt road (not going to pass the cow) and in about 1/2 a mile I came to a large rack-o-ribs in the road! Bones, with the meat pretty much picked clean. I will assume it is from the dead cow up the road, but these ribs were a mile from the carcass. The mystery is just what on earth drug a rack of cow ribs a mile down the road? My good friend Lori E. a.k.a. Jen A. is a wealth of.... ummm.... trivial information, well she informed me once that coyotes are fresh meat it wouldn't have been coyotes. What does that leave? Could a buzzard carry a rack-o-ribs that far? Who knows? There is a scary rib dragging beast on the loose!

Oh, and yes.

The answer is yes.

Yes I did stop the car and take a picture with my phone.
Oh, and you're welcome. I was afraid to get closer for a more detailed picture because my gag relflex was starting to get a little touchy.

Friday, December 19, 2008


When the Marine got out of boot camp, one of his favorite drill sgt. catch phrases to imitate was "who's confused?" He told us that the drill sgts. would bark out an order and then forcibly ask...WHO'S CONFUSED?

That makes me giggle, using it in my everyday pollyanna housewife life..."Dinner is ready! WHO'S CONFUSED?" Try it at your house.

Today my question is WHO'S CRANKY? Well, I am. Not so much cranky really, I am full of holiday cheer and joy...but I am over all the preparations/obligations. Done, over, I am through, closing up shop, thanks for asking.

I thought this week would be smooth sailing...but take 2 days out of your life, due to strep throat, the week before Christmas and you are sunk.

The house is a MESS. I did appropriately Lysol & bleach all potential strep contaminated areas & wash sheets. It is worth mentioning that I did also wash my pajamas which I may or may not have had on for 3 days straight. But other than that....A MESS.

Monday and Tuesday were a wash. So Weds. I geared up to make up for the previous 2 days. Which included quilt blonde rascal's quilt, make gift for teacher and treats for classmates, prepare for class party and throw in attempting to eventually cross everything off the mother of all pre-Christmas to-do lists.

Luckily on one of my favorite blogs came to the rescue for classmate treat ideas. Meg at Whatever gets all the credit for these...Unfortunately at this late state in the game WM was sold out of the more budget friendly simple treat bags so I was forced into buying these danged pricey Hallmark numbers. With that in mind I opted out of the candy cane and ribbon embellishment route like Meg did. Hers DO look so much cuter though! Go visit her blog, seriously. She totally keeps it all real, her photography is amazing and her house is family friendly wonderful and so charming!!!

Blonde rascal's teacher is the best he has ever had and we love her to pieces, so for her... a stay up half the night in order to finish in time for the party tote bag was the only way to go.
I had whipped one out last week for my neighbor's who are in Russia adopting a boy, so the motions were still fresh in my brain and luckily it is an easy pattern.(please excuse the ham in the background)

The class party went off without a hitch thanks to the rawkin' room mom (ahem) and on top of decorating gingerbread houses there was enough sugar to have all the wee children spazzing out for days.
So on Weds. & Thurs. between all that hoopla made cookies to send to the Marine. He doesn't get leave to come home until the 29th. So I sent him a package of a few small presents, snacks and of course cookies. I wanted him to have a little love on Christmas day.

I am done with the gift shopping, on a positive note, and all is wrapped & under the tree. That is a huge woo-hoo!

Sunday morning the kids will be having a birthday party for Jesus at Sunday school. The children's minister asked for volunteers to each make 2 dozen mini cupcakes each. I volunteered, no biggie because what's a little more baking at this point...

He sends an email asking that the cupcakes be peanut free, due to peanut allergies of course. Okiedokie. While at WM a few days back I spy their mini cupcakes in the bakery and upon further investigation of the package see that they are made in a nut free facility. Perfect. I planned on running by later in the week to pick them up. That was until the NEXT email from the children's minister asking that we do not buy bakery cupcakes due to potential cross contamination. And that specifically if we buy a mix that it be Pillsbury or something.

Good grief, I can't buy bakery, I can't use the mix in my pantry...this simple volunteer act is now stressing me out!! I bought the Pillsbury mix feeling really good about myself. Then I realize that the cookies, I previously mentioned making for the Marine, were peanut butter cup cookies. So now MY kitchen is cross contaminated for the love of pete!

I think I will send my 2 dozen cupcakes Sunday morning with an epi-pen (sp?) strapped to the Tupperware container. I will not be held responsible for a throat swelling up at sweet baby Jesus' birthday party for crying out loud! I thankfully don't have a child with a nut allergy and bless your heart if you do, I can't imagine how that must worry you senseless on a daily basis. But please if that is your child, bake him a sterile nut free cupcake and send it to Sunday school...just so I can sleep peacefully.

SO I finished quilting blonde rascal's quilt THIS morning. Now I have to attach the binding, which has to be done by hand...and now school is out meaning b.r. will be home ALL day and staying up late at night....leaving me when exactly to hand sew the binding on a gigantic quilt???

I may have to lock myself in my sewing room a few evenings. Darn the luck.

What's left now? Well, breakfast with Santa tomorrow morning at church and hub's office party tomorrow night....and then the calendar is clear. Blank. No writing anywhere on it at all next week. Amen.

While I love volunteering and being involved, but that tied in with Christmas preparation stress, shopping, strep throat and going 90 to nothing all wadded up in a crazy 2 week period is waaaayyy too much and I am so glad it is over. Now it is time to chill with my family and enjoy the season!

Speaking of fun, after school blonde rascal and I went to PetsMart to pick up dog/cat food. What was entertaining was that we took Missy the wonder weenie dog. Much to our amusement she, in no particular order... barked ferociously at some people, peed on aisle 6, took many, many toys off the shelves and made a valiant effort at getting into the cat in the adoption area. Good times at PetsMart.

And lastly a very special Merry Christmas to the post office employee who was cleaning the glass doors as I entered the post office today. She politely stopped cleaning & stepped aside so I could get in the door. Which is ALL she did while I schlepped in my large 20lb box to send to the Marine, balancing it in one arm while awkwardly reaching for the door with the other. Her hands were apparently too full to open the door...with her one bottle of Windex and all.

Little did she know I pressed my hands all over the clean glass as I exited. Hmmmph. Merry Christmas to you! (I was gifting her with job security, really)

What about you? Are you past the frenzy? I really hope so! It is time to have fun, right??

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Holy Toledo!

How did that saying come about? Why Toledo?

Anyway, last week was a blur. Just like all of y'all are experiencing too, it was fast and furious. Every day held 3 or 4 obligations and in between those, errands/shopping were crammed in.

It didn't stop over the weekend either. Saturday a local hot rod car restorer/builder guy was having an open house at his new shop. Being that blonde rascal is a lover of all things car, we thought it would be fun to check it out.

Dear Santa, I have been a fairly good girl this year and would really like this...

After that B.R. had a birthday party to go to. After which we went out to eat. Then on to the Ranching Heritage Center where they do a candlelight walking tour of Christmas time in the 1800's.That was fun to see how simple life was back then. Simple...but they sure did work harder than we do.

Blonde rascal was pretty sure he did not ever want to attend school at a
one room school house!

I on the other hand was pretty sure that I did not want to give up my electric, computerized, high tech Pfaff sewing machine!

On to Sunday. Church, followed by the annual cookie exchange at my very hospitable friend Lorie's house. She does this every year and it is lots of fun! However due to my schedule I did NOT make cookies to exchange....I just couldn't fit it in. But I did go to the party for the festivities!

I did steal a few cookies to snack on. My friend sweet Mary makes the worlds best chocolate chip cookies. Seriously, she could go into business. The irony of it all is that Mary weighs 90lbs soaking wet. How do you make cookies that good and be tiny?? It is just not right. She has a metabolism like no other. I had to stand next to her in the cookie party photo. Not fair, compared to her I look like some kind of hearty Helga German woman or something. Mary...EAT more of your cookies!!!!

Stacee, I had her adorable daughter in the baby room when I worked at Parent's Day Out, made some terrifically tasty coco puff peanut butter numbers. Oh Lord have mercy....yum!
Go visit her blog. She is every bit as adorable as her daughter(who is no longer a baby!) AND she is a funny funny girl!!!

So I left the cookie party with a full tummy in time to race home and then be on our way to a concert that my sweet sister-in-law Sherri was in town, from TN, to perform in. The concert was fabulous, but the best part was getting to see Sherri if only for a few minutes.

It was at this point however that I guess my body gave out and decided to force me to slow down. I had a headache all day and then about halfway through the concert my throat started aching, all of a sudden. By the time we were driving home my head was splitting and my throat was in horrible shape.

I slept terribly Sunday night and immediately went to a clinic in the morning. 102 fever and strep throat...rewarded me with a full day of sleeping yesterday! In all my 38 years I have never had strep...and I hope I never do again. Antibiotics and Tylenol have me feeling like I will live today!

This week is much slower thank goodness. Monday was my day to stay home, which I obviously did, but my plan was to quilt blonde rascal's quilt. That did not happen, since I was in a coma in bed shivering with fever, but today will be the day. Tuesday is my day to help at school, but I emailed and explained that my germs would not be welcome at school.

Thurs. is blonde rascal's Christmas Party at school and that night we are going out to eat with hub's boss. Friday school gets out at 1:15 for the holidays....YEEE HAW!!! Saturday morning there is a Christmas breakfast for the kids at church and that evening is hub's office party. And THAT is it!!! We will be done with craziness and on to enjoying family and the holiday fun.

Now I have a quick public service announcement... In the midst of my crazy week I had the good ol' yearly exam. Dr. announced that since I am 2 short years away from 40 and because my grandmother had breast cancer that it would be wise to start my yearly mammograms. WHAT? So Friday I had a mammogram. I was a tad nervous...envisioning vise grips, a huge scary machine, steam powered metal monster. Ouch.

Piece of cake. The machine was far from scary. Lots of Plexiglas, instead of crushing metal slabs that my mind had envisioned. Nothing about it hurt. Sure, you know your boobs are being smashed, but it never even for a minute hurt.

So ladies don't be afraid of the boob squeeze and certainly don't let your unfounded fear keep you from having a mammogram. Can I get an amen for early detection?

Speaking of sweet sister-in-law Sherri, 2 years ago she was diagnosed early with breast cancer. She fought very hard and won. The cancer is gone, thank you Jesus! Get your mammogram done girls!!!

To celebrate her victory, guess what Sherri did a few months ago?
Can you guess???

Heck yeah!!! She strapped herself to a young hard body beefcake!!!! Oh, I mean she went sky diving. Now that is what I call living!!

I am now off to my sewing room with a tall glass of water and Tylenol in hand.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

8 things

The uber cool Lori/Jen A. tagged me. I have much nonsense to blog about but was short on free time last week. To feel somewhat productive this morning, before the rush to get ready for church, I will spill out my 8 things...

8 Favorite TV shows.....sadly I honestly don't watch 8 tv shows. That is actually not the sad part, the sad part is that we pay $100 a month for 645,000 Dish channels!

1. HGTV That would be my most watched channel.
2. The Office
I TiVo and get hooked on the following "quality" reality shows...
3. Tori and Dean
4. The Real Housewives
5. 17 Kids and Counting
6. The Amazing Race
7. Rock of Love
8. Keeping up with the Kardashian's (sp?)

8 Favorite restaurants....
1. Chez Suzette
2. Double Nickel
3. Carinos
4. Pei Wei
5. Baker Brother's Deli
6. the cool Italian restaurant in NYC ,which I do not remember the name of, that had the most incredible pasta I have ever put in my mouth.
7. Chicago Pizza, while in Chicago. I think it was Uno's. God Bless America there is nothing better.
8. Orlandos

8 fun things that happened this week
1. Finished my Christmas Shopping
2. Book Club
3. Coffee while at book club
4. My quilt club Christmas party.
5. Good finds at Goodwill
6.Presents all wrapped and under tree
7. Drake & Josh Christmas was on!! Wooo hoo! (That was on blonde rascal's list)
8. Packing Christmas boxes for soldiers.

8 things I am looking forward to
1. Christmas holidays and seeing all the family.
2. Christmas holidays and r-e-l-a-x-i-n-g.
3. Girlz night Friday night.
4. Breakfast with the girlz tomorrow.
5. MY birthday tomorrow!!!!
6. My annual Dr. appt. being o-v-e-r on Tuesday.
7. People magazine in my mailbox
8. my long list of quilts to make.

8 things on my wish list

1. My family being safe and healthy
2. Buying some new clothes with birthday money.
3. A German Shepard
4. For hub's career to be fulfilling and profitable.
5. For my neighbor's trip to Russia this week, to adopt a sweet boy, to go 100% smoothly!
6. Me to trust wholeheartedly on my FAITH in God and His guidance as the new year brings lots of exciting changes for my family. (Changes to be announced soon!)
7. Laughter forever!
8. Blonde rascal always being a momma's boy.

I tag Mary, who has yet to respond to Lori tagging her so I am just going to bug her until she does!

Ahhhhhh.....gotta go hit the shower!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

The 8 year old said what?

This morning as we were all afluster with the last minute out the door school preparations, a classic one came out of blonde rascal's mouth.

He was telling me how he likes the salisbury steak from the school cafeteria. (Bleh...excuse me while I throw up a little in my mouth)

I said well ok I will find a recipe, and you can help me make it. He likes to cook.

I then went on about how he should be chef when he grows up. You know, open a fab restaurant (preferably in NYC cuz then hubs & I would have to move there to support his
dream) and have people travel the world over to devour his culinary masterpieces.

To which he replied...."Nah, I want to be a tattoo artist"

I threw my head back in uproarious laughter!

Hubs was sitting at the bar eating his breakfast, quietly shaking his head in disbelief.

I told blondie I would proudly be his first client.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sharing the love

It felt good to finally leave the house today after my self-imposed hermit like, p.j. clad Thanksgiving holiday! We went to church and then this afternoon my Marine Parent group packed up Christmas care packages to send to the soldiers.

Blonde rascal went with me and did a fantastic job packing boxes. We filled them with tons of items that our community so generously donated. Non-perishable food, snacks, Bibles, books, magazines, candy, DVD's, socks, toiletries, toys(decks of cards, whoopee cushions, water guns...) and handwritten cards.

Our Marine got orders to deploy to Iraq in May. With that in mind, I teared up a little while jamming those boxes full of love for our soldiers. Very soon that could be my Marine opening, with much delight, a care package from home. That could be my Marine spending Christmas in Iraq.

I prayed over each box I packed. I prayed that the package would bring joy to the soldier, that the soldier would know that he/she was loved & appreciated and most of all for his/her protection.

I was proud of blonde rascal for helping, he really had fun although he wanted desperately to dip into the candy supply!

I talked with him about the importance of helping others, which includes giving of your time just like he did today.
(Pictures taken with my excuse the poor quality!)

I don't know what the final count was....but I would guess about 300 boxes.
God bless our soldiers!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Tag, kindness and basking

My girl Martha at Elizabeth Hill Cottage tagged me with 7 random things. Go see her. She is a funny gal. Her sarcasm is classic, her family is cute, she shares house stalking with her readers and she is a lover of all things re-purposing/painting/decorating. In a nutshell, she rocks!

I am too lazy to go back and read my previous tags to avoid repeating myself...but you wouldn't remember anyway, right?

1. My toenails are always painted, have been since high school no doubt, which was longer ago than I choose to accept. However due to that fact they have become a little yellow. This winter I have decided to give them a break, my toes are sans polish until spring. This is killing me because I normally wear flip flops until it snows (and it hasn't even been really cold yet) but I refuse to have my nasty yellow toes seen in public. Did you need to know all that? Probably not. I will be brief from now on...

2. I can't stand to have dry lips or hands. I am a chap stick/hand lotion addict.

3. I never go to bed w/o washing my face and brushing/flossing. Never. I don't care how tired, how late, how sick...whatever. I can't rest with a make up face and yuck mouth. The only step I will occasionally skip if I am devastatingly tired is flossing.

4. I miss prank calling. I am so glad I grew up in the pre-caller id days. (Right Linda??)

5. The house next door to us when I was a kid was haunted or whatever you want to call it...the spirit world was wreaking havoc. After the original owner died people would buy the house and then move out quickly. One family that stayed the longest, we became good friends with. The day they moved out they came over and told us all about it. Good creepy stuff that to this day can give me the chills. I love a good scare...I mean as long as that stuff happens in a house other than mine.

6. A dirty, cluttered car interior is a pet peeve of mine.

7. I had a stalker in college. He would leave notes on my car telling me he saw me on campus and liked what I was wearing or how my hair looked. The fact that at a university of 20,000 people and he could pick me out on campus and then find my car was somewhat disturbing. The campus police caught him and made him come apologize to me face to face so I would know what he looked like. He was a weenie. I so could have taken him down.

I tag Jen A. aka Lori E. with 7 random things...because she is nothing if not random. And I think it has been 2 long weeks since she posted last. Shame.

Look what my sweet new friend Tricia Anne at Notes of Sincerity blessed me with!

She likes me, she really does!! She is a doll. Creative, kind and a city girl turned country girl like me! I could so sit on the front porch and drink coffee with her. We could compare notes on the precarious, dangerous, problematic and dubious situations that girls like ourselves can get into while facing life in the country. Unfortunately she is clearly more refined and graceful than I am so we would be discussing my fumbling country mishaps.

If you are reading this...then TAG! I heart your blog!

So Thanksgiving has come and gone. Our theme this year was chill. We basked in the chilled out environment. I have not left the house since Tuesday! heehehehehe! It was just hubs, blonde rascal and I. Don't misunderstand me, I love my family and cherish having family gatherings, but a quiet holiday this year was soothing.

We have stayed in jammies for most of our waking hours every day. Many of games of Sorry have been played, tossing the football around outside, laughing, watching movies...ahhh.

Hubs cooked some pork rump butt on the smoker all night for T-day lunch. I fixed a salad, green bean casserole and some rolls. DONE. Easy, not rushed and casual. It was so nice.

Turkey day morning we watched the Macy's parade and then the dog show. In the hound dog category, the Dachshund did not place. I had to console our little fraulein Missy...She felt it was a terrible injustice. Something about there being prejudice against her breed's German heritage and the fact that dogs with the long legs always win. I told her life was not fair.

Also to pass our time we pulled out the "box-o-pranks" that my pesky brother-in-law Mark & sweet sister-in-law Sherri gave blonde rascal for his birthday. (Actually I believe the story goes that my red rascal nephew chose this gift) Sure guys, every 8 year old boy needs to get his hands on itching powder. Funny, thanks.

Anyway we tried out the old "I found a severed finger in a box" prank.Pretty good huh?

Monday, November 24, 2008

I get another check mark by my name...

...on the teacher's list of moms that are total kiss~ups!

Blonde rascal gets out tomorrow @ 1:15 for Thanksgiving break. I made these cute little treats for his class....
Little acorns! They are kisses, mini vanilla wafers and a peanut butter chip stem. Frosting as glue and call it done. Easy as pie and adorable. I TOTALLY copied this off some blog I ran whoever that was you deserve all the credit.

Last year I made these pilgrim hats which were fab...
... and was going to make them again this year, but the acorns seemed like a fun idea.

I am kidding about kissing up to the teacher....sort of. What honestly brings me the most joy is time spent making things with blonde rascal. Today for instance he and I ate candy by the handful had a great time putting the acorns together.

And best of all he is delighted by taking fun treats to all of his classmates. I am thrilled to do this while I can. In a few short years I am sure he will be horrified at the thought of taking goodies to school that his mommy made. I say phooey on that day!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

It WAS a good weekend...

...until the Tech v. Oklahoma game last night. Just what in the heyyyllll was THAT? It would appear that blonde rascal's youth football team got off the bus in Norman to play. I am a loyal fan, I will dry my tears and move on. I still have the joy from beating Texas alive in my memory and a 10-1 record is, well, really good.

I had another crazy week. I was at blonde rascal's school practically every day. I help his teacher on Tues. mornings. Weds. morning was the "Turkey Trot" where you go P.E. with your child and walk/run around the track and they give away a turkey. I didn't win the turkey but I did have fun with these turkeys...

That afternoon I helped in the library. The joy...being surrounded by books!

Thurs. morning was Thanksgiving lunch at school. Here is blondie and his teacher......she is adorable both inside and out! B.R. looks just a little mischievous.

Friday morning I had a movie date at 11:20 with Jen A. to see Twilight! Blonde rascal woke up with a pink gooey eye Friday. I rushed him to a clinic in hopes that it wouldn't be pink eye and he could go to school... so I could go to the movies. Spoken like a true concerned, loving mother huh?

The Dr. said he didn't feel like it was pink eye but more irritation from his contact. He has never had trouble with his contact before...but whatever. I got my hopes up and asked "So...umm....can he go to school?" "No, he better stay home just to be on the safe side." Awwwwwww heck! That was o.k. I mean, I could go to the movies another day. Right? I decided we would go home and enjoy our day together. While waiting for his Rx drops to be ready we stopped my m-i-l's house to see her kitchen, which is in the middle of a remodel. Turns out she had no plans that afternoon so B.R. got to stay with Meemaw while I went to see the movie! Yah Meemaw!! Yah Edward and Bella!

Have you seen it yet? Sigh. It was good, really good. Jen A. has not read the series yet. I am going to stay on her until she does. The theater was pretty packed and you could tell everyone in the theater had read the book....except Jen A. The book naturally goes into so much more detail...when something would happen and the audience would laugh, based on their knowledge from the book....Jen A. was like "huh?" Poor girl.

Early this morning blonde rascal awoke with his other eye crusty and pink. By the way he only wears a contact in his left I would say that the diagnosis of "contact irritation" does not apply to his right eye, eh?

He has had a stuffy nose so maybe it is just congestion coming out all over...but nonetheless we stayed home from church this morning and have the Rx drops going in BOTH eyes.

He feels fine, so out come the pillows and blankets for a cozy Sunday morning tent...
And despite the previously mentioned annihilation of our beloved Red Raiders last night.......blonde rascal still has his guns up, a die hard fan indeed.

Me? I'm chillaxin' this morning......drinking coffee whilst sporting my completely cute coffee cup jammie pants. I could not say no to them this week during my Stein Mart run.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sure it's ugly now...

I found this little number at Stein Mart today. (This is a terrible picture but I am too lazy to take another) The shop elsewhere price was $149 and the SM price was $79. No joke.

A piece of adornment on the swirly arm was broken off (and for the fact that it is plain ugly) so it was on clearance. Add in my coupon and I picked up this little woofer for $20.

Had I not been inspired by so many "trash to treasure" makeovers on all the many blogs that I love to read, then this lamp would have never even gotten a first glance from me.

BUT imagine a touch up paint job of some sort, a different plate and/or painting the existing plate with chalkboard paint, removing that gawwwwwdy scroll thing at the bottom.

If I hurry and complete this project then I can use this plate that I saw at Dillards and can't stop dreaming about...

Saturday, November 15, 2008

What's that smell?

You know hubs was out of town this weekend. A cold front blew in Friday night, hubs called inquiring about how cold it was going to get. "I dunno....cold" was my reply. For fear that the pipes would freeze in the horse trailer a.k.a. "Hilton on wheels" he asked me to go out and open the valve to empty the pipes.

Blonde rascal and I bundle up and run out the trailer. I call hubs on my cell phone to get the specifics on what exactly I am doing. He explains how to open the valve for the "gray water" which is the water for the sinks. I open it and no water comes out, which is good because that means there was no water in the pipes to freeze. I am standing there talking to hubs and all of a sudden I hear water rushing out. Blonde rascal was fiddling with the valve, so I thought I must not have gotten it open far enough.

I say to hubs "oh b.r. got it open and there was water in there....OH MY GOSH why does that gray water SMELL SO BAD???" Blonde rascal then says "I opened the black water valve"

Black water is the toilet holding tank water. Yes it is. Thankfully you dump the enzyme bacteria whatever into the tank and it eats everything in the holding tank making it all liquid. Really vile liquid that is technically supposed to be dumped at a RV dumping spot.

So blonde rascal and I run screaming in the night back to the house locking the door behind us.

Thankfully the trailer is parked near the horse stalls, which smell anyway, and it is all dirt so it...ahem... soaked in.

I anticipate that we could be receiving a nasty letter, and a hefty fine, from the E.P.A. stating that their satellite picked up a toxic cloud lingering over our property Friday night!

Life is never dull here at the Quilty Chick Ranch. Why me?

Friday, November 14, 2008

It's All Good

Another busy week rolling to an end. The Marine was in town until Weds. morning, Thurs. I volunteered at the book fair and ate lunch at school with blonde rascal. This morning was the 6 wk. awards at school....I'll spare you the details of blonde rascal's awards because I know all of your children are brilliant too!! A run to the grocery store and I am home.

I just had a big bowl of chili for lunch. Oh yea, greasy, fattening, nasty Wolf brand chili with cheese on top and saltines. It was sooooo good. I much prefer homemade chili but that can in the pantry was calling my name.

After school I am taking b.r. and 2 friends to see Madagascar. I hope the "chili repercussions" hold off until after the movie. However sitting by three 8 year old one would think of blaming me!

I have really good news! My big news that The Marine was getting off! No wedding!! Praise God! The Marine is fine, I am not happy for any grief this decision may cause him but am so thrilled he is not getting married. Their young age, not knowing each other long and general immaturity took care of that relationship. Just thankful it was now and not a year after marriage.

It was all a good lesson in "let go and let God" for hubs and I. We chose to support the Marine, roll with it and PRAY, instead of freaking out. Then it all ended up working for the best. Besides all that, it really is true that I am too young to be a m-i-l.

Speaking of marriage...Tuesday was big anniversary #13 for hubs and I!! I spent our anniversary evening at a quilt class. Nothing says love like quilting!! he he har har.

It was a revolutionary quilt class though... slice and dice. Holy toledo. Easy, easy, easy and quick. After cutting the initial 12" squares, then there is no measuring or matching of seams. A dreamy no brainer quilt. I am the queen of fast and easy. Wait... if you are going to repeat that Quilty Chick is fast and easy, then please do so in the context of quilting!

B.R. wants a Texas Tech (woohoo!) quilt for Christmas, so thank goodness this one will be quick.I pieced the rows together last night. It is a totally cute scrappy look.

Quilters make quilts because they love making them and giving them to people. There is no way to sell a quilt and re coop the money invested in the fabric (good quilting fabric is not cheap) and your time. That is why people buy quilts from JC Penny for $69.99, it is cheap fabric and was made in a sweat shop in China....making it affordable.

However, making this fast quilt in Texas Tech fabric got my wheels turning. Lubbock, TX is positively electric with Tech fever right now. Tech craze is at an all time high with them being #2 in the nation. Especially if we were to beat OU next weekend...I just bet I could sell these quilts and profit. Advertise on Craigslist? It could be lucrative. Hmmmm.....mama could make some Christmas cash.....

Lastly I will leave you with a scene of the rebellion and general chaos I deal with around here. After getting ready this morning and walking into the kitchen here is what I find....

Val the 13 yr. old curmudgeon diabetic cat, who has come to a stage in life where he could quite frankly give a damn about any previous rules or regulations regarding him being banned from all kitchen surfaces...and Missy the miniature doxie with tons of moxie, who will do everything in her power to annoy the ever loving life out of Val.

How a dog with 2" long legs got on the table AND the fact that the 2 of them were cohabiting so calmly in the same vicinity is all just amazing. Time to get out the Lysol surface spray.

Hubs left yesterday and will be gone until Sunday. He went on the annual boys trip, to Colorado with 2 of his high school buddies. Lord help 'em. They will spend the whole weekend reliving the glory days....days of courdory Levi's, shaggy afro do's, babes and v-8 engines.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The football weekend

Here is how our weekend played out...

Friday night we went and watched the high school team from blonde rascal's school district.The youth football team got to go down on the field and cheer the big Tigers on as they ran out on the field.
Blonde rascal thought that was quite an honor!

You have to love small town Friday night games. There are young and old alike packed in the stands. It was cold, we were snuggled in under a quilt. The FFA was tailgating and selling smoked a run to the concession stand for blonde rascal to stock up on Gatorade, Skittles and a hot dog.

The hometown team romped on its opponent.

Seeing friends in the's all good stuff!

Well...good for a little while anyway...we got cold and b.r. got tired so we left at halftime. Perfect.

Then Saturday, for the love of all things sacred was the big Tech/OSU game.YEEE HAAAWWWWW! Get those guns up!!!!! GO Tech!!!! We spanked 'em, if you don't mind me saying. Bless my soul, Tech is undefeated and #2 in the nation. They are off this weekend and next weekend play Oklahoma which will be tough, very tough.

Of course Sunday was the most important game of all....blonde rascal and the Tiger Bowl! You know they already won, yes they did the little munchkins.

Since it was the championship game and all, they got to run out of the tiger head like the varsity team does. That was cool. Add in some cutie pie tiny cheerleaders and it is big time.

The Marine was in town, it made it extra special that he got to see his little brother play ball.
I got to pose with my little champion when we got home.#1 Baby!!!!

On an unrelated note, go see Chris at Just a Girl. She is hosting an "I Can Make That" soiree. Click on all the fabulous links at the end of her post to get some FANTASTIC, unbelievably easy ideas for gifts you can make. There are some crafty women out there, that is for sure. Not that I spent a good hour this morning soaking in the ideas or anything. No sir, I would never leisurely spend an hour on the interwebz....I am much too busy with housework and such.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Breaking News.....

The Tiger Royal team has won the Tiger Bowl! 6 - 0 in over time!! They were undefeated the entire season! Yeah Tigers!!!!!!

Friday, November 7, 2008


Every time I have written a check recently I have trouble grasping that the date is November. November? Already? Wow. Sure it makes sense with Halloween being just last week, but wow November. Is it just me or are y'all shocked by the arrival of this month too?

Further awe arose as I was in the WalMartz yesterday morning, in my running shorts no less and the catchy tune of "Winter Wonderland" was being piped in over the intercom. Wait... Christmas? Seriously I feel like I am in a strange time dimension that is moving way too fast.

A sign of getting old no doubt.

I also feel like mentioning that I am proud of Brittney Spears. Random, I know. I was downloading some new tunes to the i-pod, because if I get too used to the tunes I run to, then it affects my mojo. The tunes keep me motivated. Gotta keep it fresh.

So I downloaded "So What" by Pink. For crying out loud I love that rawks! And then I'll have to be honest, the beat to Brittney's "Womanizer" is really good. Good running tempo, so I downloaded it. Granted she sounds a little nasal-ish and over computerized through most of it, but it all goes back to the beat.

It got me to thinking that Brit has really come a long way. I honestly thought she was DONE. What with her disturbing behavior, looking like a homeless hooker and strange companions...I doubted she would ever make a comeback, or even live for that matter. Poor girl and her poor sweet children. But kudos to her dad for stepping in and saving his child from herself. Keep up the good work Brit!

OK so I have wasted a good 5 minutes of your day today. Sorry. But you know that is how it is here at Quilty stream of consciousness is totally random and sometimes you just have to get swept up in that stream with me!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Various & sundry information

Whew. Another busy week. Busy weeks lead to a backlog of laundry. Look what I found lounging in my growing pile of laundry to be folded.

Then when I finally tackled the folding, she mistook that for belly scratching time. Silly girl.

The most important thing I have to say today is that Texas Tech won. Uuh-huuhh...WHO'S YOUR DADDY??!? Oh sorry, I'm still all caught up in the emotion of that game. Yep, we won thereby removing Texas from the #1 spot in the nation. We are ranked #2...that is a first in school history! That game was over the top intense, with Tech scoring the wining touchdown in the last second of the game. Yes, LAST second. The most beautiful last second touchdown pass I have ever seen. Legendary. I had reflux it was so crazy.

We play OSU this weekend which I know will also be reflux inducing. Go Red Raiders! The alumni association emailed me asking for a donation for the stadium enlargement fund. They know to strike while school spirit is high. Only they are barking up the wrong tree with me. I figure they got enough tuition money out of my parents all those years ago! They have resorted to email since I don't answer their calls.

(You should know that I have a source who shall remain nameless (Jennifer Aniston) who sent me a text during the game saying her husband, who was at the game, texted her saying that Matthew McCaughnahottie was at the game! He is a UT fan, poor boy. He was accompanied by his baby mama and baby Levi the love child. Matthew was in little old Lubbock, TX! By the way Jen A. is no longer a figment of your imagination....she has a blog!!)

(I apologize for the world's longest run-on sentence in the paragraph above.)

AND speaking of football... ( I don't even LIKE football unless it is my college team OR my boy!)...blonde rascal's team is going to the Tiger Bowl! That is right folks they won their playoff game last week! They have a perfect record and now are championship bound. WOOO-hooo!#91 is where it's at, baby!!!

LOOK I actually made a quilt! I named myself quilty chick and NEVER have anything to show for it! But alas, a baby quilt for my sweet & nutty friend Kristen.We had a surprise shower for her under the guise of our usual "scrapbook night"...she had no idea!
Just look at her carrying in her scrapbook bag! We pulled off the surprise! That was a fun, fun night with the girls!

Anyway making that quilt is why I have not revealed my new sewing has been totally trashed during and since making that quilt!!!

I told you a few posts ago that I had 2 big events coming up, that if nothing else would be blog worthy. Well event #1 is that......

...I am going to be a mother-in-law!!! No, I did not say Grandma....I said M-I-L. Heaven help us all. The Marine, my 20 year old stepson, announced he would be getting married in Feb. I'll go ahead and just list the obvious reasons this is disturbing to hubs and I....
1. They have only dated since June, when he got out of boot camp. Other than constant texting & talking on the phone, they have only physically been together when he had like 36 hour leave over Labor Day weekend. She is a local girl, they have known each other sort of through their individual circle of friends. So length of dating...not long enough to really know each other.
2. Military life. Tough on newlyweds.
3. Military pay. Tough on newlyweds.
4. Life period. Tough on newlyweds...especially such young ones.

I know there a billion stories of how young love survived all that and more....but when it is your own kid you want them to avoid those struggles. We shared why we thought it would be wise to wait....but you know they don't listen. We also assured him we would support him no matter what and love her.

Oiy. I am only 37. Is that old enough to qualify as a m-i-l? I have to come up with a blog name for the d-i-l. I know....d-i-l!!!! For now, the "d-i-l to be".

The Marine will be home Saturday - Weds. as they get a short leave in honor of Veteran's Day. It will be great to have him home. I am sure we will get to see lots of the d-i-l to be as they will be inseparable no doubt. Which is good since we hardly know her. Oiy again.

I will be blogging full coverage wedding planning and events as they unfold. Oh dear.

We're still coming down off the sugar high at our house...

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Operation: BOO

A friend of blonde rascal's from school "boo'd" us Monday night. You know...put a treat on the front porch, ring the door bell and run.

We decided in turn to boo 2 of our neighbors who have kids that blonde rascal plays with. Our country neighborhood has quite a bit of room between houses so we had to make a trek.

The first house they opened the door quickly after b.r. knocked. It was dark and the driveway is long, so we made it into the shadow of darkness in the nick of time. Our identity was concealed.

We ran with our flashlights to the next house all the while we were having fits of muffled giggles at our trickiness. This is our next door neighbor so we were traipsing through the pastures between our houses, crawling through fences, stepping in Lord only knows what, while the horses I am sure wondered just what in the tarnation we were doing.

B.R. ran up onto their porch dropped the goodie bag, pounded on the door and ran. We stood for a minute in the darkness and they never opened the door. So B.R. ran back up there and pounded again. They started turning lights on so we scurried off back through the fences & horse poop, giggling with our flashlights.

The next door neighbor called a few minutes after we got back home....

QC: "Hello"
neighbor: "Was that you?"
QC: "I have no idea what you are talking about"

The fun news was that we really spooked them! After the first knock they looked out the front door window and didn't see anyone, so the second knock freaked them out! Hehehe har har har! Neighbor said to watch out though, what goes around comes around. Can't wait!

I was just downright giddy during the whole silly adventure. It brought back so many good memories of toilet papering houses, back in the day, running around all secret like in the dark with lots of laughing going on! I had to explain to B.R. what toilet papering a house was.

I guess I let the cat our of the bag with that one. That is ok because I will be driving when it comes time for a big group of the boys to go toilet papering!

Here we are prepared for our clandestine maneuver!

Tomorrow afternoon B.R.'s class is having scary story day. They get to wear their p.j.'s, bring flashlights and then the mom's can come and read scary stories in the dark. Of course I will be there in MY jammies (legitimately in my jammies) and I have already perused Barnes and Noble picking out a cute scary story.

We made treats this afternoon to take tomorrow to school. I saw this on a blog somewhere...sorry I don't remember who and therefore cannot give appropriate credit!

We rolled ice cream cone tops in orange candy melt stuff and then sprinkled them with Halloween sprinkles. When they were dry, we filled them with m&m's and then put them in clear goodie bags.

Cute! Well, I'll be and easy!!!

Tomorrow night we are off to church for our Fall Fest! I volunteered to work a shift at the spiderweb booth, it will be tolerable though because I fully intend on being on a sugar high just like the kids.

AND my parents will be in town this weekend to watch blonde rascal's big playoff game on Sunday. Go Tigers!

My stomach is starting already to get knotted up over the upcoming Texas Tech v. University of Texas game Saturday. Go Tech!! Those dang Longhorns get on my nerves just like the Aggies do.

Whew. Busy times...I am tired just typing all this!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Stopping by to say hi

I have no idea where last week went, it flew and this coming week is shaping up to be a duplicate.

So in this small reprieve between the weeks...hi!

I know some of you can't read so here is a picture to look at....
There is the blonde rascal all dressed up as a dirt bike racer dude. Yesterday afternoon was the fall festival at his school. He was attempting to dunk the poor varsity football player that was in the dunking tank.

We just got home from blonde rascal's last football game of the season. They won!! Undefeated for the season. Yeah baby. The playoffs are next weekend. Nail bitting fun at the football field!

I have some big news, actually 2 big pieces of news, that I will get around to sharing maybe this week. I will say right now that no, I am not pregnant!! My Mom and my silly girlfriends would immediately think that. I have no desire to be pregnant, thank you. If I want to hold a sweet baby I will go to Kristen's house and hold that adorable newborn Evyn!

Anyway.... I have big events coming up that, if nothing else will be 100% blog worthy! So you'll have to check back periodically to see if I have made you privy to the information. AND while you are here you might as well comment!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Woo hoo!

I got an award!!! Plumtickled Judi thinks I am cool! I feel like I am popular now...maybe she'll let me sit by her in the cafeteria!

Plumtickled is one of the first blogs I came across when I first discovered the joy of blog surfing and I have been hooked ever since. Not only does Judi have some mad sewing skilz but she is also a funny, funny gal!

At the risk of sounding totally sadistic, this post is one of her most memorable ones! As a new quilter myself, who had heard the warnings about the rotary cutters...Judi made a firm believer out of me!

Now I am supposed to pass this award on...I pick you ALL to win!!

Woo hoo #2 for the weekend is that my alma mater, my home town team, Texas Tech beat Texas A&M! Happy, happy, happy! Blasted Aggies get on my nerves.
Get those guns up!

AND speaking of woo-hoos & wins...blonde rascal's team, as of today is 5 - 0. That's right undefeated!That's blonde rascal, the little blue running boy. Fixin' to clean #15's clock!!

Not much else went on this weekend. BR and I washed my car. The car wash has been known to turn away cars that could potentially clog their drains with mud! So we did it ourselves and did a dandy job.

We ordered pizza Saturday night. That will make getting up to run in the morning an easy decision.

Friday night was scrapbook night and it was totally therapeutic as usual. The end result being tired from so much laughter but completely refreshed. I just lurve my girls!

Now it getting dangerously close to Monday. This Saturday is the Fall Festival at BR's school so this week will include putting the finishing touches on the baskets our class put together for the auction, baking for the cake walk, helping set up and working a booth. Better go get some sleep!