Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The football weekend

Here is how our weekend played out...

Friday night we went and watched the high school team from blonde rascal's school district.The youth football team got to go down on the field and cheer the big Tigers on as they ran out on the field.
Blonde rascal thought that was quite an honor!

You have to love small town Friday night games. There are young and old alike packed in the stands. It was cold, we were snuggled in under a quilt. The FFA was tailgating and selling smoked a run to the concession stand for blonde rascal to stock up on Gatorade, Skittles and a hot dog.

The hometown team romped on its opponent.

Seeing friends in the's all good stuff!

Well...good for a little while anyway...we got cold and b.r. got tired so we left at halftime. Perfect.

Then Saturday, for the love of all things sacred was the big Tech/OSU game.YEEE HAAAWWWWW! Get those guns up!!!!! GO Tech!!!! We spanked 'em, if you don't mind me saying. Bless my soul, Tech is undefeated and #2 in the nation. They are off this weekend and next weekend play Oklahoma which will be tough, very tough.

Of course Sunday was the most important game of all....blonde rascal and the Tiger Bowl! You know they already won, yes they did the little munchkins.

Since it was the championship game and all, they got to run out of the tiger head like the varsity team does. That was cool. Add in some cutie pie tiny cheerleaders and it is big time.

The Marine was in town, it made it extra special that he got to see his little brother play ball.
I got to pose with my little champion when we got home.#1 Baby!!!!

On an unrelated note, go see Chris at Just a Girl. She is hosting an "I Can Make That" soiree. Click on all the fabulous links at the end of her post to get some FANTASTIC, unbelievably easy ideas for gifts you can make. There are some crafty women out there, that is for sure. Not that I spent a good hour this morning soaking in the ideas or anything. No sir, I would never leisurely spend an hour on the interwebz....I am much too busy with housework and such.


Mary said...

Speaking of you being busy.....that once a month breakfast thing we were going to start is now, oh about 3 months overdue!! That just occured to me today....

Lori E. said...

Yeah, you blogged!! Still so proud of B.R. and who cannot get too much football (she says sarcastically) I am going to click on your link, because God knows I need some ideas FAST!! Where does time go????