Saturday, November 29, 2008

Tag, kindness and basking

My girl Martha at Elizabeth Hill Cottage tagged me with 7 random things. Go see her. She is a funny gal. Her sarcasm is classic, her family is cute, she shares house stalking with her readers and she is a lover of all things re-purposing/painting/decorating. In a nutshell, she rocks!

I am too lazy to go back and read my previous tags to avoid repeating myself...but you wouldn't remember anyway, right?

1. My toenails are always painted, have been since high school no doubt, which was longer ago than I choose to accept. However due to that fact they have become a little yellow. This winter I have decided to give them a break, my toes are sans polish until spring. This is killing me because I normally wear flip flops until it snows (and it hasn't even been really cold yet) but I refuse to have my nasty yellow toes seen in public. Did you need to know all that? Probably not. I will be brief from now on...

2. I can't stand to have dry lips or hands. I am a chap stick/hand lotion addict.

3. I never go to bed w/o washing my face and brushing/flossing. Never. I don't care how tired, how late, how sick...whatever. I can't rest with a make up face and yuck mouth. The only step I will occasionally skip if I am devastatingly tired is flossing.

4. I miss prank calling. I am so glad I grew up in the pre-caller id days. (Right Linda??)

5. The house next door to us when I was a kid was haunted or whatever you want to call it...the spirit world was wreaking havoc. After the original owner died people would buy the house and then move out quickly. One family that stayed the longest, we became good friends with. The day they moved out they came over and told us all about it. Good creepy stuff that to this day can give me the chills. I love a good scare...I mean as long as that stuff happens in a house other than mine.

6. A dirty, cluttered car interior is a pet peeve of mine.

7. I had a stalker in college. He would leave notes on my car telling me he saw me on campus and liked what I was wearing or how my hair looked. The fact that at a university of 20,000 people and he could pick me out on campus and then find my car was somewhat disturbing. The campus police caught him and made him come apologize to me face to face so I would know what he looked like. He was a weenie. I so could have taken him down.

I tag Jen A. aka Lori E. with 7 random things...because she is nothing if not random. And I think it has been 2 long weeks since she posted last. Shame.

Look what my sweet new friend Tricia Anne at Notes of Sincerity blessed me with!

She likes me, she really does!! She is a doll. Creative, kind and a city girl turned country girl like me! I could so sit on the front porch and drink coffee with her. We could compare notes on the precarious, dangerous, problematic and dubious situations that girls like ourselves can get into while facing life in the country. Unfortunately she is clearly more refined and graceful than I am so we would be discussing my fumbling country mishaps.

If you are reading this...then TAG! I heart your blog!

So Thanksgiving has come and gone. Our theme this year was chill. We basked in the chilled out environment. I have not left the house since Tuesday! heehehehehe! It was just hubs, blonde rascal and I. Don't misunderstand me, I love my family and cherish having family gatherings, but a quiet holiday this year was soothing.

We have stayed in jammies for most of our waking hours every day. Many of games of Sorry have been played, tossing the football around outside, laughing, watching movies...ahhh.

Hubs cooked some pork rump butt on the smoker all night for T-day lunch. I fixed a salad, green bean casserole and some rolls. DONE. Easy, not rushed and casual. It was so nice.

Turkey day morning we watched the Macy's parade and then the dog show. In the hound dog category, the Dachshund did not place. I had to console our little fraulein Missy...She felt it was a terrible injustice. Something about there being prejudice against her breed's German heritage and the fact that dogs with the long legs always win. I told her life was not fair.

Also to pass our time we pulled out the "box-o-pranks" that my pesky brother-in-law Mark & sweet sister-in-law Sherri gave blonde rascal for his birthday. (Actually I believe the story goes that my red rascal nephew chose this gift) Sure guys, every 8 year old boy needs to get his hands on itching powder. Funny, thanks.

Anyway we tried out the old "I found a severed finger in a box" prank.Pretty good huh?


Tricia Anne said...

You are too funny!! :o) I "have" to read your blog daily! And as for refined? Oh me! I feel like the biggest dork out here (in the country) at times! :o) I have been the butt of several jokes (all in love of course) and pranks! Like seeing the food chain up close and personal! Was not ready for that one! :o) I nearly became a vegetarian over night. My husband teases, "Despite popular belief Trish, your food does not come from the grocery store!" Well...mine sure did! :O) I attend church with ladies who you would look at as beautiful, hair and nails done, cute clothes that are in style ... and they castrate bulls (BY HAND!) like I fold my laundry! AUGH!!!
Sorry so long! Maybe one day we can have that cup of coffee on your porch or mine and swap stories!! Until then, we can blog about them!
Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne

Lori E. said...

Thank you for tagging me. Kristen L. tagged me too and I don't know why but that makes me feel loved!! I will get right on it, tomorrow. (lol) I am TOO busy today, reading blogs and commenting.........

Martha said...


Aren't you just the sweetest? I love your sense of humor, Brooke!

And #4 here? I SO agree! Poor Noodle and BR will never know the joy of pranking someone on the phone without consequence.

Love your list!