Friday, November 7, 2008


Every time I have written a check recently I have trouble grasping that the date is November. November? Already? Wow. Sure it makes sense with Halloween being just last week, but wow November. Is it just me or are y'all shocked by the arrival of this month too?

Further awe arose as I was in the WalMartz yesterday morning, in my running shorts no less and the catchy tune of "Winter Wonderland" was being piped in over the intercom. Wait... Christmas? Seriously I feel like I am in a strange time dimension that is moving way too fast.

A sign of getting old no doubt.

I also feel like mentioning that I am proud of Brittney Spears. Random, I know. I was downloading some new tunes to the i-pod, because if I get too used to the tunes I run to, then it affects my mojo. The tunes keep me motivated. Gotta keep it fresh.

So I downloaded "So What" by Pink. For crying out loud I love that rawks! And then I'll have to be honest, the beat to Brittney's "Womanizer" is really good. Good running tempo, so I downloaded it. Granted she sounds a little nasal-ish and over computerized through most of it, but it all goes back to the beat.

It got me to thinking that Brit has really come a long way. I honestly thought she was DONE. What with her disturbing behavior, looking like a homeless hooker and strange companions...I doubted she would ever make a comeback, or even live for that matter. Poor girl and her poor sweet children. But kudos to her dad for stepping in and saving his child from herself. Keep up the good work Brit!

OK so I have wasted a good 5 minutes of your day today. Sorry. But you know that is how it is here at Quilty stream of consciousness is totally random and sometimes you just have to get swept up in that stream with me!


Tricia Anne said...

Yes, I too think it is strange to be November! Our windows are open and today the car windows were down! Time seems to be going faster and faster these days. You are not alone! :o)
Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne

Rachel said...

Too funny! I love that you wrote about Britnet. I was afraid I was the only blogger out there with a strange obessesion about her life.

Also, the Pink song TOTALLY rocks. I love how she just lays it all out there.

Great blog!

southern queen bee said...

November, I stated in July planning for hoilday gifts, lets just say I am running behind. Sweet comment for Britt. I too am happy her mom and dad stepped up to help her. Sometimes things start to spiral out of control before you know it. Love your blog will be back to visit, MISSY