Friday, November 14, 2008

It's All Good

Another busy week rolling to an end. The Marine was in town until Weds. morning, Thurs. I volunteered at the book fair and ate lunch at school with blonde rascal. This morning was the 6 wk. awards at school....I'll spare you the details of blonde rascal's awards because I know all of your children are brilliant too!! A run to the grocery store and I am home.

I just had a big bowl of chili for lunch. Oh yea, greasy, fattening, nasty Wolf brand chili with cheese on top and saltines. It was sooooo good. I much prefer homemade chili but that can in the pantry was calling my name.

After school I am taking b.r. and 2 friends to see Madagascar. I hope the "chili repercussions" hold off until after the movie. However sitting by three 8 year old one would think of blaming me!

I have really good news! My big news that The Marine was getting off! No wedding!! Praise God! The Marine is fine, I am not happy for any grief this decision may cause him but am so thrilled he is not getting married. Their young age, not knowing each other long and general immaturity took care of that relationship. Just thankful it was now and not a year after marriage.

It was all a good lesson in "let go and let God" for hubs and I. We chose to support the Marine, roll with it and PRAY, instead of freaking out. Then it all ended up working for the best. Besides all that, it really is true that I am too young to be a m-i-l.

Speaking of marriage...Tuesday was big anniversary #13 for hubs and I!! I spent our anniversary evening at a quilt class. Nothing says love like quilting!! he he har har.

It was a revolutionary quilt class though... slice and dice. Holy toledo. Easy, easy, easy and quick. After cutting the initial 12" squares, then there is no measuring or matching of seams. A dreamy no brainer quilt. I am the queen of fast and easy. Wait... if you are going to repeat that Quilty Chick is fast and easy, then please do so in the context of quilting!

B.R. wants a Texas Tech (woohoo!) quilt for Christmas, so thank goodness this one will be quick.I pieced the rows together last night. It is a totally cute scrappy look.

Quilters make quilts because they love making them and giving them to people. There is no way to sell a quilt and re coop the money invested in the fabric (good quilting fabric is not cheap) and your time. That is why people buy quilts from JC Penny for $69.99, it is cheap fabric and was made in a sweat shop in China....making it affordable.

However, making this fast quilt in Texas Tech fabric got my wheels turning. Lubbock, TX is positively electric with Tech fever right now. Tech craze is at an all time high with them being #2 in the nation. Especially if we were to beat OU next weekend...I just bet I could sell these quilts and profit. Advertise on Craigslist? It could be lucrative. Hmmmm.....mama could make some Christmas cash.....

Lastly I will leave you with a scene of the rebellion and general chaos I deal with around here. After getting ready this morning and walking into the kitchen here is what I find....

Val the 13 yr. old curmudgeon diabetic cat, who has come to a stage in life where he could quite frankly give a damn about any previous rules or regulations regarding him being banned from all kitchen surfaces...and Missy the miniature doxie with tons of moxie, who will do everything in her power to annoy the ever loving life out of Val.

How a dog with 2" long legs got on the table AND the fact that the 2 of them were cohabiting so calmly in the same vicinity is all just amazing. Time to get out the Lysol surface spray.

Hubs left yesterday and will be gone until Sunday. He went on the annual boys trip, to Colorado with 2 of his high school buddies. Lord help 'em. They will spend the whole weekend reliving the glory days....days of courdory Levi's, shaggy afro do's, babes and v-8 engines.


Mary said...

LOVE the picture of the cat and dog....I can't believe Missy stayed up there long enough for you to get the camera and snap a picture! Well, congrats in a good way with the called off wedding. There will always be more time if they do decide to tie the knot....I'm thankful they didn't rush into it after all!

kristen lewis said...

Super cute quilt! And woohoo to a single Marine!

Lori E. said...

You should sell the quilts on craigslist for sure!!! You rock because you are a pet in the house kind of girl (even though you really do not want to be). yea, for the power of prayer. What a fabulous aniversary gift....a peaceful weekend with the hubby out of town??????? lol

Tricia Anne said...

You quilt idea is great! I love the crazy cuts you are doing. I have seen them, but still learning to quilt, so have not tried them out. Your picture of your cat and dog is too funny! :o) I know you are so thankful about the marriage being put off. I hope your time as a family with "the marine" was a great time!
sincerely ~ Tricia Anne

Meredith said...

OH I have found my Maisy on table top many a time. It never fails to make me scream! And yet, she still does it.

(BTW, your hair looks rockin' in the post below!!)