Sunday, November 23, 2008

It WAS a good weekend...

...until the Tech v. Oklahoma game last night. Just what in the heyyyllll was THAT? It would appear that blonde rascal's youth football team got off the bus in Norman to play. I am a loyal fan, I will dry my tears and move on. I still have the joy from beating Texas alive in my memory and a 10-1 record is, well, really good.

I had another crazy week. I was at blonde rascal's school practically every day. I help his teacher on Tues. mornings. Weds. morning was the "Turkey Trot" where you go P.E. with your child and walk/run around the track and they give away a turkey. I didn't win the turkey but I did have fun with these turkeys...

That afternoon I helped in the library. The joy...being surrounded by books!

Thurs. morning was Thanksgiving lunch at school. Here is blondie and his teacher......she is adorable both inside and out! B.R. looks just a little mischievous.

Friday morning I had a movie date at 11:20 with Jen A. to see Twilight! Blonde rascal woke up with a pink gooey eye Friday. I rushed him to a clinic in hopes that it wouldn't be pink eye and he could go to school... so I could go to the movies. Spoken like a true concerned, loving mother huh?

The Dr. said he didn't feel like it was pink eye but more irritation from his contact. He has never had trouble with his contact before...but whatever. I got my hopes up and asked "So...umm....can he go to school?" "No, he better stay home just to be on the safe side." Awwwwwww heck! That was o.k. I mean, I could go to the movies another day. Right? I decided we would go home and enjoy our day together. While waiting for his Rx drops to be ready we stopped my m-i-l's house to see her kitchen, which is in the middle of a remodel. Turns out she had no plans that afternoon so B.R. got to stay with Meemaw while I went to see the movie! Yah Meemaw!! Yah Edward and Bella!

Have you seen it yet? Sigh. It was good, really good. Jen A. has not read the series yet. I am going to stay on her until she does. The theater was pretty packed and you could tell everyone in the theater had read the book....except Jen A. The book naturally goes into so much more detail...when something would happen and the audience would laugh, based on their knowledge from the book....Jen A. was like "huh?" Poor girl.

Early this morning blonde rascal awoke with his other eye crusty and pink. By the way he only wears a contact in his left I would say that the diagnosis of "contact irritation" does not apply to his right eye, eh?

He has had a stuffy nose so maybe it is just congestion coming out all over...but nonetheless we stayed home from church this morning and have the Rx drops going in BOTH eyes.

He feels fine, so out come the pillows and blankets for a cozy Sunday morning tent...
And despite the previously mentioned annihilation of our beloved Red Raiders last night.......blonde rascal still has his guns up, a die hard fan indeed.

Me? I'm chillaxin' this morning......drinking coffee whilst sporting my completely cute coffee cup jammie pants. I could not say no to them this week during my Stein Mart run.

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Mary said...

Blonde Rascal's teacher is a cutie pie! I'm sure he's enjoying her!