Saturday, November 15, 2008

What's that smell?

You know hubs was out of town this weekend. A cold front blew in Friday night, hubs called inquiring about how cold it was going to get. "I dunno....cold" was my reply. For fear that the pipes would freeze in the horse trailer a.k.a. "Hilton on wheels" he asked me to go out and open the valve to empty the pipes.

Blonde rascal and I bundle up and run out the trailer. I call hubs on my cell phone to get the specifics on what exactly I am doing. He explains how to open the valve for the "gray water" which is the water for the sinks. I open it and no water comes out, which is good because that means there was no water in the pipes to freeze. I am standing there talking to hubs and all of a sudden I hear water rushing out. Blonde rascal was fiddling with the valve, so I thought I must not have gotten it open far enough.

I say to hubs "oh b.r. got it open and there was water in there....OH MY GOSH why does that gray water SMELL SO BAD???" Blonde rascal then says "I opened the black water valve"

Black water is the toilet holding tank water. Yes it is. Thankfully you dump the enzyme bacteria whatever into the tank and it eats everything in the holding tank making it all liquid. Really vile liquid that is technically supposed to be dumped at a RV dumping spot.

So blonde rascal and I run screaming in the night back to the house locking the door behind us.

Thankfully the trailer is parked near the horse stalls, which smell anyway, and it is all dirt so it...ahem... soaked in.

I anticipate that we could be receiving a nasty letter, and a hefty fine, from the E.P.A. stating that their satellite picked up a toxic cloud lingering over our property Friday night!

Life is never dull here at the Quilty Chick Ranch. Why me?


Lori E. said...

You have to be reminded that there is one of your neighbors ( I won't name) that is just crazy enough to worry that your "black water" could seep into the aquifer and thus into her well water. That would be nuts for her to think that, but she probably would because she WORRIES about weird stuff. Other than that...that is halarious!! AND, have you noticed that is how your hubby gets you to do the dirty work around there. It is always he is out of town and just happened to think.........

Mary said...

All I can say it "THAT'S DISGUSTING!!" And I'm glad I won't be at your house on Friday!!! ha,ha,ha