Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Various & sundry information

Whew. Another busy week. Busy weeks lead to a backlog of laundry. Look what I found lounging in my growing pile of laundry to be folded.

Then when I finally tackled the folding, she mistook that for belly scratching time. Silly girl.

The most important thing I have to say today is that Texas Tech won. Uuh-huuhh...WHO'S YOUR DADDY??!? Oh sorry, I'm still all caught up in the emotion of that game. Yep, we won thereby removing Texas from the #1 spot in the nation. We are ranked #2...that is a first in school history! That game was over the top intense, with Tech scoring the wining touchdown in the last second of the game. Yes, LAST second. The most beautiful last second touchdown pass I have ever seen. Legendary. I had reflux it was so crazy.

We play OSU this weekend which I know will also be reflux inducing. Go Red Raiders! The alumni association emailed me asking for a donation for the stadium enlargement fund. They know to strike while school spirit is high. Only they are barking up the wrong tree with me. I figure they got enough tuition money out of my parents all those years ago! They have resorted to email since I don't answer their calls.

(You should know that I have a source who shall remain nameless (Jennifer Aniston) who sent me a text during the game saying her husband, who was at the game, texted her saying that Matthew McCaughnahottie was at the game! He is a UT fan, poor boy. He was accompanied by his baby mama and baby Levi the love child. Matthew was in little old Lubbock, TX! By the way Jen A. is no longer a figment of your imagination....she has a blog!!)

(I apologize for the world's longest run-on sentence in the paragraph above.)

AND speaking of football... ( I don't even LIKE football unless it is my college team OR my boy!)...blonde rascal's team is going to the Tiger Bowl! That is right folks they won their playoff game last week! They have a perfect record and now are championship bound. WOOO-hooo!#91 is where it's at, baby!!!

LOOK I actually made a quilt! I named myself quilty chick and NEVER have anything to show for it! But alas, a baby quilt for my sweet & nutty friend Kristen.We had a surprise shower for her under the guise of our usual "scrapbook night"...she had no idea!
Just look at her carrying in her scrapbook bag! We pulled off the surprise! That was a fun, fun night with the girls!

Anyway making that quilt is why I have not revealed my new sewing has been totally trashed during and since making that quilt!!!

I told you a few posts ago that I had 2 big events coming up, that if nothing else would be blog worthy. Well event #1 is that......

...I am going to be a mother-in-law!!! No, I did not say Grandma....I said M-I-L. Heaven help us all. The Marine, my 20 year old stepson, announced he would be getting married in Feb. I'll go ahead and just list the obvious reasons this is disturbing to hubs and I....
1. They have only dated since June, when he got out of boot camp. Other than constant texting & talking on the phone, they have only physically been together when he had like 36 hour leave over Labor Day weekend. She is a local girl, they have known each other sort of through their individual circle of friends. So length of dating...not long enough to really know each other.
2. Military life. Tough on newlyweds.
3. Military pay. Tough on newlyweds.
4. Life period. Tough on newlyweds...especially such young ones.

I know there a billion stories of how young love survived all that and more....but when it is your own kid you want them to avoid those struggles. We shared why we thought it would be wise to wait....but you know they don't listen. We also assured him we would support him no matter what and love her.

Oiy. I am only 37. Is that old enough to qualify as a m-i-l? I have to come up with a blog name for the d-i-l. I know....d-i-l!!!! For now, the "d-i-l to be".

The Marine will be home Saturday - Weds. as they get a short leave in honor of Veteran's Day. It will be great to have him home. I am sure we will get to see lots of the d-i-l to be as they will be inseparable no doubt. Which is good since we hardly know her. Oiy again.

I will be blogging full coverage wedding planning and events as they unfold. Oh dear.

We're still coming down off the sugar high at our house...


Tricia Anne said...

Your quilt is precious! How fun to have a surprise baby shower! What a great picture you took of momma to be! Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne

Lori E. said...

YOU are going to be a M.I.L., ha-ha-you will be the coolest M.I.L. in history. I guess you blew my whole witness protection program thing. Go Tigers, Go B.R.!!

kristen lewis said...

You are the most talented quilter that I have ever known, and you are a fabulous friend to surprise the socks off of me too! And, I too am laughing at the idea of you as a mil. Surely you will be better than mine! :)

Mary said...

Just for the record, I'm NOT going to be a MIL until my own children have spouses. I'm in "a bitter place" right now with the stepchildren, one reason I'm not blogging, I might just blow my top!! :)