Thursday, October 30, 2008

Operation: BOO

A friend of blonde rascal's from school "boo'd" us Monday night. You know...put a treat on the front porch, ring the door bell and run.

We decided in turn to boo 2 of our neighbors who have kids that blonde rascal plays with. Our country neighborhood has quite a bit of room between houses so we had to make a trek.

The first house they opened the door quickly after b.r. knocked. It was dark and the driveway is long, so we made it into the shadow of darkness in the nick of time. Our identity was concealed.

We ran with our flashlights to the next house all the while we were having fits of muffled giggles at our trickiness. This is our next door neighbor so we were traipsing through the pastures between our houses, crawling through fences, stepping in Lord only knows what, while the horses I am sure wondered just what in the tarnation we were doing.

B.R. ran up onto their porch dropped the goodie bag, pounded on the door and ran. We stood for a minute in the darkness and they never opened the door. So B.R. ran back up there and pounded again. They started turning lights on so we scurried off back through the fences & horse poop, giggling with our flashlights.

The next door neighbor called a few minutes after we got back home....

QC: "Hello"
neighbor: "Was that you?"
QC: "I have no idea what you are talking about"

The fun news was that we really spooked them! After the first knock they looked out the front door window and didn't see anyone, so the second knock freaked them out! Hehehe har har har! Neighbor said to watch out though, what goes around comes around. Can't wait!

I was just downright giddy during the whole silly adventure. It brought back so many good memories of toilet papering houses, back in the day, running around all secret like in the dark with lots of laughing going on! I had to explain to B.R. what toilet papering a house was.

I guess I let the cat our of the bag with that one. That is ok because I will be driving when it comes time for a big group of the boys to go toilet papering!

Here we are prepared for our clandestine maneuver!

Tomorrow afternoon B.R.'s class is having scary story day. They get to wear their p.j.'s, bring flashlights and then the mom's can come and read scary stories in the dark. Of course I will be there in MY jammies (legitimately in my jammies) and I have already perused Barnes and Noble picking out a cute scary story.

We made treats this afternoon to take tomorrow to school. I saw this on a blog somewhere...sorry I don't remember who and therefore cannot give appropriate credit!

We rolled ice cream cone tops in orange candy melt stuff and then sprinkled them with Halloween sprinkles. When they were dry, we filled them with m&m's and then put them in clear goodie bags.

Cute! Well, I'll be and easy!!!

Tomorrow night we are off to church for our Fall Fest! I volunteered to work a shift at the spiderweb booth, it will be tolerable though because I fully intend on being on a sugar high just like the kids.

AND my parents will be in town this weekend to watch blonde rascal's big playoff game on Sunday. Go Tigers!

My stomach is starting already to get knotted up over the upcoming Texas Tech v. University of Texas game Saturday. Go Tech!! Those dang Longhorns get on my nerves just like the Aggies do.

Whew. Busy times...I am tired just typing all this!


Lori E. said...

You are just super duper mom!! The "Boo" thing is a cute idea!! And the treats for school, good grief, I bet the teachers love you. You are just too busy!!!!!

Holly said...

I think the whole boo thing is so fun--but we've never done it. I always say next year.

Cute & festive cones!

Mary said...

You know, I have to agree about those Longhorns....and I'm married to a huge fan of them...he's driving me nuts with all his orange!!

Tricia Anne said...

How fun! Your post brought back so many memories, a few door bell ditch ones as well. I always felt guilty! :o)
It sounds like you and your son had a wonderful day at his school. Your treats look so yummy!
This year was our first to have a Trick or Trunk in our church parking lot. It was fun! :o) We do our Fall Festival next month!
Have a great evening!
Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne