Sunday, October 5, 2008

So last Thursday night...

...blonde rascal was out of the shower and goofing off preparing to brush his teeth. He comes out of the bathroom proudly announcing that he pulled out a tooth. This is all well and good, he puts it in his cute little tooth holder snuggled safely under his pillow.

Fast forward to hubs and I getting ready for bed. Luckily I remembered the tooth fairy gig and went to get my wallet. Nothing, empty...nada. Back in my day the tooth fairy left a quarter. Now, with inflation and all, the going rate is a buck or two.

I go to hubs and he gets his wallet....and the smallest bill he has is a $10.

We toss around a few possible scenarios: leaving an I.O.U. from the tooth fairy, writing a check, borrowing from blonde rascal's own (large) stash of cash, telling him in the morning that the tooth fairy is not real...

It was late, we were tired... so the tooth fairy left $10.

The economy is going to hell in a hand basket and we dish out $10 for a tooth. Doh.

Of course blonde rascal was delighted when he woke up. I made up some elaborate story that out of all your baby teeth, the tooth fairy randomly chooses one and leaves $10 but from there on out it is $1.

I have also stashed a dollar bill tooth fairy emergency fund in a drawer.


Autum said...

We left dollar bills too, but once Alyssa lost a tooth while staying over at my aunt's house and they left a five, resulting in lots of questions- not to mention expectations!

Martha said...


That happened to us once, too. While Zuddy and the Noodle were camping.

Since the tooth fairy is soooo magical and generous? The Noodle insists it's not outside the realm of reality to expect another $20 windfall for another one of her scuzzy little teeth. (Despite our warnings that it will NEVER. HAPPEN. AGAIN.)

I could never homeschool that child. She never listens to a thing I tell her.

Mary said...

That is so funny....Janae keeps thinking that $1 just isn't cutting it. I never got anything for my teeth, my parent's weren't into that, but I can't tell her that!

kristen lewis said...

That is hilarious! Maybe I should go pull a tooth and see what happens!