Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The good drugs

Hubs had rotator cuff surgery today. It had been causing him discomfort for quite some time, so he finally decided to bite the bullet and get it fixed.

The surgery took a little over 2 hours. The dr. said everything went fine but that he will be more than uncomfortable for a few days. Then he must keep this crazy sling contraption on for 6 weeks. Then he will be in therapy for who knows how long. The most disturbing part is that his hobbies.....roping and golf... must be suspended until, at the very least, Spring. Oh dear. He will have driven me crazy by then!!!

We got home around 6:00 tonight and I got him all fixed up in his recliner. The anesthesia of course will wear off slowly so that has kept him groggy. Plus I am being the good nurse and keeping his pain meds going. One for him...one for me...

Besides the pain meds he also got sleeping pills. Whoa. I questioned that, to make sure I don't kill him by overdose. The dr. said sleeping will be uncomfortable for him for a while so if he can't sleep have him take a sleeping pill. I clarified that this was in fact O.K. in conjunction with pain pills. Affirmative said the good doctor, whom I should add looked like Nick Lachey. That is always pleasant.

Rock on for a pain/sleeping pill cocktail. That will assure a soundly, and comfortably, sleeping patient!

Do you guys do this at your house? You know how you always get more pain pills in your prescription than you will take, do you then hoard them? We always keep the extras in a secure stash in the medicine cabinet. It is reassuring knowing they are there for any unexpected injuries or pains or calamities that Tylenol just won't cut.

Hubs has been in pretty bad pain for about the past 2 weeks leading up to this surgery, so I have been accusing him of depleting the stash.

Blogging this late at night is a total stretch for me. However the next round of pain pills is due at midnight so I decided it would be easier to stay awake, get hubs all situated for the night and then go to bed. If I am rambling it is all due to it being past my bedtime.

In the waiting room today I watched "Practical Magic" on my computer. This after many rave reviews from Amber the ever adorable Shabbee Chick. She watches it because the house in the movie is to die for ...and after watching I agree. That kitchen was the stuff dreams are made of. I paused the movie on a kitchen scene just to take it all in. Besides the fab-o house, the movie was pretty sweet too. What's not to love about Sandra Bullock? She is so dang cute.

Blonde rascal had a football game tonight, of course hubs and I did not get to attend but M-I-L kindly took him. They won! His team is undefeated! Woo-hoo! All of that excitement AND (I'll brag here) he brought home a stellar report card. I just adore that boy!

How much do I love the blog list thing that posts the time lapse since each persons last blog? That is immensely cool! I still have a few more sights to move over from my previous list, that was a pain the rear. Probably an easier way to do that than one by one, but computer savvy ways elude me most days. Anyway this new list now shaves off HOURS of my blog loafing. Which may or may not be a good thing. Right? Blog reading is, although agreeably a huge time drain, definitely enlightening and always entertaining!

I must go put on my nurse hat now!!


Amongst The Oaks said...

Oh you sound just like me and my husband in February. Rotator cuff surgery, lots of meds, recliner, wacky sling thing.
Thanks for the nice comment on my aunt. That old photo was taken in Stillwell, Oklahoma. Is that town still there?

Lori E. said...

Ok, B., I am thinking that I need to do a neighborly intervention and confiscate all of your meds....just for your own protection. I am going to have to watch that movie again and check out the kitchen. I am going to have to get a blog now, so that I can see if you really would read it. (lol)

Mary said...

You'll have to show me how to do the blog thing with other people's sites. I can't figure it out. That is cool!

Martha said...

Ha haaaa...."one for him, one for me"!

Hope your hubby is feeling okay (but I know he's probably not.)


I love the house in Practical Magic. Every time it's on TV I watch it. And Sandra Bullock? I love her. So girl-next-door.