Friday, October 17, 2008


No, not REAL housekeeping. Psshhheehh. Please, not on a Friday!

Blog housekeeping!

My girl Kristen tagged me with posting about the husband and his favorite things.

So here goes.

I saw on someones blog who got tagged with this (I think it was Stacee) and she started off by saying "besides the obvious"....I liked that. So,

Besides the obvious loves being God, ME, the boys, family and friends...

1. Team Roping.It is his passion, his favorite past time, his love, his joy... is also the reason why this former Houston girl is living amongst the dirt and cows and horses and poop and general upheaval. Otherwise known as primo blog fodder.

2. Golf...because team roping is not expensive enough.
3. Country music. Of all the horrible things to like, he had to choose this music. It makes my ears bleed.

4. Coffee. Straight up black. No flavors & nothing added.

5. He is a meat and potatoes man all the way. We have lots of meat.

6. The Andy Griffith Show. Sure it is cute...once in a while. But he watches the marathons on Nick at Nite. (I should mention he does not think The Office is funny. Blasphemous, I know. Flat out does not get it. It is where we agree to disagree)

7. Clothes, boots and sunglasses. He has twice the clothes I do. Honest. He has very particular taste, and sadly champagne taste on a beer budget.

8. He LOATHES being late. I mean drives him nutty. (Guess who thinks time is just a bunch of numbers? he he he)

9. Since we mentioned it in #7, he enjoys a good cold brew. That is where we see eye to eye!

10. Lastly, seeing how he just had shoulder surgery last week...

I tease him because we could not be more opposite, but all funnies aside he is a great person. Very hard hardworking & dedicated to his career, providing for his family. My most faithful friend and president of my fan club. I love that man!

Well, blogger is being a booger and not saving. I was going to post about an award I got (...who me?) but that will have to wait until blogger is better.

I missed book club last night because hub's getting home from work and blonde rascal's football practice did not coincide very well time wise. Boo hoo. (Jen A. did YOU go to book club?!?!)

But tonight...oh yeah baby it is scrapbook night with the ladies!!!! It is time to laugh hard, very hard and maybe scrapbook on the side. Better go print some pictures now.


Nanny Goats In Panties said...

Oh my gosh - your blog is just stunning! I LOVE the colors and background. And the dog in the banner? Too cute!

Thanks for swinging by my blog the other day and saying hello!

Mary said...

I love Andy Griffith, although not as much as I Love Lucy!

kristen lewis said...

Awww. And I thought you were ignoring me! It was so good to see you last night! You are good for my soul.

Lori E. said...

I am catching up on all your blog not appreciate the snarkey commit about book club....I would have to slit my wrists if my hubby liked Andy Griffith reruns. He does like Green Acres reruns...that is close to the same thing. Loved the good will finds, Go Tech, Go BR's team, Go scrapbooking!!!!

Stacee said...

I feel so privelaged you used my line. Too bad we never did pdo at the same time... oh and btw the name made"line" still makes me cry.