Monday, July 20, 2009

Weenie Races

If you don't find doggies endearing, then I suggest you move on to another blog right now.

I have realized in the month we have lived in our small town that you can't wait for the fun to come to you. No siree, you gotta make or find your own fun.

Blonde rascal and I saw advertised on TV, weenie dog races at a famous steakhouse on a ranch about an hour from here. It was a fund raiser for the SPCA.

Of course we went. No question there. Hubs and the marine opted to not go along with us, as blonde rascal, Missy and I headed off to the Perini Ranch Steakhouse in Buffalo Gap, TX. That's weird huh? Their loss.

Upon our arrival we found weenie dogs as far as the eye could see. There were booths and vendors and...weenie dogs.

Our little Missy was overstimulated by all the excitement and by far........the most booootiful weenie around.

We did find an exact replica of Missy...
This was not a prejudice, exclusively all weenie event. All breeds were welcome.

There was a fluff ball in a tu-tu...

This ridiculously charming hound....
A cute face with soulful eyes....

There are no words....
Amongst all the shortness was this magnificent, stately, LARGE Doberman....He was very well behaved but you could see he was dreaming of a "hot dog" for lunch!

Then there were the weenie races.This handsome young lad was getting registered to race. Put your game face on dude.

The actual races were ha-larious. Very few actually made it to the finish line. Too much distraction.

Here is a proud owner and her winner wiener....

We didn't enter Missy in the races, mainly because there were like 200 entries and they raced them 6 at a time. Whew. We only stayed for an hour or was Africa hot.

It was a fun change of pace for the afternoon and money was raised for a good cause.But, we were all glad to be leaving and heading back to the car....the air conditioned car.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Marine has landed

...or parked as the case may be. He drove from Camp Lejuene, NC and arrived yesterday evening. He is on leave for a week and we are thrilled to have him.

Blonde rascal has been taunting him on the phone all week, saying that the marine would not be able to throw blonde rascal into the pool. Blonde rascal had his swimsuit on, in anticipation, about 4 hours prior to the marine's arrival time!

The Marine threw blonde rascal, much to his delight, into the pool within 2 minutes of his arrival.

The Marine had just returned from a month of training in the Mojave, where most days it was 113 degrees, so he immediately put his swim trunks on. He said he had dreamed of pools while in the desert.

The wrestling began....
Then the cannon ball competition....
First up was blonde rascal, who while getting an A for effort and all around cuteness...his splash was minimal.

Meanwhile, the marine produced with height and form.

Resulting in some large waves.

Lastly, hubs who relied on ......ummmmm.... mass rather than form or height........also produced some serious wavage.

After 3 or 4 cannonballs a piece from those clowns and it was a veritable tsunami in the pool.

I was too busy photographing the event to participate. I would have been the perfect combination of mass, height and form. I would have out splashed them all. Uhhh-huhhh....just wait until tonight.

P.S....the best news. Our house in Lubbock SOLD yesterday!!!! Wooohoooo! BIG stress off of our shoulders! Thanks to all my family and friends who prayed! God answers prayers!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

It was only a matter of time.

Late last evening, hubs and I were sitting on the back porch enjoying the peaceful calm of the sunset.

When all of a sudden a blonde rascal streak ran out the back door, launched off the back porch, ran madly towards the pool and jumped wildly into the pool.

A naked blonde rascal. Big huge belly laughs coming from his little streaking self the whole time.

That's our boy.

(p.s. the pool which I have pretty much despised since we bought this house and removed the cover...I now adore. With its beautiful CLEAR, clean, crystal blue water!)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Am I weird?

That is a rhetorical question. There is no need for any of my friends in the peanut gallery to answer that. I know what your answer would be.

We live about....I dunno....5 miles from a prison. Does that worry me, you ask? No. There is 5 miles of wild and woolly country, winding roads and lots of other houses between us and the prison. Not to mention I have much more pertinent things to spend my time worrying over...owning two houses, scorpions, the money pit pool, wondering if I will ever get to turn on the TV and NOT see coverage of the Micheal Jackson media overkill.

Also, let's not forget that our house is protected by this........deceptively cute, yet vicious, spazzoid, rabid, freak show, little love muffin of a miniature Dachshund! She would go all German on an escaped convict.

Anywho, I like to take a shortcut which takes you right next to the prison property. The prison sits smackdab in the middle of a bunch of farm land. Guess what those punk prisoners get to do most mornings? Pick weeds, acres of weeds. Ha ha, hee hee, har more than one of them are regretting robbing the 7-11 whilst picking weeds in the mid morning heat with the sun relentlessly beating down on them.

What is really fascinating though, is the 6 or 7 guards on horseback which make a wide perimeter around the working prisoners. Just like the lawman in an old western movie, there is a big fat shotgun strapped to the saddle.

I drive by real slow, as I am totally intrigued by the whole situation. I will probably get a call from the prison inquiring as to why I am lingering around the prison.

Just once I want see an inmate make a run for it, and the horseback guard chase him. Do you think they would shoot out his kneecaps first or whack him with the barrel of the gun on the back of the head while galloping by.

There is no Target...or Goodwill....or Hob Lob...or quilt shop in this sweet little town, so you understand that I have to pass my time somehow. Good thing I am easily, easily entertained.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

A miracle

This is a pump.

This is 20,500 gallons of water being pumped into our pasture.

This is blonde rascal at the lake last summer.....

...oh wait.... that wasn't the lake, that is our pool....
We threw in the towel Friday evening and decided to drain it.

It was nasty. N-a-s-t-y.

Here it is Saturday morning.
We started to refill it that afternoon....
.....took some cool diving board pictures....

Blonde rascal played in the deep end, which was the shallow end, while filling...
It is currently the most gorgeous shade of blue.
We now let the 12 bags of mineral salt something or other that we dumped in today, which I won't tell you how much per bag THAT cost, circulate for 10 days. After that, all it "supposed to" take is one small bag of refresher once a week. Easy as pie.

We'll just see about that. That was its last chance though. If it ever turns to pea soup will be filled with dirt and turned into a lovely garden.

And after emptying 20,500 gallons of water into our pasture on Friday night.... Saturday and today we got a total of 2.5" of rain. I saw one of the horses doing the back stroke.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The rain in Snyder....

...falls mainly on the horse.

Sorry, just a lame shout out to "My Fair Lady" which ranks in the top ten of my favorite movies.

But seriously, it has rained about 3" in the past two days. That can only mean one thing....mud. Mud makes our country lifestyle so exciting.

Ahem, unless you are the maid in charge of laundry and bathroom cleaning...but I digress.

Blonde rascal can't stay out of the rain....It is like a gravitational pull or something.

And then, then when it gets really, r-e-a-l-l-y muddy he does this......
Notice the little bat looking creature running along beside the Gator? That is none other than our wonder weenie, Missy.

Yah, it was real fun until she got involved.
Heaven help me, like I don't have enough to do without any help from this master of disaster.

Missy loves chillin' with Josie. I have a pretty good idea though, Josie sees Missy as a turd with legs!

The good news/bad news summary...
Good news....this is the view from the porch of my quilty shack after the rain. Serene. If only I had time to organize the shack and actually sew in it. Soon....hopefully.

Bad news? I had to wrestle the beast to the ground and drag her to a bath...."Bath? I don't need no stinkin' bath!"