Monday, April 27, 2009

Useful information

Useless information would have been a great title for my blog since I am always spewing out random and ....well...useless information! But you are still here reading so you must be interested in my silliness.

You will remember that my friend "Ryan the pest control man" went to the "new" house weekend before last and.... well let's just say my carbon footprint got bigger because I paid him money to dump lots of chemical in and around the house. Good news (?) is that this past weekend when we were there I saw 2 dead scorpions! Dead is the operative word there. So the chemicals are indeed doing their job.

Now that I have my scorpion fear somewhat under control, it is time to move on to rattlesnakes. I have not seen a rattlesnake yet. Yet. I am not going down without a fight. I have been attacking every local I come in contact with, picking their brain for the best way to keep those sons of bucks away from the house.

You know what they say?....
So the first place I go to generously spread moth balls is this scary place....Uh-uh, it is the shed where the pool pump is. My mind envisions all manner of creepy crawlies in there. I'll be danged if I am going to walk in there to find a snake, have a heart attack and die on the spot before even being able to enjoy our pool.

So I liberally tossed about the moth balls in there. It looks like a hail storm came through the pump shack. It's all about my peace of mind people.

I then also tossed some under porches. Not enough mind you, but I plan on buying a box or two every time I go to the store. I know one thing, there won't be a moth within 600 miles of my house!

The other weapon against the war on snakes is cats. We have who knows how many barn cats here, and 3 of them just had babies. So we have the cat thing handled. I just have to figure out how to capture the little buggers AND move them to our new house 90 miles away. I don't know if the cats eat the snakes or if the cats eat the mice that the snakes are hunting. I don't really care as long as it works.

People have also said that just the movement of having animals around keeps the snakes away. So between horses, cats, dogs and moth balls I will have done all I can do.

This wild little badger running around is sure to scare the snakes off...

Oh wait....once they see that it Oscar Mayer product with legs, all bets are off.

Until they see it start running around like a wild rabid maniac.......they hopefully will turn the other way.

Missy's other purpose, besides scaring snakes off with her spastic ways, is to be a walking billboard of my paint color choices.Here she is sporting a lovely blob of "Cotton Balls" by Benjamin Moore, which incidentally is the color I chose for trim and doors. It looks great on her and you should see it on wood!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

My own Craigslist story

It is terribly frightening what happened to that girl who was killed via her Craigslist contact.
Even more scary that the killer appeared to be a normal, or what appeared normal to his family and friends, college student.

My Craigslist furniture adventures are always very dull. I would never meet someone in a hotel room, for crying out loud and usually when I go look at furniture the piece is in the open garage so I don't even have to go in the house. I have never even been frightened or even remotely uneasy. I also as a backup always call hubs and tell him the address of where I am.

I have been looking for a little club type chair, with ottoman preferably, for what is going to be my little nook in our "new" house. Remember, new my budget for a chair is like $50.

I found one on Craigslist last week for $55, without an ottoman, but still looked promising and I could always find an ottoman.

So I call the nice lady and set up a time to see it. I tell hubs my whereabouts, go to her house in a nice neighbor (in fact your neighborhood Lorie!), a nice house and am all set to see this chair that I can afford.

She comes out in front when I pull up and she doesn't look deranged or anything. She was older and her hair was way too long for her age and way too grey & stringy for the length..... but otherwise nice enough!

As we are walking towards her door into her house she says "I have an older cat, so you know, please forgive the litter box." Now I am a cat owner and terribly paranoid about the litter box and odors. If you take care of the litter box regularly then odor is not a problem. My biggest fear is a visitor walking in through the back door, in the litter box vicinity, immediately after the cat had pooped. In which case it would smell like poop.

So I was prepared to give her a little grace. I am a cat lover after all.

We walked in and the smell of cat pee TOOK MY BREATH AWAY! I kid you not, it was foul. I was mortified. I am assuming her entire house was the litter box. To top it all off the house was wall to wall clutter. The kitchen counters were piled high with clutter, the living room was a maze through all the clutter. In the middle of the living room was a 1970's variety orange and green burnt velvet couch and love seat lovingly ensconced in the fitted plastic cover...not just plastic thrown over it, but the fitted, squeaky version the likes of which I have not seen since the 70's.

The house made what my teenage son's room used to look like at its worst, look tame. And yet they were worried about preserving a 30 year old couch?

We made our way to the chair and it was perfect. Dang it, it was perfect. The perfect size and in good shape, meaning the frame was strong with no wobbling. I knew I would most likely be recovering any chair I found so the fabric didn't phase me.

There was NO way in heck I was buying it. I was breathing through my mouth at this point. She insisted I sit down on it. I was so grossed out, but not to be rude, so I precariously perched on the edge touching as little of the chair as I could with my body and said "oh yes, very comfortable" and then jumped up.

I was just dying inside because it was just right....except for the nasty horrid putrid house it was in!!! I was feeling claustrophobic both from the clutter and the thick stench. I felt like I could not breath.

While still breathing through my mouth, I politely thanked her, telling her unfortunately the chair was the wrong size.

I walked out and took a huge cleansing breath of fresh air...without my perfect chair.

Poor thing, she will never sell that chair while it is in that house.

However, I found the perfect chair and ottoman the next day on Craigslist. No pet odors and I bought it. It is in my new nook and is purrrfect. I will have to recover it, since it is an interesting lavender color. I think this fabric is going to be my #1 choice. Seriously, could you just die that is so cute? I took a picture of the chair in my nook...but then remember I left my camera at our "new" house 90 miles away. Ooopps.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

No pictures

I was at the "new" house this past weekend...again. Painting....still. The two bathrooms are what remains to be painted. I can see the light.

Anyway I took some pics this weekend and then left my camera there. Oops.

You will be glad to know that the pest control man came Friday and sprayed the snot out of the's all good. I saw no sign of any insects anywhere. We will probably all be growing third thumbs any day now.

I will admit that after all the people who told me about scorpions in their bed (shudder) that I performed a nightly before bed ritual that could probably go down in the history of anal tendencies. (Remember I was there by myself, no hubs to protect me from scorpions) It involved completely stripping off the bedding, while wearing leather work gloves, while armed with wasp spray. Followed by a thorough flash lighted search under the bed. BOTH nights that I was there. It was exhausting really.

Some of you emailed me and said when you left a comment, you got a reply message about about my firewall doesn't like you or something. Something. I am not smart enough to figure this out OR even care right now.....BUT it does still leave your comment so please keep commenting!!! I love my comments!!!! I love you!!!! It has abruptly stopped emailing me when you comment. That is where I think the flaw is. I checked on my settings in blogger and it is still checked to email me when I receive a comment, so obviously the problem is with my provider or email account or some such nonsense.

I have to tell you that you MUST read this. This brilliant and brave woman painted her countertops. And it looks amazing. We just spent blonde rascal's first semester of college tuition on our granite countertops. Wish I would have read this 3 months ago!

Our house has not shown yet. We know that there will be much fewer showings than a city house, since this we have to be a cowboy buyer... so no worries yet. The keeping clean thing is about to push me over the edge however. I decided yesterday to test the theory that if I left the house in disarray then naturally a realtor would call for a showing. Didn't work.

Something smells in the vicinity of the fridge, pantry or trash. I can't quite confirm a location. That is my immediate mission, so I must sign off for now.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter!!

He's alive.....and I'm forgiven!!

Hope you are all having a great Easter weekend so far.
As is par for the course here in Lubbock on is cold and rainy. I should mention it has not rained here in like 5 months. One Easter a few years ago it snowed. It is like the Lubbock Murphy's Law Easter Edition...instead of if you wash your car it will rain, if you buy your daughters sleeveless frilly dresses and new sandals for Easter Sunday, it will be rainy and cold!

However, I don't have a daughter so this does not affect me...and I personally don't wear frilly dresses and sandals so it is all good!

In anticipation of a huge crowd tomorrow morning our church had a service tonight, which they really encouraged people to attend in order to offset the crowd Sunday morning. So we went to church tonight. Tomorrow morning we will have a lazy Sunday morning noshing on chocolate bunnies and Peeps left for us by the big bunny man himself!

Blonde rascal after church tonight......have mercy. This is BEFORE a big basket full of sugar. I fear tomorrow!

Last night was scrapbook night with the girls, at my house. There was very little, scrapbooking going on but lots of chatting and laughing instead. Good times indeed.

We have planned a big scrapbook/pool party/girls weekend at our "new" house this summer. However, in light of the recent revelation that a scorpion could crash the party, has squashed some of the enthusiasm from my girls. Sheeeesh, city girls. I assured them though, that I had a long conversation with the pest control man who is scheduled to come next Friday when I will be at the "new" house, for what is hopefully my LAST painting marathon weekend. I told "Ryan", my new best friend pest control man, that he better come to the house fully loaded with every toxic chemical he has in his possession. It will be a war scorpion will be able to survive.

By the by, I appreciated NONE of your comments on my last post!!!! What in tar nation is wrong with you people? Everyone has a scorpion story to tell and as a result I may never ever never ever ever never never never ever sleep peacefully again. (Kristen, I know without a shadow of a doubt you have a doozy of a scorpion story in you somewhere, but I appreciate you restraining yourself.... and sharing a BAT one you girl!)

Have a Blessed Easter!!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Wild Kingdom

I am a city girl at the core of my being. When I moved to Lubbock 20 years ago from Houston, to go to college, I was a little taken back by the winds, hurricane force winds and blowing dirt. Dust storms that turn the sky an eerie brown/red. FLAT, open terrain. It all took some getting used to. Then after college I married hubs who has a passion for team roping which introduced me to horses and cattle and manure and boy stuff. We moved outside of town, hardly roughing it, but country living all the same. That started chipping away at the city girl in me.

Now we are moving 90 miles south to a little more rocky, a tiny, tiny bit hilly, pretty rugged area. Again our "new" house is outside of town.

I am afraid the city girl is about to be gone forever.

About 3 weekends ago when I was at the "new" house for a painting marathon, I was standing on the porch talking to hubs on the phone and a skunk ran out from under my car and directly below my feet, where I was standing on the edge of the porch. After I screamed at the top of my lungs into hub's ear, I was sort of amused by the skunk. He was very fat and cute. Luckily he was not at all alarmed by my shrill screaming. He happily waddled off. Thankfully bold Missy, who was also outside at the time, never saw him. I can guarantee she would have been all up in his bidness... and one very stinky pooch after that.

Always in the back of my mind is also the fact that our "new" house is in rattlesnake country. Watching your step and common sense will keep that risk at a minimum....AND there is a hospital in our little city Praise God. I try not to dwell on this new issue. I have not seen one... yet...but when I do, I just might lose my mind.

I do not like guns, mainly because I do not like loud noises. I will be purchasing some of those noise canceling headphones and hubs will be teaching me how to fire some weapon out of his arsenal. Mama will shoot a rattlesnake if necessary. I will be like Annie Oakley...with ear protection.

Our "new" house is surrounded by deer and wild turkeys. That is fun to see. They don't bite or smell (well, I bet they do smell but you know what I mean) or hurt you. AND if the economy completely tanks and we spiral into another great depression...Mama can hunt for dinner, while shooting rattlesnakes. It's all good.

Then this past weekend is about where it all ended for the city girl turned country bumpkin. I almost threw in the towel on country livin'. I was on another painting weekend. It was Sunday morning, hubs and blonde rascal were on their way to the "new" house. I was sweeping the baseboards, which I was about to paint. I moved a light fixture box from Lowe's (which hubs was coming to install) with my foot that was still in my slippers...and I notice something moving on the floor. At first glance I thought it was one of those ugly wolf spiders. But no, it was.....

A scorpion.

I should mention that the only "Scorpions" I like, would be the hair band from the 80's.

I screamed bloody murder "OHGODHELPME!" and beat that thing with the broom like a possessed woman! Then I grabbed a can of wasp spray and sprayed the living daylights out of it. The scorpion was very, very dead at that point.

It was all flattened out, from its beating, and was 2" long. I was traumatized. I decided right then we would have to move somewhere....somewhere with no critters. But where would that be? Every place has their own species of some disturbing critter or another.

This entire SW region of the country is scorpion territory, but I have never seen one. Certainly it could have come out of the Lowe's box. But, also our "new" house has been under some construction with open walls, etc... So it also stands to reason that a scorpion could have easily wandered in.

I will be calling pest control to come spray before I sleep there again on my next painting marathon weekend. AND I will put our house on the regular quarterly spraying schedule. No question about that.

Of course I took a picture. Not a zoom though, because I did not want to see it up close. Had I found it OUTside I think I could have looked at it up close. But there would have been nightmares had I studied it up close while in my house. Weird neurosis, I know.
It is right in the middle of the picture, amidst the pool of wasp spray. I know it is hard to see due to the construction dust covering the floor. By the way that is our new floor and I lurve it, dust and all.

(edited to add I cropped the picture so you can see the little beast. Y'all thought I was imagining it on my dirty floor! It is blurry from being cropped, and it rotated the picture for some reason...but it still gives me the heebie jeebies)

Lord have mercy. It is a good thing this "new" house has a pool, that is the only saving grace considering the conditions I will be enduring.

Well, the pool and this........"Brazilian Jewel" granite counter tops. It was installed last week and is so completely gorgeous. I didn't take a picture of the whole kitchen yet because they had not grouted (is that a word?) the back splash yet.

DO NOT leave a comment saying you had a scorpion in your bed, or shoe or whatever...because you will cease being my friend!! My fragile mental state cannot handle that info right now. Just lie and say that was probably the ONLY scorpion within 200 miles of our house...that is what silly hubs told me.

He better be thankful we have a pool, and granite that I adore.