Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter!!

He's alive.....and I'm forgiven!!

Hope you are all having a great Easter weekend so far.
As is par for the course here in Lubbock on is cold and rainy. I should mention it has not rained here in like 5 months. One Easter a few years ago it snowed. It is like the Lubbock Murphy's Law Easter Edition...instead of if you wash your car it will rain, if you buy your daughters sleeveless frilly dresses and new sandals for Easter Sunday, it will be rainy and cold!

However, I don't have a daughter so this does not affect me...and I personally don't wear frilly dresses and sandals so it is all good!

In anticipation of a huge crowd tomorrow morning our church had a service tonight, which they really encouraged people to attend in order to offset the crowd Sunday morning. So we went to church tonight. Tomorrow morning we will have a lazy Sunday morning noshing on chocolate bunnies and Peeps left for us by the big bunny man himself!

Blonde rascal after church tonight......have mercy. This is BEFORE a big basket full of sugar. I fear tomorrow!

Last night was scrapbook night with the girls, at my house. There was very little, scrapbooking going on but lots of chatting and laughing instead. Good times indeed.

We have planned a big scrapbook/pool party/girls weekend at our "new" house this summer. However, in light of the recent revelation that a scorpion could crash the party, has squashed some of the enthusiasm from my girls. Sheeeesh, city girls. I assured them though, that I had a long conversation with the pest control man who is scheduled to come next Friday when I will be at the "new" house, for what is hopefully my LAST painting marathon weekend. I told "Ryan", my new best friend pest control man, that he better come to the house fully loaded with every toxic chemical he has in his possession. It will be a war scorpion will be able to survive.

By the by, I appreciated NONE of your comments on my last post!!!! What in tar nation is wrong with you people? Everyone has a scorpion story to tell and as a result I may never ever never ever ever never never never ever sleep peacefully again. (Kristen, I know without a shadow of a doubt you have a doozy of a scorpion story in you somewhere, but I appreciate you restraining yourself.... and sharing a BAT one you girl!)

Have a Blessed Easter!!!


Sara said...

Can I fly to Texas to join in the scrapbook/pool party? I'm a country girl all the way!

Mary said...

I'm loving Saturday night....I sure could get used to that!! You guys just might have to come back to Lubbock for that! Had fun on Friday, needed some girl time. So when are we getting together next month??

Angie said...

I was diggin' the Sat. night service too except for the brief video testimony concerning sexual molestation and rape that my 6.5 year old got to hear...yeesh! I don't think we'd commit to the Sat. service if there's not going to be childcare for the elementary kids...there's just some things I'm not quite ready for my kids to hear yet.

I loved the egg coloring pics...especially the last one!

Lori E. said...

Glad you are blogging B.!!! I am leaving a bright and shiny comment on this entry, cause you aren't going to like my comment on the one before..............=>O. Loved your pictures! And thank you JESUS!!!!