Tuesday, April 21, 2009

No pictures

I was at the "new" house this past weekend...again. Painting....still. The two bathrooms are what remains to be painted. I can see the light.

Anyway I took some pics this weekend and then left my camera there. Oops.

You will be glad to know that the pest control man came Friday and sprayed the snot out of the house...attic...exterior....it's all good. I saw no sign of any insects anywhere. We will probably all be growing third thumbs any day now.

I will admit that after all the people who told me about scorpions in their bed (shudder) that I performed a nightly before bed ritual that could probably go down in the history of anal tendencies. (Remember I was there by myself, no hubs to protect me from scorpions) It involved completely stripping off the bedding, while wearing leather work gloves, while armed with wasp spray. Followed by a thorough flash lighted search under the bed. BOTH nights that I was there. It was exhausting really.

Some of you emailed me and said when you left a comment, you got a reply message about about my firewall doesn't like you or something. Something. I am not smart enough to figure this out OR even care right now.....BUT it does still leave your comment so please keep commenting!!! I love my comments!!!! I love you!!!! It has abruptly stopped emailing me when you comment. That is where I think the flaw is. I checked on my settings in blogger and it is still checked to email me when I receive a comment, so obviously the problem is with my provider or email account or some such nonsense.

I have to tell you that you MUST read this. This brilliant and brave woman painted her countertops. And it looks amazing. We just spent blonde rascal's first semester of college tuition on our granite countertops. Wish I would have read this 3 months ago!

Our house has not shown yet. We know that there will be much fewer showings than a city house, since this we have to be a cowboy buyer... so no worries yet. The keeping clean thing is about to push me over the edge however. I decided yesterday to test the theory that if I left the house in disarray then naturally a realtor would call for a showing. Didn't work.

Something smells in the vicinity of the fridge, pantry or trash. I can't quite confirm a location. That is my immediate mission, so I must sign off for now.

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Tricia Anne said...

Yea ... just a couple more rooms to paint! Great job! I know it has been so much work (augh) but you will be so glad you did it before moving in.
That is great that there have not been any more scorpion sightings around your home! Whew! I have never seen one (now watch, I will see one tomorrow!).
I hope that you have a nice evening and get some rest from all your labor of love in your new home to be!
Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne