Monday, April 27, 2009

Useful information

Useless information would have been a great title for my blog since I am always spewing out random and ....well...useless information! But you are still here reading so you must be interested in my silliness.

You will remember that my friend "Ryan the pest control man" went to the "new" house weekend before last and.... well let's just say my carbon footprint got bigger because I paid him money to dump lots of chemical in and around the house. Good news (?) is that this past weekend when we were there I saw 2 dead scorpions! Dead is the operative word there. So the chemicals are indeed doing their job.

Now that I have my scorpion fear somewhat under control, it is time to move on to rattlesnakes. I have not seen a rattlesnake yet. Yet. I am not going down without a fight. I have been attacking every local I come in contact with, picking their brain for the best way to keep those sons of bucks away from the house.

You know what they say?....
So the first place I go to generously spread moth balls is this scary place....Uh-uh, it is the shed where the pool pump is. My mind envisions all manner of creepy crawlies in there. I'll be danged if I am going to walk in there to find a snake, have a heart attack and die on the spot before even being able to enjoy our pool.

So I liberally tossed about the moth balls in there. It looks like a hail storm came through the pump shack. It's all about my peace of mind people.

I then also tossed some under porches. Not enough mind you, but I plan on buying a box or two every time I go to the store. I know one thing, there won't be a moth within 600 miles of my house!

The other weapon against the war on snakes is cats. We have who knows how many barn cats here, and 3 of them just had babies. So we have the cat thing handled. I just have to figure out how to capture the little buggers AND move them to our new house 90 miles away. I don't know if the cats eat the snakes or if the cats eat the mice that the snakes are hunting. I don't really care as long as it works.

People have also said that just the movement of having animals around keeps the snakes away. So between horses, cats, dogs and moth balls I will have done all I can do.

This wild little badger running around is sure to scare the snakes off...

Oh wait....once they see that it Oscar Mayer product with legs, all bets are off.

Until they see it start running around like a wild rabid maniac.......they hopefully will turn the other way.

Missy's other purpose, besides scaring snakes off with her spastic ways, is to be a walking billboard of my paint color choices.Here she is sporting a lovely blob of "Cotton Balls" by Benjamin Moore, which incidentally is the color I chose for trim and doors. It looks great on her and you should see it on wood!


Handmade Housewife... said...

Ok, so now I guess I have to go get a big box of moth balls. We just had our first rattle snake sighting last week :) No scorpions yet, though. We haven't had one of those for a couple of years. Good luck!


Mary said...

Ugh, I'm creeped out that there were 2 more dead scorpions! That means that the dead ones were alive when you were sleeping in there. Sorry, I just couldn't resist, I hope I'm still your friend....

Mary said...

I should have made that last post anonymous...what is wrong with me???

Tricia Anne said...

I will vouch for the moth balls! When we moved to Florida, we saw our neighbor spreading them all over her back yard (we did not have a fence) and when we asked her about them, she told us it was to ward off snakes. Guess who thought the lady was crazy ... yep ... us! Guess who had snakes in their yard ... yep ... us! Guess who didn't ... yep ... her! Guess who bought stock in moth balls after that ... yep ... us! :o)
Your pup is too cute! One of our chickens had a splash of white paint on her for the longest time. It was good too because she was the mean one and we could tell who she was right off!
Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne

Lori E. said...

Hey Q.C., bring your dang camera back from the ranch after you are there this weekend!!!! We want to see pictures!!!!! I just have to give Mary props for giving you a hard time.......I do believe you may have rubbed off on her a little. Lord help us all!!!

Angie said...

Woo!! Three cheers for Brooke! Now we're all set for a scorpion-free, snake-free, moth-free scrapbook night!

Um, did I just invite myself to your house?

Yes. Yes I did.

southern queen bee said... won't have a carbon footprint if one of those get you...Snakes really scare me. I am not sure just asking are moth balls safe to be around with your dog?