Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A better method

...or more self discipline to organize the photos I download from my camera as I download them, either way I have to do something. That is why I have not posted many "new" house pictures cuz I am tired and lazy and don't want to hunt through them all!!

I started out using iPhoto cuz it is easy (duh) and then when I got my Canon precious love, then I decided to use the Canon software....which goes without saying is much harder (duh) than a foolproof Mac product. I had grandiose ideas of mastering the editing capabilities of the Canon software thereby becoming a stellar picture taker/photo editor. I have thrown in the towel and gone back to iPhoto, so from here on out it is smooth sailing in the picture organizing dept.

On that note, the note of how I am a Mac girl until the day I die, we had the satellite hooked up last week at the "new" house for the Internet. The nice installer man said that we would have to call him when we brought our laptops to the house cuz he'd have to walk us through the blahblahblah of getting our computers set for the blahblahblah and the wireless router blahblahblah. (I am a computer moron which is exactly why I have a Mac) Anyway I thought yah we'll see about that. I took my Mac baby to the house, turned it on and was connected to the Internet all by its little self like magic. Or should I say like Mac.

Next time you are in the market for a computer, do yourself a favor and RUN from those PC's. Trust me.

Why, besides the fact that I adore Mac, am I babbling about this? Because I am tired and I keep using "cuz" and blogging at night is a bad idea for me because I turn into a pumpkin at about 8:30pm. Just ask my pesky brother-in-law Mark. He thinks I am a complete dork, for many reasons no doubt, but mainly because I go to bed early. He can go for days w/o sleeping. I think he is a robot.

There I go babbling again.

We were at the "new" house again last weekend and I am proud to say I am DONE painting walls. Praise God from whom all blessings flow. I will never paint again. I hope we like Tobacco Road for the rest of our lives. All that remains is baseboards in the master bathroom and touch ups.

That does not include spray painting various and sundry re-purposing ventures. Bring that on baby!

On an equally exciting note, there was nary a sign of a scorpion, dead or alive, this weekend. Amen.

I'll shut up now and show you 2 before and "almost" after pictures....

Here is the before , which was taken right before we closed.

And the almost after....
Hard to tell a whole lot because it is a total in the midst of remodeling pig sty. Now that the painting ordeal is winding down I will have time to organize and primp. Anyway, the big difference being the floor, counter tops and back splash. Well...that and the light fixture and sink/faucet and after all was said and done we decided that white appliances were not cutting it with the new updated look. So, stainless are being delivered Friday. Oy.

Next we have looking at part of the living room, dining room, kitchen...Notice the stark white walls, tile in dining room/ wood in living and the doorway next to the kitchen cabinets. That doorway went directly into the master.

And almost after....New laminate floor that I am hoping after I mop it 10 or 12 times all of the construction/moving dust will come up! Crown molding added, yes I painted that, and the lovely Tobacco Road on the walls. Nice. Notice where the ladder is, there is no longer a doorway. We moved the entrance to the back hallway in order to have a true isolated master.
Yep, that is the back of the old oven sitting in the dining room. And that is our new sectional that is totally "family movie night/napping/curling up with a good book/conversing" worthy and I can't WAIT to park my big butt on it for a few hours sometime soon!

OK that is all for now. I. Must. Sleep.


Angie said...

we loooooooove our Macs (we have 2)....they're so UNtemperamental (unlike me). We still have PCs in the house too though. It's possible that we are geeks.

Amy said...'s really coming together very nicely!

I love the tobacco road paint!

Maybe I should consider that for our stark/contractor white walls? Hmmm????

Mary said...

It's looking bee-utiful! I want to see it again in person, soon!!