Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I love fellow bloggers... and good customer service

A few months back I stumbled across "Cynthia's Cottage Design" blog. It is delightful....her house is soooo very charming. It is like a cute one of a kind store, I would love to leisurely walk around in it, admiring everything!

I think I read through all of her posts in one day...I am sure that was AFTER I had cleaned the house top to bottom, had dinner all prepared, bathed the dog, watered the steers...I would never sit idly on the computer vegging out. Har.

I came to this post and coveted the Susan Branch print about the small house. Our "new" house is small, I am a Susan Branch fan, it caters to the warm whimsical feel I want....so I had to have it.

(By the way, I dare you to read that post and NOT want a dutch door! I would die for one of those. Hubs would think it is impractical. I say practical schmactical.)

I emailed Cynthia and asked if she remembered where she got it. In the meantime I did my usual search...E-bay, google, SB's website and turned up nothing. Cynthia kindly emailed back saying she got it at a Hallmark store, not very recently unfortunately, and gave me the name of the company named on the back of the print. I googled the company and they were out of business.

I figured it was a long shot but I emailed Susan Branch's customer service dept. explaining what I was looking for. I got an email back THAT day that said the print was no longer in production but that they would look for it in the warehouse. I thought that was an impressive turn around time for a response, but figured I would never hear from them again.

Much to my delight they emailed the next day saying they found it and for me to call them. I called, paid, praised them for their stellar customer service and 3 days later I got the print. Kudos to the employees of Susan Branch!

This weekend while I was spray painting anything that stood still, I rummaged around in my box of picture frames, found a gold one that I did not like...and the rest is history!

(Go ahead, click on the picture to see it close up. That farmhouse kitchen is sugary sweet adorable, no?)

Thanks Cynthia! Thanks Susan Branch! Call me Susan... let's do lunch! ; )


Mary said...

I am just amazed at your creativity. Great job, and way to go with tracking down your picture while you are so busy doing whatever it is you do!! :)

kristen lewis said...

Your craftiness intimidates me.

Rachelle said...

i was searching 'window mistreatments' when i found your blog...I actually know where Snyder is and have a cousin and her fam that live there; plus the hs football coaches' wife is from where I live-House, NM. I love your style and look forward to revisiting...I am design-challenged always on the lookout for design ideas for my house!

Lori E. said...

Your house is going to be adorable......I really need to get a life and be creative instead of watching The Real Housewives of New Jersey?!?!

Rachelle said...

thanks for coming by my bloggette (i made that up since i am so bad at blogging regularly). No, an hour and a half drive is not a big deal...I would know! House is 150-ish miles east of Lubbock; north and west of Clovis on the(dry) high plains.My husband grew up here. So we aren't on any big adventures,like you moving. Well, except for being insane enough to build a house and do a lot of it ourselves...somebody should kick me...wait, i already kicked myself.

Meredith said...

OOH I love that print too!! And kudos on your wild and wonderful lamp re-dos!!

Anonymous said...

Didn't Mr. Ed have a dutch door that he used to stick his head through into the kitchen? You might sell it to hubs that way. He could have his horses closer...