Saturday, May 16, 2009

Bye-bye plain mirrors

The hall bathroom in the "new" house is a great size but it needed a little refreshing you might say. It has mainly been cosmetic updates, which I will show sooner or later. The one thing that I knew had to happen was this. Rhoda at Southern Hospitality is brilliant.

I followed her instructions and just like she said, it was easy peasy.

Here is the before...still in the midst of a renovation mess, just overlook it please!

And after framing the ginormous mirrors....It is shocking to me the difference it made, I keep walking in there looking at it.

The mirrors are really big so it would have been expensive to replace them not to mention a pain to get them down. I needed 5 eight ft. pieces of that fake wood molding stuff. I think they were $8 a piece. So for $40 I got a totally updated look!


Stacey said...

That looks so wonderful! What an easy way to make an amazing difference. I'm thinking of a mirror I want to do. Thanks! :) Love it!

Staci said...

They look great! You are officially my remodeling hero. I was going to call you last week when half the new paint (molding) came off with the tape, but I couldn't see my phone through the tears.

Anonymous said...

I can't afford to reframe my mirrors. I mean, I could if I didn't have to sell my old furniture to pay for my husband's prostate transplant.

PS - I still can't believe you made fun of my house.

Brooke said...

Hey pesky brother-in-law Mark....I am on to you and your silly comments!! I know sweet sister-in-law Sherri would never live in squalor, so you can't be the crazy cat lady. But does Sherri know you have a husband with prostate trouble? Har har, you a funny funny boy!

Handmade Housewife... said...

They look amazing! Oh how I wish hubbs would just bite the bullet and let me do this. I'm showing him yours. Great job!!


Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

I'm so glad you tried this too. I know many of you have done it successfully. I had a few people email me about using the glue gun & I told them to just get some Liquid Nails in a tube if the glue gun wasn't working. THAT will def. stick it up there! Your mirror looks great. :)

Tricia Anne said...

Hi Brooke,
Your mirror looks fantastic! I am aching to get my mirrors dressed up! :o)
Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne

Mary said...

Think I need to try looks awesome!