Monday, May 18, 2009

I'm a lamp tramp

I can't help it. I guess it is all the little nooks and spots in our new house that just are screaming for some warm lamp light. I have been buying up inexpensive lamps any chance I get. And then there is painting and re-shading the lamps I already have.

There was a rubbed oil bronze blah blah blah lamp at the WalMartz that I really wanted, but even it was $49! I know in the grand scheme of snobbish decorating finery, $49 is dirt cheap for a (cheap) lamp...but in the world of a family whose main bread winner is now self employed, $49 is a lot for a WalMartz lamp!

This weekend at the "new" house, now that all the walls are painted (praise God) I went out to the barn and rummaged around in the boxes of junk we had already moved and cracked open some spray paint.

Remember this piece of work that I showed you guys a few months ago????You all agreed that it was ugly....and I have no argument there, it IS ugly. It was on clearance at Stein Mart because it was ugly. They then marked it down even lower because some of the adornment on the swirly arm had broken off. Then I had a coupon on top of that. So basically Stein Mart paid ME to take this ugly lamp.

I surgically removed the gaudy thingy on the bottom and glued a little somethin' somethin' over the broken swirly arms and then blasted the whole darn thing with cream spray paint.

Now it sits on the corner of the bar in the kitchen just where I have imagined it would.......holding a cookbook.

Or just a good book....
(I love the background clutter in this picture. It summarizes our weekend warrior house renovating so well. There is a tube of caulk....I now hate caulk and have terrible nightmares about it. A thing of disinfecting hand wipes that I am going to put in one of the barns that has a toilet...but no sink. That drives the germ-a-phobe in me crazy. Glass cleaner. And finally a supply of 6,000 BBs for a certain 9 year old boy.)

And lastly my favorite.......the sweet, sweet plate that blonde rascal made me for Mother's Day.

I picked up this...ahem...."gem" at the Goodwill store a few months ago...Cheesy? Yes, without a doubt. The shade did not even originally go with lamp, but it was still in the wrapper... and they had paired them together for $3. How could I say no?

Again with the creme spray paint. (I use the WalMartz brand spray paint....99 cents a can people, whadda ya have to lose?) Blonde rascal said that momma bunny's eyes looked angry, can you blame her... she's carrying those dang babies around in a basket for cryin' out loud. So I painted over those angry eyes really well.

I ripped the pastel plaid trim off the shade and replaced it with brown polka dot ribbon.....Exactly the touch I was looking for in the hall bathroom. For $3.99....that's what I'm talking about!


Handmade Housewife... said...

Love, love! I have a slight lamp fettish too :) I just scored a pair of fluted oil rubbed bronze buffet lamps from my WalMart for $5 each, originally $16 (which they still are on .com). They'll eventually get a coat of paint. Loving the bunny!


Tricia Anne said... have a real good eye!! I love lamps too but get all hung up on what they look like, never really seeing the diamond in the rough! I even bought a lampshade recently to try and recover like yours! :O)
You will not believe in a million years what my husband found! A baby rattle snake! I have never seen them ... ever! I read your blog (no worries - I am in MS) about scorpions and snakes, then low and behold, I've got my own. The scary thing ... it is a baby! Meaning more to follow. Yuck with a capital Y!! :o)
Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne

Angie said...

Holy gee whiz do you do that?! Let's just say that I am WAY impressed! I'm was looking at that first pic of the not-so-lovely SteinMart lamp and thinking, "There's no way. Nope." But I LOVE LOVE LOVE the cookbook makeover. Way to go!

Mary said...

Well, well, well. I AM impressed. Way to go, girl!

Adrienne said...

These are fabulous. I love things made by my children, so that lamp couldn't be more perfect for the plate. The bunny lamp is more my style... painted of course! Kudos!!!

Autum said...

Amazing makeovers! I love the cookbook/supercutemother'sday plate lamp. I had to smile about the bunny's angry eyes. I have a fairly large white ceramic rabbit I move from spot to spot in my kitchen and the rest of the family calls him the evil rabbit, because they say he has evil eyes. He's white, shiny white ceramic. Then in TJ Max last week I kept looking at different rabbits. Garden rabbits and such. Mitch asked me what was the deal with me and evil rabbits, you keep looking at mean eyed rabbits. Who knew?
I use that same glass cleaner to clean my hardwood floors. I've tried everything, even purchased some pricey hardwood floor cleaner online and everything seems to streak or give them a cloudy haze. Now I just vacuum and go over them with aerosol glass cleaner and one of those flat dusting mops.
Wow! Sorry for the long comment, must be feeling chatting this morning : )

Autum said...

Chatty, not chatting. Proof read Autum, proof read!

Amy said...

Great stuff! You are just too handy to have around!
You should come dig through my stash of junk -maybe you could find ME some inspiration for redecorating! LOL

Lori E. said...

How cute are those lamps?? Maybe you should go into business selling lamps you have created. Jeez oh Pete.......I am impressed yet again.

Kim @ Manning Family Tree said...

How come I can never see the potential in something ugly? You have definitely turned both ugly duckling lamps into swans. Bravo!!!