Monday, October 13, 2008

What I have learned from hours of mindless blog browsing

I have been inspired by all the blogs from girls who have beautiful homes....beautiful not because of size or style but because they have put love and creativity into it. I don't mean going to an expensive fancy store and buying the latest trends, no these women shop frugally and use their imaginations. Their homes are in turn so welcoming and full of charm.

The Craigslist bug bit me and I am a faithful junkie now. But I am determined to branch out to garage/estate sales....and the thrift stores. I was by the Goodwill Store a few weeks ago and stopped in. I do not want a house full of other peoples crap but have been amazed by enough blogs to have an idea of the diamonds in the rough that could be re-purposed. Then there are just good deals in general...on ONLY useful items. No clutter!

So here was my haul...for a grand total of $20:

A Santa platter. Glass with no chips or cracks. Never enough Christmas! This would make a cute gift...homemade cookies, cellophane, ribbon and I'm done for just a few bucks total.

A ginormous bag of tealights. I love tealights because there is no mess like a votive. $1.99 for that bag. Then of course a cute Christmas candle...still in the wrapper.

Pink fabric box with lid. This is for the pink sewing room makeover that I have been teasing you about for months. The makeover is mostly complete just still kind of a disaster in there...I need to put the fine touches on my organization. Hence the box.

How about a mini chiminnea? (I have NO idea how to spell that. Chim-en-a-ah) Perfect for our patio table with a citronella candle inside to keep away the rodent sized mosquitoes!

These are my favorite. They will need a little work...can you see the pots painted? For Christmas...maybe red with white polka dots? The tree part spruced up with ribbon...tiny ornaments...who knows, but it will be fun! They could make a great holiday table centerpiece. For 99 cents a piece, from Target could I go wrong?

That's all for today. Making my house a home on a minimal, borderline non-existent, budget!!!

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Mary said...

Aren't you just a creative gal?