Saturday, October 18, 2008

Woo hoo!

I got an award!!! Plumtickled Judi thinks I am cool! I feel like I am popular now...maybe she'll let me sit by her in the cafeteria!

Plumtickled is one of the first blogs I came across when I first discovered the joy of blog surfing and I have been hooked ever since. Not only does Judi have some mad sewing skilz but she is also a funny, funny gal!

At the risk of sounding totally sadistic, this post is one of her most memorable ones! As a new quilter myself, who had heard the warnings about the rotary cutters...Judi made a firm believer out of me!

Now I am supposed to pass this award on...I pick you ALL to win!!

Woo hoo #2 for the weekend is that my alma mater, my home town team, Texas Tech beat Texas A&M! Happy, happy, happy! Blasted Aggies get on my nerves.
Get those guns up!

AND speaking of woo-hoos & wins...blonde rascal's team, as of today is 5 - 0. That's right undefeated!That's blonde rascal, the little blue running boy. Fixin' to clean #15's clock!!

Not much else went on this weekend. BR and I washed my car. The car wash has been known to turn away cars that could potentially clog their drains with mud! So we did it ourselves and did a dandy job.

We ordered pizza Saturday night. That will make getting up to run in the morning an easy decision.

Friday night was scrapbook night and it was totally therapeutic as usual. The end result being tired from so much laughter but completely refreshed. I just lurve my girls!

Now it getting dangerously close to Monday. This Saturday is the Fall Festival at BR's school so this week will include putting the finishing touches on the baskets our class put together for the auction, baking for the cake walk, helping set up and working a booth. Better go get some sleep!


Mary said...

You are cool, Quilty Chick! And you have a cute boy! Ah, yes, we have the October fest on Friday, and being the room mother for Janae, I'm a bit worried about how much I'm going to be elected to do. Hopefully, I'll be able to spend sometime helping Hunter's class and just wandering around with the kids.

Lori E. said...

You have fun at that fall festival, I have had my share of those....they are extremely hot and claustrophobic..I mean so much fun!!! Take pictures and post your cake walk goodies. Cake walks do rock!!!

Martha said...

Oh, Broooooooke!

I've tagged you to reveal 7 things about yourself on my blog. Please comply :)