Sunday, December 21, 2008

Happy things!

To offset me being a big whiny baby about being worn out yesterday, I thought I should post about some happy things today.

Right now I am happy for....

1. The fact that I am sending out New Year's cards instead of Christmas! Woo Hoo! I mean really, what else is there to do in January? (If you are wondering where your card is, there is your answer!)

2. Hot chocolate with a shot of Starbucks liqueur and a quick squirt whipped cream! What holiday stress? It brings great joy late in the evening when I have slowed down and am snuggled in my chair.

3. Head colds. Why would you say that Quilty Chick? Well I'll tell you. Blonde rascal has been showing signs of a cold and at about 6:30 this morning I heard him crying softly. I went into his room and he was distressed because his nose was so completely blocked he couldn't even blow it. I gave him some medicine and all he could do was just whimper. In the warm darkness of his room with the soft glow of his closet light being the only light (wards off monsters you know) he laid snuggled under blankets, and I tried to comfort him by patting his back and running my hand over his silky blond hair. At that moment my heart swelled up at the sight of his sweet sleepy face and I thought thank goodness for simple colds. He will be back to normal in a day or two and the cold will be a distant memory. Unlike some parents this Christmas who are trying to soothe their child who has a serious or terminal illness and at the same time soothe their own aching hearts.

4. Candy Cane Hershey Kisses. You. Have. No. Idea. Get a bag and you will consume half of it before you know what hit you.

5. Uggs. Hubs got me a pair of Uggs, that I unmercifully hinted about, for my birthday. I know they were really hot among the trendy beautiful people like 12 years ago, but I thought they were UGGly then. As is par for my fashion sense, I am catching the way tail end of the fad...but oh well. I am pretty sure I have worn them EVERY day since Dec. 8th and they are like wearing your freakin' slippers all day. I couldn't be happier about that. They claim to be all-season with the sheep fur fleece whatever adjusting to every temperature. I may very well wear them year round...forever.

6. A good mystery. I love to read mysteries, but I also enjoy the heck out of real life mysteries. Hubs was homicide detective for the final 4 of his 19 years as a police officer. I loved to hear how the crazy and bizarre crimes unfolded.

(A few hours have passed since I started this post, I stopped midway. Since blonde rascal was under the weather we did not go to church but I felt compelled to take the nutfreebutpotentiallycrosscontaminated cupcakes(from previous post) for the Sunday school party. Dadgum.)

(During this delivery trip I squeezed in 2 errands and picked up carry out from Pei Wei for lunch. That is definitely #7 on the happy list. Pei Wei. Dadgum.)

(Don't be confused I am still on #6.... lovin' me some mysteries.)

I must first preface this story by reminding you that we live in the country surrounded by miles of dirt roads. About 3 weeks a dead cow, or steer or whatever, appeared on the side of the road. Who knows how or why it got there? Anywhoo, every morning on the way to school we drive by it and out of natural curiosity look to check on the state of decomposition, which has disappointingly be pretty dull. It has... ummm... remained mostly intact.

Fast forward to this morning when I turned the other way on the dirt road (not going to pass the cow) and in about 1/2 a mile I came to a large rack-o-ribs in the road! Bones, with the meat pretty much picked clean. I will assume it is from the dead cow up the road, but these ribs were a mile from the carcass. The mystery is just what on earth drug a rack of cow ribs a mile down the road? My good friend Lori E. a.k.a. Jen A. is a wealth of.... ummm.... trivial information, well she informed me once that coyotes are fresh meat it wouldn't have been coyotes. What does that leave? Could a buzzard carry a rack-o-ribs that far? Who knows? There is a scary rib dragging beast on the loose!

Oh, and yes.

The answer is yes.

Yes I did stop the car and take a picture with my phone.
Oh, and you're welcome. I was afraid to get closer for a more detailed picture because my gag relflex was starting to get a little touchy.


Mary said...


Tricia Anne said...

That is a super idea about the photos going out for New Years rather than Christmas! I am doing the same thing this year. :o)
I am like you, those days where you can snuggle and care for your child, when they are sick are precious. I don't want them to feel bad, but there are just real special times we have when they are.
I laughed at your picture of your dead somethin' or other! I found the remains of a foxes head in my yard...not sure how it got there. It even had a wisp of fur and a tooth left. Eek! Lovin' the country life huh?? :o) If my dog did not take it off to play with it, I too could have had a picture!!
Have a super day!!
Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne

Anonymous said...

B. my son took a picture also on his phone. We inspected the feet and it is a deer leavings. With a rope tied around it.....did you notice that?? Yes, disturbing to be sure. I hope it was not one of the "Jesus is coming" deers. Inside joke with Quilty Chick......
Jen. A.

Anonymous said...

BTW>>>>I hope B.R. is in full recovery running all over the place now. I am SOOOO far behind on my reading of blogs!!!!!!
Jen A. Again

Stacee said...

Love the new years card idea! I am thinking that is what Lori B. needs to do too, since I just got her Christmas card yesterday! (ha ha)