Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Holy Toledo!

How did that saying come about? Why Toledo?

Anyway, last week was a blur. Just like all of y'all are experiencing too, it was fast and furious. Every day held 3 or 4 obligations and in between those, errands/shopping were crammed in.

It didn't stop over the weekend either. Saturday a local hot rod car restorer/builder guy was having an open house at his new shop. Being that blonde rascal is a lover of all things car, we thought it would be fun to check it out.

Dear Santa, I have been a fairly good girl this year and would really like this...

After that B.R. had a birthday party to go to. After which we went out to eat. Then on to the Ranching Heritage Center where they do a candlelight walking tour of Christmas time in the 1800's.That was fun to see how simple life was back then. Simple...but they sure did work harder than we do.

Blonde rascal was pretty sure he did not ever want to attend school at a
one room school house!

I on the other hand was pretty sure that I did not want to give up my electric, computerized, high tech Pfaff sewing machine!

On to Sunday. Church, followed by the annual cookie exchange at my very hospitable friend Lorie's house. She does this every year and it is lots of fun! However due to my schedule I did NOT make cookies to exchange....I just couldn't fit it in. But I did go to the party for the festivities!

I did steal a few cookies to snack on. My friend sweet Mary makes the worlds best chocolate chip cookies. Seriously, she could go into business. The irony of it all is that Mary weighs 90lbs soaking wet. How do you make cookies that good and be tiny?? It is just not right. She has a metabolism like no other. I had to stand next to her in the cookie party photo. Not fair, compared to her I look like some kind of hearty Helga German woman or something. Mary...EAT more of your cookies!!!!

Stacee, I had her adorable daughter in the baby room when I worked at Parent's Day Out, made some terrifically tasty coco puff peanut butter numbers. Oh Lord have mercy....yum!
Go visit her blog. She is every bit as adorable as her daughter(who is no longer a baby!) AND she is a funny funny girl!!!

So I left the cookie party with a full tummy in time to race home and then be on our way to a concert that my sweet sister-in-law Sherri was in town, from TN, to perform in. The concert was fabulous, but the best part was getting to see Sherri if only for a few minutes.

It was at this point however that I guess my body gave out and decided to force me to slow down. I had a headache all day and then about halfway through the concert my throat started aching, all of a sudden. By the time we were driving home my head was splitting and my throat was in horrible shape.

I slept terribly Sunday night and immediately went to a clinic in the morning. 102 fever and strep throat...rewarded me with a full day of sleeping yesterday! In all my 38 years I have never had strep...and I hope I never do again. Antibiotics and Tylenol have me feeling like I will live today!

This week is much slower thank goodness. Monday was my day to stay home, which I obviously did, but my plan was to quilt blonde rascal's quilt. That did not happen, since I was in a coma in bed shivering with fever, but today will be the day. Tuesday is my day to help at school, but I emailed and explained that my germs would not be welcome at school.

Thurs. is blonde rascal's Christmas Party at school and that night we are going out to eat with hub's boss. Friday school gets out at 1:15 for the holidays....YEEE HAW!!! Saturday morning there is a Christmas breakfast for the kids at church and that evening is hub's office party. And THAT is it!!! We will be done with craziness and on to enjoying family and the holiday fun.

Now I have a quick public service announcement... In the midst of my crazy week I had the good ol' yearly exam. Dr. announced that since I am 2 short years away from 40 and because my grandmother had breast cancer that it would be wise to start my yearly mammograms. WHAT? So Friday I had a mammogram. I was a tad nervous...envisioning vise grips, a huge scary machine, steam powered metal monster. Ouch.

Piece of cake. The machine was far from scary. Lots of Plexiglas, instead of crushing metal slabs that my mind had envisioned. Nothing about it hurt. Sure, you know your boobs are being smashed, but it never even for a minute hurt.

So ladies don't be afraid of the boob squeeze and certainly don't let your unfounded fear keep you from having a mammogram. Can I get an amen for early detection?

Speaking of sweet sister-in-law Sherri, 2 years ago she was diagnosed early with breast cancer. She fought very hard and won. The cancer is gone, thank you Jesus! Get your mammogram done girls!!!

To celebrate her victory, guess what Sherri did a few months ago?
Can you guess???

Heck yeah!!! She strapped herself to a young hard body beefcake!!!! Oh, I mean she went sky diving. Now that is what I call living!!

I am now off to my sewing room with a tall glass of water and Tylenol in hand.


Tricia Anne said...

I sure hope that you are feeling well soon. Really like the cars!! Too fun! :o) Thanks for the information on your exam. I have not had one done yet. They have always sounded a bit intimidating to me.

Anonymous said...

Hi Brooke, I'm Jennifer from Pennsylvania. I followed you from harrington house because if you wouldn't mind I love the paint color in her foyer also and i was wondering if you got the paint color name. I'm glad I saw your comment I really like your blog. I don't have one but I love looking. I'll check back I hope thats ok with you. Thanks.

southern queen bee said...

So glad you are feeling better. I am home sick this week,YUK! I have had my exam and it was not so bad. Another test NO one wants to talk talk about is a colon. Maybe I'll blog about that one day.(not something anyone really wants to read about..)

Mary said...

Holy Toledo! As soon as I saw that car picture, I thought you got one from Hubs. Good grief!! So glad you're feeling better, I'd better not get any of your germs! I've had strep once, and thought my throat was going to catch on fire it hurt so bad. What time are you going to see Santa on Saturday? We're going too, see you there. Lori, are you bringing your kids?? tee, hee

Staci said...

Strep sucks! So sorry you've been feeling so crummy. May the parmaceutical fairy keep you hooked up until you're back to 100%.

kristen lewis said...

Strapped herself to a young hardbody. Pervert. I love you!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Way to go strapping herself to a hard body, uh I mean skydiving. WOOHOOOO Congrats on beating cancer.

I wouldnt wanna give up my Pfaff for a spinning wheel either. But I love seeing how it was all done back in the day. I just love it.

Cynthia's Cottage Design said...

Glad you are feeling better! what a cute Red car, my Fav color :)!! Thanks for the info too, and congrats to your SIL too, what a fabulous picture of her coming out of the plane! how freeing!! but Im a chicken :)

Have a wonderful Holiday! xo

Anonymous said...

Way to go Sherri!!!!!! Praise God for helping you walk through and kicking cancers butt, but way to go YOU for jumping out of an airplane! Wow! And way to go Brooke for keeping up with ALL of that you did. Good grief!! Where is the car place?? I must know, for my boys. Glad you blogged, hope you have time to do it when everything calms down, if that
happens. (lol)
Lori E.