Friday, August 31, 2007

Some blog housekeeping issues.

I have read lots of blogs. I do mean lots, yes those were the days, the days of staying in my pajamas, in my messy house with not a care in the world....where is the kid?....what is for dinner? It did not matter. I was reading some great stuff and I could NOT stop. That is over. I now limit (on most days) my blog reading and my full functionality as a domestic engineer has returned.
Here is one of the interesting things I noticed as I read, some bloggers are free with the information. Such as names of family members, addresses, blood type, ss#, etc. While others use cute nicknames (like I used "blonde rascal", cute huh?) and don't divulge any specific info. As I considered joining the blog movement I wondered where I would fall. Can you really ever be too careful this day and age, or is there even really an actual security risk at all? I won't tell the cyberworld the name of my son's school, that just seems common sense. As far as our names and the city we live in? I don't know, I guess I'll just see how I feel as I blog. If in fact you are posing as a sweet, kind, quilting maven grandma type but are really a child abducting, schizoid, axe murderer stalking my family via my blog then here is some info I WILL divulge...
1. This is West Texas. We have guns! No self-respecting redneck would be caught without a gun.
2. My husband in an ex-cop. An ex-cop who every year, for 19 years, ranked as an expert marksman. That means he can hit that spot between your eyes from a distance!
3. My freshman year in college I took a semester of Aikido. Sure I was 18 then, but I've still got it. I'll take you down.
4. We have an attack dog, trained to kill. I feel this is an unfair advantage on our part so I'll let you see her...

....this is is Missy our miniature Dachshund. Sure she looks innocent enough but don't say I didn't warn you. The pure speed alone of her wagging tail has been known to cause grave bodily injury.

Enough of that nonsense. My next item is grammar and spelling. I am having fun here guys, don't ruin it for me by judging my occasional lapse in proper grammatical use. Periods, apostrophes, commas, and the whole colon/semi colon debacle...who really needs all that angst in their life? Should I fire off a blog post and forget to run my spell check, give me some grace please. It is probably only because I was hurrying off to cook dinner for my sweet family or save a kitten from a tree. I have a college degree, ok? I got my edukayshun. I am, truthfully, the polar opposite of a perfectionist and quite honestly just don't give a flip. If you are highly offended by poor grammar and spelling issues then it would be best if you just stop reading now and don't come back!

I appreciate good sarcasm. I am VERY easily amused, by myself or by others it makes no difference. At times my sense of humor has been known to equal that of... say a 9 year old boy. Much to the dismay of my great pal Mary. Right Mary? (Mary are you there? I said your name in my blog!!!!) All of this to say it might be wise to take some of the things I say with a grain of salt.

Lastly, if anyone is still reading at this point, and if any of these readers are seasoned bloggers, why can't I post a picture in my side bar thingy? I can post all day in my "posts", but not anywhere else. I have read the tutorials, tried copying and pasting of the URL all to no avail. Any suggestions?


Mary said...

I'm here Brooke!!!!!!!! I'm reading!!! I made your blog!! I'm so excited! Now I guess I'll just have to keep on reading to hear some more of your 9 year old boy humor! :)

Brooke said...

I know you want to hear me burp! Since I never seem to be able to make it to scrapbook night, you girls must ALL start blogs! Then at least I can read about you if I can't hang out with ya'll!