Monday, August 23, 2010

New school year, same emotions....

I walked into blonde rascal's room this morning at, after a lazy summer, a shockingly early 6:45 and said Good morning, wake up for your first day of 5th grade!...... I swallowed the lump in my throat as I thought 5th grade, how can that be when I could so vividly see in my mind walking into his room and seeing a happy, chubby baby smiling back at me from his crib like it was yesterday?

I am always sad when school starts, not only because I have to realize my "baby" gets older and older, but also I so enjoy summer just hanging out with the little man and hate to see it come to an end. He is for sure a bright spot in my every day!

Enough pictures Mom!! He took the camera and decided Jake would make a good subject....

I guess I can hang out with Jake today, but that's just not the same....even though he is pretty cute!

Blonde rascal was excited. His teacher this year is super kind and nurturing, a real sweetheart.

I left his classroom without hugs and kisses, like I used to get in his early school years. That would be SO uncool now. He was happy to be there. That makes me happy too.

I think I will go kiss Jake. He is very free with giving kisses!


trish said...

Good Morning Brooke.
Boy do I feel your pain. :o)
The very thing that we as moms want to do is raise our children to be strong and independent, but gosh, when we see them walk away, it is bittersweet huh? Mine are much older and I still feel the same as you do at BR's age. :o)
You are in my thoughts today.
Sincerely ~ Tricia

Anonymous said...

5th grade?!? That can't be. Wasn't he just in your belly at my wedding??

He is a cutie...and I feel real old!

:) Linda

Mary said...

I'm just in shock at the 5th grade thing. Janae came home on Monday and I just looked at her thinking she looked so much more grown up than when I dropped her off. Where is my baby??

Lori E. said...

Seriously cannot believe the Z man is in 5th grade. I bet he is the cutest 5th grader at that school!! And eeeeekkkk on the scorpion story. You KNOW that gets to me!! When did you get Jake? You still have Bianca, right? Please do not tell me something happened to Bianca!! I just know nothing anymore you don't blog, or text or anything. Soooo sad. :(