Monday, March 9, 2009

Lacking in sleep

After 4 solid days of working on our "new" house, I am beat. Today I feel like a zombie, an arthritic zombie.

Last night we got back home about 6:00 and I changed gears to prepare for the week. Then after a dose of Tylenol PM, I was in bed by 10:00 totally exhausted. Deep in a sleep like the dead...only to be awoken at about 2 a.m. by a sick blonde rascal. Diarrhea. Great. This required a jammie change. Back in bed...and woken up again at 3:00. Sheet change, sitting a spell on the toilet, giving a dose of Imodium (sp?) which was immediately thrown up. Back to bed and woken up again who knows when...another jammie change, starting a load of laundry. Back to bed, woken up again and then I just stayed up. Poor little guy.

What is even MORE tragic about the whole situation...I decided at 6a.m. to go to Wal-Mart to get 7-Up, crackers, soup, etc.... to be prepared for the sick day. I got dressed and tapped my comfortably snoozing hubby to tell him I was going to the store and to listen for blonde rascal....he startled awake and asked why I was going to the store so early. Obviously YOU slept well, dear! Men.

Oh well, if there is one person in the world I would stay up all night for it would be my little guy. I have the rest of my life to sleep, right?

The beautiful thing was that here is what WM looks like a 6a.m.


Oh, and I stopped here at 6:30a.m.

Even more sweet. (Sorry...took that picture w/phone and really don't care to take the time to flip it)

I had planned on posting pictures of the progress in the house...but blogger is now acting up. It won't save and therefore won't let me add pictures. Arg! So I guess you'll have to wait.

I really need to organize all of my pictures stored on my computer, that would make posting pictures SO much easier. However the Canon software is honestly not so user is smarter than I am. I should switch back to iPhoto...because you know Mac makes it easy. I wanted to use the Canon software because I had aspired to be all cool and use the photo editing capabilities. Ya, well that is a pipe dream at this point so I might as well switch back to my beloved intuitive iPhoto!

All potentially contaminated surfaces have been sterilized, multiple loads of laundry completed, blonde rascal is 100% recovered and eating everything in sight. I guess I should go think about what is for dinner.


Angie said...

ick....stomach bug. The only thing worse than having it is when your little one has it. Glad to hear he's recovered though! As for men snoozing right through WWIII, well, I've got one myself. If Child A or B wakes up puking here I just give the husband a good pinch before I get out of bed. "Oh! Honey! Child A/B woke you up too huh? Well, guess we better go clean up!"

Mary said...

Ah, gotta love those men.....You are so funny taking picture of wally world at 6am. Maybe that's when I should buy groceries. Did you have to wait in line for an hour??? I bet not!

Handmade Housewife... said...

Ugh...we had that nasty little bug run around our house 2 weeks ago. Of course I got the worst case of it and it was like the whole house completely shut down :) Glad your little guy is feeling better!


kristen lewis said...

Mike honestly thought that both of our kids slept through the night the first night home from the hospital. I can honestly treck upstairs four or five times in the night and he never knows it. Glad you are over the poo / barf bug in your house.

Red Geranium Cottage said...

I hope B.R. feels better and you get some rest. Starbucks always helps out the situation. Cant wait to see photos of the new place and dont you love how men can sleep thru anything???

Martha said...

Awww! Poor Rascal! Poor Mom!

Looking forward to the photos :)

Plumtickled said...

Bless his heart...... and yours too! Can't wait to see the progress.... I'm so jealous!!

Anonymous said...

1. My sister in law goes to Wal Mart.
2. My sister in law blogs about pooh.
3. My sister in law goes to Wal Mart at 6:00am. And takes pictures of it.
4. I thank God my sister in law doesn't take pictures of pooh at 6am at Wal Mart.