Wednesday, March 25, 2009

There is power in some prayin' , folks!

The whole house selling thing is so wrong. Such a pain in the hiney. Stress. Compounded by the fact that we own 2 homes now. Woo hoo! Owning 2 houses sounds great...unless they are only 90 miles apart. One house to live in and then another in say Lake Tahoe or Cabo, THAT'S what I'm talking about!

We have a great house....but it will have to be a special buyer who is looking for a horse property. But I am trying not to focus on that small detail. This is West Texas after all, not Philadelphia or something. We do have horse people around here.

We had a couple of word of mouth bites on our house early on, that got our spirits up, but never panned out. We set this past Monday as the day we would list with a realtor. Sunday at church when I was filling out the attendance card, there is a section where you can put prayer requests and they have a prayer team that prays over all requests every week. So I put "pray for a buyer for our house".

A couple weeks ago on a whim I put on Facebook that our house was for sale. On Sunday, a girl that I lived in the dorm with my freshman year of college sent me a message saying they would love to see our house. (I was a freshman in college in...yikes...1989...I haven't seen this girl for 20 years!!)

Also on Sunday our banker came over to our house to rope with a bunch of guys and he told hubs that he and his wife had been talking about our house.

On Monday a friend of hubs called to say that a couple he is in an equestrian club with are looking for a horse property. He told this couple about our house and gave them our name, it turns out I worked with this woman at the job I had before I had blonde rascal!

I know the house will sell in the Lord's time...which I also know may not be my time!!! We had hoped and prayed to sell w/o a realtor in order to save some green...and that may not pan out either. However, this new interest in our house, all in one week and all right when we were about to call the realtor, sure feels like a pat on the back from God. Like He is saying "Quit worrying, I have this one handled" and I am sooooooo thankful for that!

We have packed up all clutter, the closets are cleaned out. That leaves the heavy duty cleaning....blinds, baseboard, light fixtures. Blah. Touching up paint. Primping and fluffing.

I started Sunday afternoon...painting the front door, planting some flowers, cleaning windows...


Yesterday I started on the blinds and went full force all day from there.

I should also mention I ran on the treadmill yesterday morning and today. That equals six miles of sweat followed by non-stop cleaning.... and I have not had a shower since Monday. EWWWW! I just dropped into bed last night. I couldn't even muster up the energy for a shower. (Poor hubs!)

I promise I will be showering momentarily....after I prune the rose bushes. Which I might add is happening way later that it should, but oh well.

We are showing the house Thurs. and Fri. evening. So my friends, PRAY!

I also cleaned out blonde rascal's drawers, switching out winter for spring/summer clothes. This morning the forecast showed 77 on Thursday ...and 39 on Friday. Wheeee! That negates my whole wardrobe switch AND flower planting. Thanks a lot mother nature.

I will leave now, to go do the pruning and then I can assure you I will be in the shower. I am starting to attract flies.


Tricia Anne said...

That is amazing timing! I will certainly be praying for you all over the next few days. :o)
Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne

Anonymous said...

Me too. I hate to see you go, but I know God will use you all in Snyder to bless them like you all have blessed us here.

Mary said...

I know that your house will sell quickly. It's beautiful, in a great neighborhood, and God is moving you to Snyder. He has done everything else to make this work out, I know He'll follow through with the house selling.

kristen lewis said...

Isn't it cool when God answers so quickly? I wish I could buy your house. If Carter ever poops in the potty, I might just buy him a horse!

Lori E. said...

I was tempted to comment on more than one blog, but I didn't, I actually took the time (and you know how busy I am) to do a comment, per blog. God is in control and he is on your side and you are blessed and worthy and everything is going to be fine and you will be moving to rattlesnakeville.....darn it!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow Brooke..... If I could get 1/10 of your list done in one day....... my house would be in the best shape it's ever been in!!

Look me up on Facebook.... I didn't know you were on there... Judi Music!!!

I can't wait for more pictures!!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

I hear you on the prayer. I need some over here too. We're in the same boat your in. Only we have not bought that second house yet. Soon we will, very soon. It's soo very stressful and nerve wracking but yes it will all work out. We just have to be patient. That's where the problem begins. lolol So hang in there!!!!! And I'm trying to also.