Tuesday, February 5, 2008

My sewing room is a war zone

I go into my sewing room after lunch yesterday. I was resigned to the fact that I would have to go to the quilt store and get them to figure out why my BOM block was the wrong size, but I thought I would give it one more shot, using my own brainpower.

I start to piddle around in the sewing room, getting ready to get down to business and look who hops up on the table to visit....

It is Mr. Grumpy, who I might add is now SITTING on my Thimbleberries directions. And impaling himself on my pins! He gets insulin shots 2x a day, so needles are nothing but a thing for him now.

Well guess who that makes reeeaaallllllyyyy jealous?
Yep, none other than Missy the attention hog. The barking/hissing grudge match gets under way.

All the while I am standing there, scratching my head, talking to myself, measuring & re-measuring, trying to figure out the problem.

Missy gets all beside herself and goes into full on pest mode.

This is followed by many rapid fire slaps to Missy’s forehead.


The grumpy feline then jumps down and proceeds to hop over and onto anything that he thinks might get him away from spaz-o puppy. Spaz-o puppy is always up for a game of chase with a kitty, unfortunately puppy Missy’s legs are 4” long. So now short legs is running through stacks of stuff, knocking stuff over all while attempting to keep up with the agile and more graceful cat.

At this point here is how I felt about the ruckus...

I am just about to declare the sewing room an animal free zone!!!

Despite all of that... a lightbulb came on in my head and I figured out why my block was off. The directions say about each half square triangle...”press open to form a 3.5” half square triangle”. Which, in all of my novice ways, assumed was the finished size. My triangle software requires you to enter the “finished” size. I entered 3.5” but that is obviously not the finished size! After seam allowances the finished size would be 3”....and therein lied the problem.

Needless to say I bought another kit today for $1 and am starting over! That is much easier than ripping seams & trimming the block I already made. I was relieved that I finally figured it all out on my own. Now I know that when using my triangle software I must put on my thinking cap and make sure I can figure out the correct finished size of the half square triangle! Math and I have NEVER gotten along....maybe I should give up this hobby while I am ahead!

On a much more entertaining note...hubs took 3 of our horses to the equine dentist (don't ask me, I just live here) this weekend. One of them had an abscess and had to have a tooth pulled.

Fast forward to yesterday when blonde rascal and I had our dentist appt. We get called back to the exam rooms and I tell the hygienist "blonde rascal lost a molar and we brought it to show you". I pull the horse molar, which you will be relieved to know IS in a ziplock bag, out of my purse and show the hygienist.

She shrieks and laughs and then grabs it, becoming quite interested in it. She said Mr. Horse did not practice good oral hygiene. She then ran off and showed it to the other hygienist and a few patients.

Horse teeth, now that is fun!


Mary said...

You are completely nuts!! Who else in their right mind would take a HORSE tooth to the dentist???!!!! That's why we love you Brookie!!

kristen lewis said...


You should completely make that tooth into a necklace!

Meredith said...

PUT THE ROTARY CUTTER DOWN...and slowly back away!!

I love seeing those little critters getting all uppity with each other!

You are a hoot with the horse molar!! My dentist is so humorless they'd probably bill me more for bringing it in and disrupting their schedule!!

Anonymous said...

THAT is funny!!!!! Did Dr. G. see it, did it cause him to change his composure in any way???? I would pay to see that!! B.R. needs to take that to school for show and tell, even if they do not have show and tell. And YES kristen is so right, it needs to be gold guilded and worn around your neck!!
Thanks for making me ALWAYS laugh!
Lori E.

Martha said...

Oh. My. God.


That picture of you is too cute, Brooke, but put that cutter down!

Cowguy said...

Heh heh... nothing in the world beats horse tooth humor eh?

Great blog QC, thanks for dropping by!