Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Heartbreak Kid

There he is Mr. Stud Muffin Jr. before school this morning. He is man enough to wear pink! He is so dang cute, if I do say so myself, my little Valentine!

I am going up to school this afternoon for his party. If I catch wind of any hanky panky today, those love sick little 2nd grade girls trying to plant some smooches on him on the playground and such, oh boy I will have to give 'em a stern talking to. Yes siree, I have NOT met a 2nd grade girl yet who is worthy of the blonde rascal!

If his GQ good looks don't get them....

then his psychedelic dance moves from the 60's will!

I will be back this afternoon with the story of my most favorite Valentine's Day ever. It involves me and Elton John. Stay tuned!


Lisa Boyer said...

Wow, what a stylin' dude! Please tell him he looks very handsome in that shirt.

Martha said...

He is sooooo CUTE!!!

My second grade Noodle would LOVE him :)