Saturday, February 9, 2008

Tag...I'm it!

My buddy Kristen, at The Lewis Family, tagged me with 7 random facts about myself. So here they are in no particular order...

1. My biggest pet peeve in the entire world is littering. I mean who do you think you are? Do you throw trash on the floor at your house? Especially while driving, if I witness littering, it makes me want to say horrible cuss words that I would normally never imagine uttering!

2. If I were stranded on a desert island I would take books, and more books. I could do nothing but read until I take my last breath and be deliriously happy about it. I have my Mom to thank for that love. She fostered that joy by reading to me and taking me to the library as a child. (thanks Mom!)

3. If I did NOT have morals & scruples AND a husband & children whom I adore more than life itself, I would be in the Mafia.

4. I like the smell of WD-40.

5. I do not retain information very well ...history, geography, events...but I can name song titles and artists from the 80’s. Sometimes hubs will pull up an 80’s playlist on i-tunes and quiz me. Often he just looks at me wondering how and why I would know these songs.

6. My hips are double jointed. If the Mafia thing did not pan out, then I could be a circus act!

7. Very few people truly irritate me. The one character trait that I honestly cannot stomach is arrogance. Otherwise, I find most quirks in people interesting and usually always entertaining to me in some way.

I am now supposed to tag other people but it seems to me that on the majority of blogs I read they have been tagged recently. So if you have NOT been tagged and you are reading this, then tag you are it!!! Truthfully I kind of dreaded this assignment, but seriously once I got started, man I think I could go on and on! Who wants to read 698 random facts about me?!?!?


kristen lewis said...

I knew I could count on you to play!

Hey- I figured out how to link on the blog. You won't believe how super easy it is.

Mary said...

I would certainly read 687 things about you. Boy, would that be entertaining!

Laurie Anne said...

Like your blog :0)
I also have a hard time keeping "important" info in my brain. Music trivia a completely different story :0)

Anonymous said...

That was very interesting!! I did not need to know about the hips, but other than that, very interesting. (lol) We share the same pet peeve.
Lori E.

yellowfarmhouse said...

Oh I can so relate to the inability to retain useful information, but I'm a whiz at trivia of music and tv which of course always comes in handy, LOL.

Thanks for sharing a few snippets about yourself :)

Enjoy your day - Karen

Martha said...

Okay. I love you even more now!

First of all: I hate littering. It makes me crazy. Do you think it was the "give a hoot, don't pollute" slogan from the '70's? They need to start running those again.
Second? Zuddy thinks WD-40 should be a woman's cologne.
Third? The Mafia fascinates me.

I loved your list. I want more. MORE!