Thursday, February 21, 2008


The blonde rascal was indeed home sick again I am running around like crazy today doing any and all Monday-Weds. errands that did not take place. I have been out all morning, came home for lunch and now have to go do a few more things before getting the rascal from school.

So I have been couped up playing nurse (a job I would not trade for ALL the fame & fortune in the world by the way) for the past 3 days. Wiping his nose, dispensing medicine, soothing and basically fulfilling his every wish of "more Gatorade" or "I want some Jell-O" with some sanitizing & laundry thrown in and then dropping into bed at night.

A little stir crazy myself, I am glad to be back in the routine. And truth be told the little fella was glad to be going back to school. We are down to that 2 year old box of freezer burned corn dogs so I must head off to the grocery store now! And I might add that my Mom's b-day is Saturday and I have not made much less mailed her present!!

To sooth my frazzled self I had to, no seriously "had" to, go to Target this morning. I needed a few things and... ahem... came out with a little more than I needed like these....
No, they were not on the list but seriously $14 for some SASSY ballet flats? (I read these were "out" this season...phooey on that!) I wish I could marry Target.

Tomorrow is a special birthday at our house and lots of projects will be underway for the weekend so come back to visit!!

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