Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Here it is Tuesday and where did the weekend go?

Friday morning we noticed the microwave making a zapping noise and could smell burnt wire. Not good, but come lunch time I had to heat up my soup....right?....so I thought I'd see what might happen if I used the microwave one more time. Well it heated up my soup just dandy... but it melted a dadgum hole right through the top of the microwave on the inside! Fascinating sure, yet lucky I did not burn the house down!

I found an appliance store that carried the exact same model. The microwave is built in, so we spent Friday evening discombobulating it all and putting the new one in. It was good because I got to clean out all the lint and dust that was in the vents around the oven. Squeaky clean.

Yesterday was holiday for blonde rascal but much to his dismay he was sick. There has been a lot of this respiratory flu like stuff going around. He had a fever all day yesterday and was downright miserable. He climbed into our bed yesterday morning, when he woke up, and stayed there all day. He wanted me in bed with him ALL day. Which of course I obliged because there will come a day when he won't want me hovering over him! So we cuddled and he rested.

I did manage to squeeze in some laundry, vacuuming, opening the windows to let some fresh air circulate and of course some Lysol on the surfaces blondie had been touching. I couldn't accomplish much before a little voice would say "Mommy come get in bed with me"...oh sigh, that sweet child.

I had him stay home today. No fever but lots of congestion. This is the first day he has missed all year. He seems better but is still moving slow. We did a little more recuperating in bed this morning, watching "How Clean is Your House?" I just cannot get enough of that show!! Do people REALLY live like that? How is that possible?? Even blonde rascal was grossed out.

Kim and Aggie clean those NASTY houses for the most part with vinegar, baking soda and lemons. Which reminded me that I need to finish my book.

The book is great, very simple. However it does not flow in a logical order, in my humble opinion, so I need to go back and mark the relevant pages with the recipes & how tos. I also did not find soap, like what they recommend in the book, at my local health nut place. I may need to order some stuff on line.

We are in the midst of a blatant disregard for authority situation at our house. Yes, it involves...

...Val the petulant 12 year old diabetic cat.

From day one when Val was a spaztic & frisky kitten he was not allowed on any surface that would be eaten off of (kitchen table) or anywhere food would be prepared (any kitchen counter) no matter what!

Cats are known to be hard headed and not particularly fond of doing ANYTHING you want them to do, so the water squirt bottle was put to use for his training. It worked and for the past 12 years Val has stayed off of the places he was not supposed to be.

In the past 2 weeks there has all of a sudden been a lapse in his memory and he been obsessed with sitting on the kitchen table! I reprimand him, push him off, he scowls at me and then not 2 minutes later he is back up, with a really irritated look on his face.

This morning for instance...

It was 7:00, the sun not up yet but as soon as I opened the blinds and turned my back, there he goes.

I give him a tongue lashing and push him off the table. Then 20 minutes later...

he is ignoring me.

This keeps up for an hour! Me push him off the table, "BAD kitty! NO!", him jump back up as soon as I am out of the room!

"Are you talking to me?"

Followed by...


Then comes the moment he had been waiting for all morning....

"Ahhh sunshine."

Wish me luck as I deal with this cantankerous cat. I think I will have to dust off the squirt bottle and retrain that evil fur ball in the morning. I am highly offended by animals ON the kitchen table...nasty!

Hopefully my boy will feel better in the morning and be able to go to school. Taking 2 days out of the weekly schedule kind of puts a kink in things! I have a dr. appt. in the morning, need to finish AND mail a b-day present, we are getting low on vittles, my hiney needs to be on the treadmill, we are out of crazy expensive diabetic cat food...and the list goes on and on.


Martha said...

Those looks from the cat crack me up. I've got 2 cats and the older one is just like yours. While she isn't on the table (ha. When we're home, that is...) The looks she gives my husband are priceless. Like he's really just a nuisance she needs to deal with because he comes attached to me.

I love the quirkiness of cats.

Lisa Boyer said...

Your cat is so funny! Love the expression on his face! He LOOKS cantankerous!

By the way, did you know that cats can get a form of Alzheimer's? I just read that--it explains why so many of them wander off when they get old. So, since he is in his senior years...maybe he's not disobeying deliberately? Maybe he's just having feline "senior moments." Just a thought.

A few pennies in a tin can seem to work wonders with our cat! You shake the can when they disobey--they hate the noise! And when we want him to keep off something, we don't have to shake it any more. We just set the can on the object. Just the sight of the can keeps him away.

Gee, I don't usually comment on posts with "helpful suggestions." Just a cat lover, I guess.

Meredith said...

OKay, first off, LOVE the new banner!! Your cat is cracking me up! I think you've lost that fight.

Hope little guy feels better! They closed schools here due to flu for the next 2 days and my three are fighting like gangbusters!! YIKES! Send the squirt bottle to me!!

Mary said...

My sweet dogs give me absolutely no trouble about getting on the counters or tables!! That's what you get for having cats!! ha, ha. I'm sure I'll soon be receiving the "hate mail" for this post...........