Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sometimes, I crack myself up

2 posts in one day? Wow, that is nuts. However, since blonde rascal woke me up at 5:30am this morning due to a bad dream, after which I could not go back to sleep, my post from this morning could almost be classified as yesterday.

Anyhoo~ check this out. I cleaned out my scrapbooking stuff and hubs cleaned out his closet. He had a small collection of Tommy Bahama items that he had never worn, and since that line of clothing starts out as expensive I thought I should give it a shot on E-bay. I hate clutter and storing stuff just because I "might need it"~ huh-uh I won't need it. So E-bay is a great friend of mine! By the way Creative Memories stuff is ALWAYS a sure sell on E-bay. FYI.

Anyway a little cleaning out and I am $257 richer, thanks to E-bay and all the people of the world who want my clutter!
So this is how I spent my morning...
packing up the E-bay spoils.

Actually first thing this morning I went to the gym, ran by the store to pick up mailing supplies and then spent the rest of the morning packing and addressing. By the time I am finished it is noon and I realize I am STILL in my stinky gym clothes.

I have been to a few blogs...preppy, sassy, cute Mom blogs...where they post pictures of what they are wearing that day. Now I am not hating, in fact their blogs are quite entertaining and I like seeing what they are wearing because I need all the help I can get!! The pictures have descriptions like..."Cashmere twin set from J.Crew"..."7 for all mankind jeans" and then they show some hip cute shoes and matching purse.

I snickered as I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and decided to post what I was wearing at noon...

A smelly Nike shirt, blue hoodie and sweaty head band.

Some equally smelly I am sure, but dang comfortable Nike Shox

And I finish off the ensemble with some horribly unflattering but runner friendly shorts!

That's me in a nutshell folks, always a picture of grace and style....oh wait, I mean laziness and cheap clothes!! teehee teehee!

There, now I fit in with the cool bloggers. Except I bet they don't smell when they post their "outfits" for the day. Don't be too alarmed....I DID go take a shower after that.

Except my after shower outfit was really no better. It consisted of some, at least, 5 year old worn out Target black velour sweatpants and a pink long sleeve, old, Old Navy t-shirt! Not a good look. Frumpy housewife comes to mind! Geez, have I no shame? I better go study some more trendy mom blogs....


kristen lewis said...

If I looked that good in running shorts I would wear them every day! Honestly, who posts about what they wear (seriously) on their blog?

Lisa Boyer said...

Hey, at least you got dressed! Sometimes I find myself still in my pajamas when I try to put them on again at night.