Monday, February 4, 2008

Forgive me treadmill...

for I have sinned.

Between that and pizza, it wasn't pretty yesterday. But I paid my penance, oh yes I did. I ran a 5K this morning. Sure that sounds really cool but in actuality it is only 3.1 miles. HOWEVER I was on the treadmill for 3.8 miles but you have to subtract my walking warm up and my 2 minutes of walking at 2.9 miles to baby an aching hip and I ran about 3.3 miles. Uh-huh, kept on going past the 5K finish line. You see if you push past the finish line, then the finish line gets easier... in my mind anyway!

So there, I am abolished of all guilt from the Super Bowl eating frenzy.

I have to agree with Red Geranium Cottage Sharon, who commented on my previous post, the commercials were not as funny as I have seen in the past. But it was a good game right at the very end. I always feel sorry for the losing team as they solemnly walk back to the locker room. Cheer up Tom Brady, you have a freakin' supermodel as a girlfriend!!!!!

Today blonde rascal and I have a dentist appt. after school. We get our teeth cleaned at the same time. They always finish with him first and then the hygienist who is cleaning my teeth lets him watch and press buttons and get stuff for her. They are great, makes the little toot like going.

Good gosh it is back in the sewing room for me today. Thimbleberries club is tomorrow and I think I should finish my blocks! There are 4 of them. I want to be one of the geeks who can raise their hand when they ask who finished the blocks!

I may have to go in for some remedial help on my BOM block that is too dadgum big. I saw a sign last week when I was in the quilt store that they are hiring. I should get a job and then maybe I could learn something. The only catch is I have to be off by 3:00 and won't work weekends! Dang retail, they just don't agree with those hours.

The wind is blowing a gazillion mph again today. The high is supposed to be 70 today and then tomorrow I think 40. What?


Meredith said...

Oh my ran that much?? You are my idol!!

I am still sitting on the couch...same place I sat while stuffing my face last night!!

have a great day Brooke!!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Aren't you supposed to pig out while watching the Super Bowl?? That's what we did for sure.
And your right Mr. Brady DOES have a freakin supermodel girlfriend. So cheer up!
And just how do you get up enough energy to run that far?