Saturday, February 16, 2008


I did not have a link icon, which HIGHLY irritated me as I have discussed before, but I fixed it!!!!!!

I was using Safari as my browser. In doing a little research in the past I had read that Firefox would correct the problem. Well, I am an imbecile and thought that all sounded too technical.

This morning I asked hubs what Firefox was and he said a browser. Of course HE uses it on his computer, "it is much better than Safari." Then it all sort of clicked for me! DUH! So I downloaded the free version of Firefox and opened my blog...WAAA LAAAA! I have a completely new tool bar with tons of options, including freaking linking!!!!!! Hello....bold, italic, goes on and on. Stupid Safari hindered my blogging!

I have stepped up a notch in the blog world.

Now I can say that for Valentine's dinner I made this and if you have not made it yet, you are missing out.

Whhhheeeeeee! That is cool. I am going to go play some more now. No telling what the heck else I was missing out on.

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Vickie said...

woohoo way too go stoppin you now..hey pssst I just tagged you..go to my blog and looky-see,
cheers Vickie