Sunday, February 3, 2008

Sunday stuff

I am just racing in to say hello! I am about to get in the shower and get ready for church...but putting that off as long as possible while I sip my coffee!

Hubs is out of town and will be back today. Yesterday morning blonde rascal and I ran some errands early. We came home and worked in the back yard, cleaning it up a little.

That was followed by a animated round of catch with the football. Blonde rascal made many spectacular catches while diving and rolling in the grass! I can no longer do that, I did not want to go to the ER, so I followed my catches up with some excessive celebration. The weather was gorgeous and it was fun being out there with my boy, giggling and being terribly silly!

Then it was down to business. I was in the sewing room to complete my BOM for this month.

And I'll be dadburned if it is not too BIG! WHat in the name of heck is wrong with me?!?!? Even with the final seam allowances added in, I think it is off. I was frustrated and too tired to think too hard about it yesterday so it is back to the drawing board this afternoon! It must be the triangle software!!! Even though those squares are the right size?! I don't know...I will look at it again this afternoon with fresh eyes.

I did cut out the blocks for Thimbleberries but did not put them together.

oopps well, hello...a few hours have passed! I ran out of time, and we are back from church now!

Since hubs was out of town, there was a slumber party last night.
This involves blonde rascal piling any & all blankets and pillows on the bed.

And then you know who gets thrown in the mix.

Then all sorts of wrestling and silliness and growling and craziness commences!

Today is the Super Bowl and luckily no one in our household is a football fan. However the S.B. must be watched....for the commercials! Oh and the snacks! We are going to have pizza and snack on some spinach artichoke dip WITH baked chips!The baked chips will allow me some peace of mind as I eat every bite of that dip! It would be cool to see N.E. go undefeated....but I love NY....the city that is, so actually it makes NO difference to me who wins. I am in for the food.

Oh dear me if there is more laundry to do today. Laundry, figuring out what the crap is wrong with my block and eating. That is what is in store for my Sunday.

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Red Geranium Cottage said...

Did you enjoy the commercials? I thought some were good but most were not. Food at our house was fantastic. Lots of junk to consume. LOL!!! I miss the pj parties with my boys.