Monday, September 24, 2007

Beautiful Chicago

We returned from Chicago yesterday afternoon. It was a complete and total blast. I was a dyed in the wool NYC fan...but I have to say Chicago knocked my socks off!

I am knee deep in the post vacation laundry and recovery effort but I will share a few photographic highlights from our trip.

I was shocked at how beautiful Chicago was. It was so clean and the landscaping was fantastic. Flowers everywhere, simply gorgeous.

The Sears Tower...


The Chinatown designer knockoff mission was a successful one!

While the men were in meetings us girls went to see Wicked!

Talk about fantastic! Don't miss seeing it if you get the chance!

We went to "The House of Blues" which was sooooo cool!

Things may have gone a bit down hill from there....

What happens in Chicago, stays in Chicago!


Mary said...

So, do I now have to worry about you trying to corrupt me with cigars now????? :)

Lori E. said...

Brooke, you have gone over board!! You WILL NOT be smoking cigars at SB night (unless you provide for the whole class) Also, a comment on previous post with your sweet son in the picture. Is that Dixie trying to eat Missy???? I smell a LAWSUIT!!! Lets see if this will post??!!@@