Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Sewing Room Rules

I was puttering around in my sewing room yesterday afternoon gathering supplies for my quilting class, which starts tomorrow. Blonde rascal wants to be in there with me because, well...well because I am just a darn fun mom! So he and pup Missy, who insists on being a part of any and all gatherings, are rolling around together on the floor of the sewing room while I am rummaging about looking for the rotary cutter, pins, etc... to take to my class. Blonde rascal starts on his list of all the quilts he wants me to make, which I love to hear. It always starts out with one for him, then one for dad, one depicting each of our animals (domestic, feral, equine and bovine), Santa quilts, quilts for his teacher, and how about one of his match box car collection too. I cherish having these conversations with him, hearing his imagination run wild. His perception of my quilt making talent is quite grandiose!
He then runs off to his room and starts making signs for the sewing room door.

A whole collection of "I love you Mommy" masterpieces! In a 7 year olds world if a little scotch tape will do, then an arms length is even better!!!! These are displayed on the back of the door and here is what is on the front...

It says "No boys allowd but Zach and Daddy!" Priceless! He made that sign on day one of the transformation from brown haired teenage rascals room to sewing room. On that particular day I had donned my haz-mat suit and gone in to rid the room of all smells, unidentified objects and articles relating to teenage boys! Blonde rascal recognized what a momentous undertaking this was and felt that particular sign was in order!

Then the conversation switches to blonde rascal's sewing room rules. He decreed that in the sewing room....
1. You can take your shoes off. (After my explantion of pins stuck in your feet or rotary cutter mishaps where toes could be instantly amputated, we included an addendum of "unless you are cutting or sewing"
2. You can burp! Sadly, in this house full of males ( and one easily entertained female) burping happens!
3. You can wear pajamas! I believe that you should wear your pajamas as long as humanly possible each day! My son knows me so well!
The rules took a somewhat silly turn after that (yes even more silly than the ones already listed!) so I won't bore you with those. I wanted to add a "drinking margaritas" rule but thought I would keep it rated G while blonde rascal was reciting the rules. If not, here is what he would be telling his teacher right now...."My mom wears her pajamas all day in her sewing room while she drinks margaritas" Gasp, I would certainly be kicked out of the PTA for that! Besides all that, what I do in the sewing room after he goes to bed is none of his business! (giggle giggle!)
Yes, I start my 6 week quilt class tomorrow, 3 hours each Thursday morning. We are making a sampler, somewhere between the size of a table runner and a lap quilt. I am going to call it a "table throw". I chose Christmas fabric and I can just see the finished product tossed across the coffee table with some cute Christmas bauble on top of it. Here is my fabric...

I'll keep you posted with my weekly progress!

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