Tuesday, September 18, 2007

He makes my world complete!

This is my blonde rascal and yes this is how he looks most of the time. Muddy, silly, dirty seven year old boy! Yesterday I had one of those moments, that all moms know, where all the chaos and struggles of motherhood are forgotten and you think "this is my perfect child".
I had some minor dental work done yesterday. An old bridge replaced with mini implants. ( I will show the before and after pictures in a few weeks, it is fun stuff!) Not a big deal, but the Dr. prescribed a sedative for me beforehand so I would not remember it. Then I was slightly sore afterward so I took a pain killer. (Can I get a "yeehaw" for prescription drugs?!?) Hubs is having crazy days both yesterday and today at work since we are leaving for Chicago tomorrow, so sweet M-I-L took me to the dentist and back home. Then she kindly picked up blonde rascal from school for me, so I could veg on the couch. I told him when he got home that I needed rest for a while and asked him if he could chill. Normally after school there is the whirlwind release of energy with the manic need for food, running, noise and so on and so forth. He granted my wish for "chill" and complied by calmly snacking and then he quietly laid on the floor watching TV while I drooled on the couch. Granted he found the "Speed" channel on satellite and watched a few hours of monster trucks and dirt bikes...but hey, he was quiet!
Then we proceeded with dinner and shower time WITHOUT the usual chaos of..."sit down, finish that, no cookies until you eat all of that, use your napkin, pick that up, don't smack your food....which then carries on through shower time with..."quite fooling around, turn off the water in the sink, make sure you close the shower curtain all the way, did you use soap, why are your fingernails still dirty, you have to brush your teeth longer than that..." you moms know the drill. I did have to remind him to pick up his dirty clothes off the bathroom floor and put them in the laundry basket, but hey that was only one minor offense! I thought bless his sweet heart he recognized that I needed some down time today and he pulled it off with flying colors. The evening ended with my clean smelling, "Cars" pajama wearing little boy curling up in my lap with the book he picked from the library. It was a book about Neptune, yes the planet. I loved hearing the little guy read about Neptune. He was fascinated. He wondered aloud why it was made up of gases and promptly answered himself with "because God made it that way." I love this kid! Then I got to hear his 7 year old logic on how the Hubble (sp?) telescope takes pictures of Neptune and gets them back to earth. Probably not the scientific explanation of this, but I personally thought it was perfectly brilliant! In all of the dirt, noise and busyness that my boy consists of, there is a calm and caring soul that knows how to take care of his mom. He fills my heart up to the brim!
I'll stop with the mushy, lovey mom stuff now. I will be signing off for a few days as we leave for Chicago tomorrow. I'll be back with hopefully some fun filled stories of brushes with the Mafia, a new "Chi-town" tattoo, a bulging belly full of all the deep dish pizza I chowed on and those fab fake Chanel sunglasses!

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